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    Dude until this morning the doctors thought my sister had chromes disease I am not in the mood for this. 
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  4. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    I don't think it's as simple as putting Dana back with Emma and running amok to get her back over. Natalya's situation isn't really comparable because the Universe knew Natalya was extremely talented and that she deserved better, she was still getting reactions. Every opportunity WWE had to capitalize on the crowd actually caring for her was doused quick as fuck. I will never ever ever ever forgive them for how they seemingly started someone with Charlotte after Dana finally fought back and the crowd was hot for her, then they put a stop to all of that literally next week by having Charlotte just squash the bitch. That was so fucked up. I was so excited and they just don't give a fuck. The fact of the matter is, the WWE Universe has no reason to care about her. Whenever she's on TV, she's either doing absolutely nothing, or she's getting her ass beat effortlessly. Most people, smarks and even others think she has no talent at all, and as a result completely disregard or are unaware that she's the best woman on the mic on RAW after Alexa and she can really sell a character well. As much as it disgusts me to say, she may just have to go back down to NXT and prove herself as she actually gets better and more comfortable in ring. Just throwing her with Emma may not help her as an individual because she may get outshadowed by her and Emma may receive all the praise while Dana just looks like a lackey.
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  6. We roll down one way. We push down straight. When we pull in the club my boys pop in. 

    We independent. We don't need it, but we take what you got. We all hot outside, so hit the top on the drop.

    I'm understanding, you cant stand me because I'm so outstanding. Fools demand me like I'm candy 'cause my body's slamming.
    I'm always fly, always shine, always grind;
    More than a dime and don't even try.


  7. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    So what is Asuka's best match? Some of my favs from her were with Dana and Cameron along with the triple threats but that's not a singles of course. 
  8. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    well I feel as if you and the rest of the tasteless hoes in this thread can shut the fuck up!   Also the theme song for my biopic in 50 years, Pourquoi, BETTER get top 10 with my gym theme, Time To Rise, somewhere in the top 20. 
  9. Karen Jarrett vs Braun Stroman

    This sound like fanfiction on Tumblr 
  10. Lmao, wouldn't be suprising if the RAW writers were trying to make this an actual storyline
  11. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    Release her 
  12. Karen Jarrett vs Braun Stroman

    Such a mess lol! Word is it's been spun to make Karen, and by extension GFW, look good and sympathetic.
  13. Tekken

  14. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    That's what I get for making this instead of working last night. 
  15. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    Sis I do hope you know her name is just Dana Brooke  
  16. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    Seeing that this is a show with scripts and writers....all they have to do is write something for her in the script to build her character. It's not really complex at all, nobody is damaged goods on a scripted television show. 
  17. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    The topics are similar but I'm just following up on the topics I have made of Mickie and Bayley. Based on the booking the last few months Dana just made the most sense to be next because I didn't think Summers name carried enough weight for views. 
  18. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    I made this topic months ago   clearly I got the best thread title  
  19. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    I could see Dana going down and that's it. Lana is finally being used and working with Charlotte and Becky so they have plans for her. Alicia is never leaving the raw brand and Summer is basically done at this point. 
  20. Abbey Laith

    She's just so cute! 
  21. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    For me I consider it her best just because of how entertained I was from start to finish different taste for different folks. 
  22. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    The only unpredictability in those matches were the match quality tbh. Nobody knew how Asuka would gel to the WWE style and if the girls could mesh well together. Everyone still knew they were losing though and there was never a chance that they would've won. Asukas most recent matches have actually had her pushed to the limit far more than those two matches. Ember basically had the title won but Asuka cheated to win.  
  23. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    I think she's finished, but if she goes back to NXT, I don't know. The MYC girls will definitely give her the variety that'll make her better rather than her wrestling the same match three times a week for several months. But it's all up to her  
  24. Is Dana Brooke damaged goods?

    First of all you cannot use Emma as an example when the topic is exclusively about Danas match with Asuka. Personally I preferred Emma's match with Asuka anyway.  Nobody is saying it wasn't a good match, but the fact of the matter is Asuka has had better matches than the one that y'all are claiming was her best when it definitely wasn't.  All of the matches @Amlex said were better, as was Asuka/Ember. People hype the shit out of her match with Dana because it was the first match where Dana genuinely put on a show along with Asuka's debut and initial showcase in WWE.
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