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  2. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    OMG I just thought too... if the rumours of the Women's Evolution showcase are true then she may be working on her voice overs for the game. 
  3. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    That last line was so shady.  I really hope they're able to come to some sort of resolution, and I hope this break is doing her some good. I guess it's a good sign that she's still willing to work with them in some capacity for the moment. She deserves the time off though, and whatever conclusion she comes to on a return... as long as she's happy then I'm here to support it.
  4. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    At least her entrance will be right this year
  5. "Terminator: Dark Fate" Teaser Trailer

    I think this generation is past the CGI robots craze. I don't see this working even though it looks cute. 
  6. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    I don't see it. She only got pushed this year on the basis that Ronda handpicked her as a opponent. Her short lived title reign speaks for itself. They don't see her as an Alexa or Charlotte.
  7. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    I doubt it. Yes, Sasha probably made this happen for Bayley so they could spite her, but if she had stayed nothing would have changed for either of them and she'd be teaming with Becky and Nikki Cross in six women tags.
  8. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    Yeah, WWE's petty like that. However, with the booking the girls have been given these days, it's a blessing in disguise for Sasha, so she can come back, have a fresh start and hopefully turn heel. On the other hand, Bayley will probably be booed again in two/three weeks into her reign anyway
  9. yes &  rightfully so tbh since it could/should have been her in Bayley's place right now
  10. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    Does anyone else feel like they are now pushing Bayley to the high heavens to stick it in Sasha's face?
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  13. "Terminator: Dark Fate" Teaser Trailer

    You’re not missing anything after the first two. 
  14. "Terminator: Dark Fate" Teaser Trailer

    Linda Hamilton Queen.
  15. Music of the moment

    The video is not the greatest tbh, but the song and Ms. Brooke looking on fleek with all these lipstick colors got me sl-ALLY-ed
  16. Surprised my best friend Sara for her 21st Birthday tonight. She started happy crying as soon as she realised we threw her a surprise birthday dinner. So lucky to have such a genuine good friend in my life ❤️

  17. Game of Thrones | Season 8: The Final Season

    So, it's been a few days and...I'm pretty much at peace with how everything went down. I'm going to share some resources that I thought were fascinating and helped me reach a few conclusions that made me pause and realize some things. Let's start out with the good. I really loved how Sansa's story ended. The scene of her being crowned was so beautifully done. The more I contemplate, the more I like Jon's ultimate ending: My initial complaints about the season being rushed still stand. They shouldn't have had Dany go from: Now for the resources, click the spoiler tag for more info: This post from reddit made me feel better about Comparison of Dany and Cersei: A really cool MV about Dany: Another Bran theory: A good synopsis of my original complaints with Dany's rushed arc: Another awesome Bran theory and how magic won in the end: Dany's tragic story: and last but not least why [redacted] was always going to be king: I want to hear your theories! If there are any more cool resources I will share them here. Here's me coming to peace with everything and moving on
  18. Superstar Photo Booth

  19. How absolutely beautiful. I know Women’s wrestling technically sucked up until recently by like... normal wrestling standards but by farrrrrr the women we watched were such irreplaceable PEOPLE!!! I feel so lucky to have literally learned from them and been inspired by their love, creativity, and boldness to live dangerously. It has never crossed my mind much before and I wish it wasn’t a result of Ashley’s decision. I ultimately just hope that, even if these words didn’t get to her before, I hope they somehow get to her now. This era of women in wrestling are so beautiful & fearless and I genuinely have love for them all. Wouldn’t even have the energy to pretend to care about any of the gals now without them  
  20. Wow, it is so sweet Ruby Riott donated $1,000. Again, its not about how much, but to donate such a generous amount I wonder if she knew Ashley on a personal level somehow since they never worked together. Maybe I stan.
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i love our Chinese Diva
  22. I watched this yesterday and balled my eyes out! It is so lovely that they have all come together and continue this wrestling sistership to support their sister. This is the thing I love about women’s wrestling, everyone comes together in moments like this... whether it is bad news or good news... women’s wrestling is a sistership and we support everyone involved.  RIP Ashley, you will forever be missed💜
  23. AEW Announces TV Deal

    That’s really cool to make the events sensory inclusive 
  24. I know it's not about the amount anyone donates, but I'd just like to take this moment to say GOD BLESS ELIZABETH HARDY FOR HER $1000 DONATION AND FUCK REBY SKY.
  25. Superstar Photo Booth

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