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  2. Based on Alexa's description I'm going with yes I'm assuming he helps her through her first mania jitters.  Already I'm not expecting Nia to do much on the show this season 
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    Omg I feel so bad fa ha  
  4. Wait, so are they starting at WrestleMania this season? Because otherwise  
  5. omg Nia and Byron are coming  here for this colored love
  6. Everything was weak and boring.
  7. Total Divas Premiere Date REVEALED with a new promo!

    Yelling at Nia, cousin of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.   Alexa about to leave Buddy at the damn altar being a storyline, I'm yelling. Perch to watch this season via WWE YouTube! 
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    Isn't this all old tea lol 
  10. Not Nia's storyline centering around her dating  I'm here for Buddy & Alexa. I hope this means we're getting more shirtless Buddy!
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    ugly. I do finished the sentence for you  
  12. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    I never saw them as close. They both come from polar opposite backgrounds and Charlotte is significantly older. The story tends to line up with other Sasha folklore.  
  13. Dana Brooke Wins Bodybuilding Award

    Queen of F.U.N 
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    This video is so weird and stalker creepy 
  15. Wasn't much of a fan of the match but it was cute no less. 
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    Omg Brocks daughter is..  
  17. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    Well, at least they moved passed their issues.     
  18. United We Stand Divided We Fall.

  19. That promo was embarrassing. The match slayed tho.
  20. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    AJ had a rough childhood but she wasn't sheltered by home schooling. Sasha and Lana were both homeschooled and seem to be stuck at the maturity of a 14 year old.
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    I wish we got to see more of Stacy that year  Imagine Melina vs. Stacy, Mickie James vs. Stacy and a Torrie/Stacy reunion feud  
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    The best match of 2005  
  23. I don't know why y'all make jokes about certain videos as if they weren't released without her knowledge or intent, but please, continue to be trash and don't mind me.

  24. Today in History

    WTF! She should have, she improved a lot in the ring and she was good on the mic. Sis could play a great snobby heel or angelic babyface tbh. Such a HUMBLE queen.   
  25. Today in History

    They wanted Stacy to win the Fulfill Your Fantasy battle royal but she turned it down Generous queen
  26. Today in History

    Naw Christy was the better woman forsure. Also I loved Stacy/Victoria/Nidia as a team. A face Vince's Devils tbh  I wish Stacy would have gotten a women's championship run  
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    this diva era match from velocity shits on everything we get nowadays    
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