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  2. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    Deonna looked cute for once, but bigger boots would definitely make the look better.  I can't get past Swann trash past though, and hate seeing him get a push. 
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  4. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    THIS! Tho I feel it's gonna be Taya and Rosemary And as for Kimber ruining Deonna's entrance, she's clearly being portrayed as nothing more than her lackey, taking the Ls for her. I honestly didn't mind it
  5. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    I agree with @Daniel42 and @Gavin, Kimber Lee looked like a mess. I get that's her style, but if Deonna and her are portraying the "Virtuosa and Curator" characters, she needs to dress accordingly, or at least not look like she is in a skeleton costume. As for the PPV, even though I think Deonna's reign should have lasted longer, I am happy Su snatched. It may be stupid, but I missed a Knockout recapturing the title because, except for Allie (which didn't even count, since her first title win was used just to set up Maria's reign), it's been almost 4 years since the last time that happened. And I hope Kylie is doing okay and is able to come back, she is undeniably good and seemed to be happy with what she's been doing in Impact. The Gauntlet was ok, even though the Knockouts were such a nonfactor. I will blame it on the match focusing in other storylines, but it would have been cool to see someone like Taya or Havok lasting longer. Oh, and I love Tenille's new character, is always a kii watching her avoid wrestling and posing for photos, it's almost like her real self ksdjhfsdkjghdsk Props to Jordynne too, she did a very good job hanging with the X Division stars. And last but not least, Kiera and Tasha NEED to be the ones getting the KOs Tag Team Championship. They both deserve it, specially Kiera after all her improvement and loyalty to the company.
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Bitch I was shook they really are all in with her. 
  7. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    Yasssss!!!!!    Sasha vs Zlina, Bianca, Liv, Carmella, Ruby ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Possibly a returning Sonya!?
  8. This could light a fire under other rosters in regards to tag divisions
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Spiteful (The Fiend Remix) is pretty fire, ngl
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

      Last time Asuka was doing anything relevant was when she was feuding with Bayley/Sasha this past summer.
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Bliss is eating. 
  12. WOW Original Jungle Grrrl Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

    Oh my god that’s devastating. Miracles are possible, I’m wishing the best for her and her son. 
  13. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    I enjoyed the KO title match, especially considering it was put together rather last minute. Deonna has really found her footing in Impact. NXT never propelled her, so the virtuosa gimmick never made sense. She's looking more comfortable on the mic, she's really establishing herself more. I'm happy for her. I hope Kylie is okay. Apparently she traveled to wherever Impact's filmed, but bailed out the day of BFG. It's giving AEW teas. I think she suffers from severe anxiety and it crippled her again. She's such a great talent with a natural likability, I'd hate to see her part from Impact. That said, Deonna's gear was a serve, but like Gavin said, Kimber's look was hideous. Like all the bad trends from 2006 wrapped into one. I thought Jordynne and Kiera's attires were cute, too! Alisa's was a slight improvement from those god awfull nude illusion tights that didn't even properly fit her.
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  15. Oscar Isaac Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe as Moon Knight

    I've been surprisingly happy with the casting for the marvel tv shows so far. Glad I waited like a decade to potentially make my marvel stan debut for streaming shows only
  16. WOW Original Jungle Grrrl Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

    This is so heartbreaking  She's so young and is in incredible shape, I hope she can defy the odds and pull through  
  17. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    Agreed. She deserves and it’s time.
  18. I hope she pulls through!
  19. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    And for that matter she BETTER be champ heading into WM. Both Charlotte and Bayley have walked in and out of WM as champs, and even Alexa has walked into WM as champ twice. Sasha better walk in, and if it’s not Bianca, or Naomi somehow, (or Carmella teehee) that she’s defending against, she better walk out as champ too.
  20. Impact and NXT are truly head and shoulders above Raw,SD,and AEW. Idk why notes aren’t being taken but it needs to happen. 
  21. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    They really did THAT. Would have been sooo good with a live crowd. Cannot wait to see Sasha finally defend a title successfully... she better. 
  22. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    She better Defend her title bro
  23. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    Didn't expect to see Su Yung come back already, but I can't say I'm against it, I love her character work. They hopefully will incorporate her with the Rosemary/Taya/Havok storyline. Also, I think Deonna lost the title a bit early, so it's quite clear at this point how much Impact wanted to snatch her away. Nonetheless, great match.   PS: Am I the only one who thinks Deonna should keep the top onesie but wear it with just high knee boots? That'd be #hothothot
  24. I swear Impact/TNA has recovered so much quality-wise when it comes to women storylines from 2016 onwards. These ladies deserve those belts so much
  25. Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Chat

    Feels good to see Sasha finally win a PPV match, finally win a HIAC, finally win the only title she was missing, finally win.  
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