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    • Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)
      Carmella's smile illuminates the room as the band's cover begins, her eyes shifting between Elias and Phil who both stare back with affection. She raises her arms and applauds to cheer them on, beaming with joy for the first time in quite some time. But as she becomes captivated by the performance, her smile slowly shrinks, the now familiar feeling of pain beginning to pulse through her veins. Her lips line with the taste of salt as liquid seeps through, her then wiping underneath her nose to find it bleeding the same black color as before. "We're here..." the voices begin to echo again in unison as she looks around her in horror, each voice a different pitch, all in a hellish harmony. "We're here... we're here." She slowly pushes through the sea of people, backing away from sight as her muscles begin to ache, throbbing at the same pace of the flickering lights. Her body drops dramatically in temperate, so frigid her tears could form glaciers. She lets out a blood-curdling scream as a gust of wind suddenly blasts through the glass windows, shattering them onto the floor and continuing to blow through the crowd. But was it real? Was any of this real? She falls to her knees, the air thick as her body cuts through. tbc: @Queen of Hens
    • Not Moderated: Extreme Rules
      Nothing to say when the truth gets dropped on you I see. Always trying to deflect Nikki is making actual money from being on another show she produces so don’t worry about her.
    • Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)
      Alicia Fox
      "I'm more than ready," Alicia replies taking her date's hand instantly, happily leading the way down the stone path.
    • Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)
      Action. Elias would look out over the crowd powered by adrenaline, the stage was his kingdom, his safety. "I can tell you what they can expect, they can expect a show." He'd exclaim to a few cheers, although a lot more tan he ever expected from such a crowd. "We're going to give them one, right guys?" Elias screams with excitement, strumming a few spontaneous notes on his guitar. "This one is for all you lovers out there." He'd chuckle, his thoughts instantly drifting to Carmella as he'd begin to play the opening rift of their first song. tbc: @Mariah.
    • Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)
      BARON CORBIN Looking back at what happened between them, and after the conversation he had with the tattoed women, Baron knew she was totally right. The problems between them came just as a result of his frustration and insecurities. "I didn't want to put an end to everything." Baron looks up to Sasha trying to find her beautiful eyes, those eyes that would stand out for him over any others, but it looked like she was avoiding any permanent eye contact. "The only one who needs to accept this problem is me." As he is about to finally open up, Baron keeps staring at her, waiting for the moment they can finally stare at each other and get over that situation. "I'm an insecure person. I may try to hide it, but everytime we were together I tried to be perfect for you because... that's what you deserve." Baron looks down for a moment and bites his bottom lip trying to control his nerves. Then, he continues. "And once I fucked everything up, I felt like a complete failure, like I was keeping you from being happy because of my insecurities. And if I'm not able to give you the perfect life you deserve... Maybe it's because I'm the one that doesn't deserve you." Slightly raising his right hand and approaching to Sasha's, he starts slowly caressing her fingers. "But I never took a moment to stop and think or ask how you really felt, and I'm sorry for that and for everything that has happened between us."
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