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  2. Omg what if they all come out, someone predicted this   
  3. You say that like it was a difficult task
  4. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    Avatar is technically now Disney anyway, so even if Avatar is re-released, Disney still wins. The other studios need to step tf up.
  5. Superstar Photo Booth

    The bad bitch energy jumped out. 
  6. Today
  7. On 30th June, 1940, German troop carriers landed on Guernsey, a British Crown dependency. The defenceless Channel Islands surrendered and remained in German hands until the end of the war. Under German rule British civilians and fugitives had to learn to co-exist with these foreign soldiers...or face the consequences. Remains is a new 18+ historical RP with plenty of resources (and enthusiastic nerds) to help people new to writing in the era.  You don't need to know much about military history to jump in; civilians and fugitive characters are more than welcome, as are POC and LGBTQ+ characters. INTRODUCTION | RULES | WANT ADS | FACE CLAIMS | DISCORD
  8. Superstar Photo Booth

    AHHH, OK, damn. I love Dana so I'll never shade her because she's been through so much. She just looks mad dehydrated and tired in that pic. I know all the travel and stress can age a person, she just needs some good moisturizer/vitamin C and she'll be back to lookin her plump self. I love the power of makeup tho, she is glowing! 
  9. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    Fuck a whole Disney but, Avatar slippin 
  10. HB Talks: #BlackLivesMatter

    Given who we’re talking about, does she actually know how to do that? 
  11. Kiera Hogan Comes Out As LGBTQ+

    They looked so happy on the photo Kiera posted on her IG. Love it, congrats to them ♡ 
  12. HB Talks: #BlackLivesMatter

    The fact she never deleted the tweets. 
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I didn’t expect Austin Theory to be uncut but ok.    Those vids just proves he ain’t all the way straight.  
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    18 months.
  15. NXT Live Event Division

    Kacy vs. Io from a live event.  
  16. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Finn and his fiance got matching tattoos + he got her name on his hand. How long will the marriage last?  
  17. NXT UK Spoilers

    come thru isla with the long hair
  18. HB Talks: #BlackLivesMatter

    Truly a historic blog entry  
  19. Why did I rate Becky so high?  
  20. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Post it in the blogs
  21. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Is it ok to post dropbox links or do I need to link it in the blog?
  22. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    She’s still an active wrestler I’d love for her to get all these opportunities Natalya keeps getting. 
  23. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    Just saw it. It was good but it’s nothing compared to the original, and I preferred the Aladdin live action remake. Pumba and Timon were the highlights. Beyoncé was also quite good as adult Nala.
  25. Y’all sleeping on Nikki number 2.
  26. Even if it’s a one off brawl please make it happen.
  27. Charlie, you whore! I see you managed to con more votes for Xia and Jacqueline so they could out out last Vanessa. The war continues..
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