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    • Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW
      Garza’s Digitals and gifs finna bring the likes   King.
    • Matt Reeves' "The Batman" Fancast and Speculation
      The fact Robert and Timothee are coming out with a movie together this year too   I agree about the fraternal over paternal aspect as well. It never really made much sense for Batman to be putting literal children in harm's way, no matter how fucked up he lowkey is. This would be perfect. Jacob Elordi, who's getting buzz in Euphoria and was in that Netflix movie Kissing Booth, would be cute too. - For my other picks, I definitely love Nicholas Hoult as Riddler. He really does weird, dark, offbeat characters better than he does as a leading man, so it makes sense he was passed over for Batman, but could slot easily in right there. That ad posted above fits Riddler perfectly For my fave Catwoman, I've seen this name rumored for a while and I think she'd really snap: Eiza Gonzales. She played a fiery sex kitten in Baby Driver, so she's proven in that regard. For a little more depth and moral conflict, I'd go for Gugu Mbatha-Raw, an eternal fave. She's been rising for years, but it's time she has a break out. She was already in the mix for Birds of Prey, but it's been gossip that Margot wanted smaller names . She's definitely my TOP choice (y'all knew I was gonna plug a fave) and she'd light up the screen. Third choice would be Ana de Armas, another popular fancast as of late who has been in WB's orbit for a while now beginning with Blade Runner 2049. For Penguin, I say steer away from the campy precedent set in Batman Returns and lean into him being more of a crime lord who no one takes seriously on paper/someone who doesn't appear threatening, but then proves themselves to be ruthless and menacing. For that I turn to this scene alone and suggest Daniel Kaluuya   Okay for Two Face now, I'm gonna say Alexander Skarsgard, who BODIED the duality aspect with his Emmy award winning turn in Big Little Lies. I haven't watched yet, but I've seen the clips and well... well fuck. For an alternate, this is also not an original pick, but when I saw it I thought it was lowkey genius. That's other Batman candidate, Armie Hammer. As an actor, he's really at his best in supporting roles, especially in roles that go against his type so to speak. For Commissioner Gordon, I wanna do a bit of a stunt cast, but with someone who really does supporting roles well too and that's Brad Pitt. I've used him before in fancasts, but he really works as a willing, familiar name you can get to put extra butts in seats, in a role that doesn't entail too much or that he'd take away from. Plus he played a detective in Se7en, and if we're going with the mystery/noir vibe, it'd be a cool little homage. For other rogues I'd like to see, a top one is Mr. Freeze ever since he proved how cool he could be in the Arkham games, a more fantastical villain like Poison Ivy since I feel like Matt Reeves can make it work grounded in reality (just look at Apes movies where he makes literal apes feel human, plus Cloverfield) and in that same regard, Scarecrow would be cool as fuck to see with his nightmare sequences. But I'll come back to these after I stew a bit more  
    • Mike And Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE
      I knew this was coming. It was definitely Maria’s plan all along. 
    • Not Moderated: Extreme Rules
      Is Alicia pregnant?   
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