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  2. #GiveDivasAChance Two Year Anniversary

    It's just so crazy to me that we are where we are right now. I literally never thought I would see this in my lifetime! I've been watching WWE since I was 8 years old and to have seen the girls from back then to now when I'm 21 is like night and day. The power of social media. 
  3. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    nnn I prefer her on Raw anyways they need all the help they can get although if she's drafted to SD I wouldn't complain trust me.  
  4. Footage of Rosita as AJ Lee

      Can someone just sign her already, she fucking killed it. 
  5. Today
  6. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    She is coming back after the next www draft so she can stay on RAW.
  7. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    The fact that you have to ask this is one of the many problems with that relationship. She barely does anything with him. They only call her to stand by him when they need her to look like a Bulbasaur and to be the pass around body of 205 Live.
  8. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    Queen will be back come April, May no later than June. Summer 2k17 will be the reign of Paige !   
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  10. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    Does Alicia not manage Noam anymore?
  11. Lady DarkFox

    I was planning to write that in but I forgot.  It's there now though.  
  12. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    Niggas really ain't shit out here. You betta get that dick and go and don't call that ***** no mo!!
  13. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    I still love him and he could face fuck me any day. Who says 'I have an erection' tho? 
  14. Tom Phillips is Exposed

  15. Lady DarkFox

    @Lady DarkFox "BABY, I WANT FLEAS... PUPPIES" WHERE IS IT  i'm not liking until then, you had one motherfucking job
  16. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    Also, ew at that girl Tom has no taste.
  17. When Do You Think The Missing Women Will Come Back?

    I could see them maybe having Tamina come back as a face on the SmackDown roster. The writers seem to know how to get their talent over, like hello Nattie, Carmella and Naomi. If not on SD, I could see her being a face on the Raw roster in a feud against Nia. I'm not really sure if we will see Paige back. If we do see her back I see her coming back after WM. Not really sure how, but I assume it would be in a major angle. If Summer ever comes back, it will just be random and not mean a single thing. Eva I say is done with the WWE which is a shame because I was interested in seeing her. And lastly, Naomi will come back before WM and most likely win the championship back at the event or come back after and go onto the hunt for the title. If it's the later, I'm not sure if she will regain the championship. Btw Alicia and Dana have Main Event, they've wrestled like two matches on that show recently.
  18. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    I feel sorry for his fiancee. Poor girl  I would've expected this from someone like Dolph, but Tom? I'm shocked. Looks can be deceiving folks 
  19. Isabel Lahela signs with WWE

  20. Tamina, Paige, Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Naomi are all inactive due to injuries/breaks. Alicia Fox is M.I.A, Dana Brooke comes in every 5 years to be Charlotte's protege and what the hell is happening with Emma?   When do you think the girls will come back to TV and how will they be reintroduced/shown? (Thoughts on any possible gimmicks/comebacks).   I honestly think Summer & Eva will call it quits. Naomi will come back after Wrestlemania. Paige will come back to feud with Charlotte. (MAYBE) Tamina will be a face and team with Becky & Nikki for the time being. Maybe they'll put her in a rivalry with Nattie or Carmella. Dana & Alicia will stay doing nothing since Superstars got cancelled  
  21. BGC 11 was wack AF. Only thing I liked were the songs they used TBH.

  22. UFC Discussion Thread

  23. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    Y'all that lady looks like my English teacher from Y9...
  24. Two questions

    I uploaded the image on Imgur. What should I do next?
  25. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    sweetie, where's the dikpic?? don't tell me i broke my wooden clogs running in here for NOTHING  
  26. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    lets go girls, we gotta crash this shit.... poor Renee
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