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  2. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    Removing Rebecca from the division would be far more effective than removing the word “women”
  3. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    I want Megan Fox as Zatanna.
  4. There should only be one leader and it be this man.
  5. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    Alexa using her platform at the top to speak out for the IICONICS, and other women needing tv time. While Becky is trying to abolish the term women on tv, despite carrying a championship at her peak with no substance. Sis really should have brought this energy when they botched her reign a month in.
  6. The fact she wore a suit and tie just because she knew she was going to say this  she is sick 
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  8. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    Omg replace her with a woman who enjoys being a woman.
  9. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    I thought she was talking about when they announce “women’s division match”, and not completely getting rid of the term “women” which would of course be ridiculous. Regardless, I don’t think this is too important.
  10. Brie Larson Reportedly Seeking Top Billing for Next 'Avengers' Film

    I’m not sure how to think about this. I thought Captain Marvel would be too space-based to lead the Avengers, just as how Doctor Strange is too dimension-based to lead them. I don’t think there should be one leader tbh, especially as it looks like the MCU will be going in many different paths in this saga.
  11. the non-stop double team takedown from @Mariah. and @Rainbow Heart in this thread is killing me 
  12. There's definitely an undertone of this to her comments which irritates me even more. I really never wanted to dislike Becky, but here we are  
  13. Straight like that. Hit my line when Sasha and Carmella (and maybe Enber) are headlining for the SD division they should be running, and Naomi, the Kabukis, and Ruby are getting their due.   There is no reason for Bayley to be holding the title, when Lacey is in the title feud with basically Sasha, who's carrying the feud from their end. And for Becky to have been in a fucking Tag feud for Tag Team titles after not defending HER title in forever. I stg Asuka better whoop her ass. Grand Slam Ms Empress please! 
  14. So what exactly is the problem now? Before they weren't taken seriously "because they're divas", now it's just unfortunate that they're viewed as women?  In a general sense they're called Superstars all the same. The cruiserweights were the ones in their own bubble if anything. But go on Bertha.
  15. This is what I figured he would be based on which was a really cool interpretation of the character. It’s a shame no one picked up the rights to the Telltale version of Batman when they shut down. It was such a great concept.
  16. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    You are WOMEN. The self hate is becoming real. I hate her, I really do.
  17. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    she’s had enough this week and her punishment is gonna be to plan the entire Rumble with Sasha two hours before the show, when will these girls just go rogue and cause a mutiny
  18. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    One word is definitely not going to change the booking, or perception of the higher ups to improve the women’s division. I’m really over the Horsewomen feeling like they are oppressed so bad, considering what the era before their time truly had to deal with.
  19. Superstar Photo Booth

    Credit: EricNoKnees
  20. So does she want the titles to be called raw and Smackdown championships ?    idk see what her problem is with a division full of women being called the women’s division. I get it , equal rights but the fact that she thinks this is the biggest problem in the company regarding women ... lord . Idk who’s worse her or Charlotte 
  21. Adam is crazy  @Mariah.  
  22. Adam Cole starting 2020 the same way he ended 2019.......     ..............dying on national television.
  23. Okay former Lass Kicker. Allergic to femininity by assuming things that have a feminine slant cannot be taken seriously but go on and continue being "The Man" while the other women have to cling and relish every single minute of TV time because they never know when they'll be back in catering greeting Titus.
  24. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    Another Queen, how could I?
  25. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    PAC 🖤 Too bad that went to commercial right when Jericho started talking 💀
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