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  2. my impact, I haven't been active in like 3 months. AJ taught me @Mariah.
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  4. I don't regret a goddamn thing.
  5. Over a Year Later

    Naaaaw I am so glad that you have worked a lot of stuff out in your life and are continuing on to a more happy and healthy path for yourself. I hope everything continues to go well for you!
  6. Me being a tweener until I lose and serve my Trish Stratus heel turn. 
  7. Raw March 27, 2017: Results

    The match was boring for the most part and they need to stop giving Bayley talking segments. Nia's hair looked snatched and I'm lowkey hoping she wins. 
  8. Wait? I won?? Thank y'all! Even though I don't even use or am aware of half of this site's features and benefits yet.    Let me coincidentally perch in this specific outfit to win @Mariah. over for my next match. 
  9. Over a Year Later

    BB  I'm so happy you're in a better place even if you had to disappear from us to get there, but your health is all that matters. Keep making us proud in the outside world love and you always have a home here  
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  12. get your hof ring and come see me!
  13. Cherry

  14. I'd have to agree here. It should be clear to just about everyone now that this match is less about the outcome and who goes over (Cena + Nikki making them both tap simultaneously in about 8-10 mins lol), and is geared more towards the decisive post-match events --- namely, the proposal spot. The feel good story here is Cena finally asking his long-time girlfriend to marry him. That said, I don't think their attempts at humanizing him with this program have gone over as well as they'd have liked. For what its worth, their final confrontation was definitely a much-needed lifeline and the Total Bellas segments were comical and integral assets, but it became bit of a scorched earth approach when things got more serious, that had Cena looking more like an asshole and less like someone wanting to extenuate and seek retribution. Honestly, you can't help but like both teams a lot less than you did going into it when the feud concludes (Miz/Maryse for the right reasons, Cena/Nikki for the wrong ones).
  15. I've been inactive for a while, but I wanted to give y'all a brief update on my life for those who care :skull:


  16. Over a Year Later

    First of all the blog section has lost its shine after a brief era with feuds, exposes, and general tea that wasn't meant for outsiders to view, but this is the only place I think is suiting to talk. So it's been over a year since I've lost a lot of my activity on this site and not committing my time here as much. I remember sitting in long Plug or Dub sessions and even participating in a couple of games and HB After Dark. This past year has been absolutely insane with the amount of work that went into my possible thoughts of pursuing a career, a completely overhaul of my group of friends and even a change in my entire lifestyle and how my interests have completely shifted. With that came a completely new perspective on life and an even deeper understanding of who I was as a person. For those of you who wants to continue reading do so, but by no means do I expect anyone to dip their feet into a life story that hasn't even crossed their minds since my presence on this site has faded over time. I have to say the biggest change in my life was a full acceptance and understanding of who I really was as a person as well as a better knowledge of how to carry myself. My identity has always been a huge question about who I am, and my time here at HB has been the peak of my entire identity crisis. I adopted so many ideas of who I should be and craved authenticity, but found myself trying to conform and get further from exactly what I wanted. After the break, I've completely taken a break from the norm and have decided to explore outside my usual interests. I took up dance, focused more on volunteering, and started doing a whole bunch of side projects with some of my friends and their talents. I've helped my local school community, am currently working on a video/blog project regarding LGBTQ+ acceptance, opened an entirely separate blog, and made strides in my dance program to the point that my coach actually put in an exception and let myself as a first year member come up with completely original choreography to perform at our Spring show. And through all of this, I feel like by breaking out of my box a bit when it came to my interests, I broke out of my box when it came to who I was too. I explored and tried new things, made entirely new friends and realized that some of the friends that I currently had were toxic and had to be removed. And with college right over the horizon, it feels like I finally discovered what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do with my life. It was also around a couple of months ago that I started to better myself to escape depression, a problem that has been around for around five years now. I reached a new low last year when I had thoughts of suicide and completely starve myself in the month of January because I thought I was too ugly and needed to lose weight for whatever reason. These were problems that I sort of pushed under the rug and sort of judged as not important. By minimizing it, it got worse. I eventually realized this and began to work on fixing it by embracing the negatives in my life and turning them into positives. Depression never really escapes you but you can do work to completely cripple its effects. I'm still working on it but I find myself getting better at it each time. For the first time in a long time, I felt healthy. Mentally and physically. But the starting point all started here. Whether it was me sitting in endless Skype sessions complaining about the boy that played me or flopping back and forth and being absolutely hostile for no reason. HB was truly the start of the discovery of my identity (hell it made me confident in being gay) as well as the starting point of my journey. It's been incredibly rough and someone who's about to leave high school and truly start to discover adulthood, I've never felt more prepared and ready to go. And I have you guys to thank for it. My year has been so inactive here and trust me I wish I was here more often, but my year has been incredibly busy and eventful. But I also realize that I need to give thanks to the community that really did build me up in my time of desperation and need. I don't know what direction HB is headed, but I will forever remain loyal to this site and its members, no matter how much I come across as disrespectful or judgemental. I truly do appreciate everyone here (minus the problematic ones who were promptly vanquished) and I hope to give back to this community a lot sooner than I expected. oh and i may or may not be dating someone five years older than me kii but thats a story for another time
  17. Wait, what is this? Lol
  18. Few thoughts for last night's show, although it's a bit late for this. Pretty good as another weekly edition of SDL, pretty good as the last go-home show before WM. AJ brought up a good point during the opening, referencing the fact that they still haven't announced any kind of stipulation for their match as of yet, which is kind of odd. I can't imagine they'd earnestly be planning for a near 50-year old stuntman to just go head-to-head in a ring with AJ for an extended period of time. Also, despite the fact that their exchanges over the past few weeks have been admittedly well-done, it's a bit difficult to strum up anything beyond casual interest for this match come Sunday, and I feel that has a lot to do with how quick they've had to put this all together. There just wasn't enough time to build up any credible anticipation or animosity here. I guess the announcement of the six-pack pretty much eliminates all the rumors of any extra appearances? Honestly, I can't wait until this program is over and done with after Mania. It's sort of unsettling to see how disoriented and directionless the SDL women's division has become. The fact that they've done such a smash-up job over the last 8 or 9 months giving each woman a focus and building them up in unique ways makes this seem like a terrible apex, knowing this is what the division has been working up to for nearly a year. As I mentioned earlier, Naomi making a premature return seems to confirm there being no other 'surprise' participants come Sunday (kind of a bust, was lowkey excited to see K2). But WWE's penchant for trying to get everyone involved in the show has made them casualty this year. Also, Naomi's run-in along the ramp looked sort of awkward; seemed almost as if she was wobbling at bit, kind of. I'm hoping she's at least recovered enough (if not completely) that any simple misstep won't impede her again, otherwise this can get ugly af. Also, her entrance is going to be a big fail in broad daylight. It's pretty amazing the power literally one phenomenal segment has to turn an entire feud around. Little-by-little I grew to resent this feud just a bit more. Not because the content was terrible --- Miz + Maryse have been an incredible dynamic throughout. But that's where the problem was. Over the past, I think month and some, Maryse and (to a much higher extent) Miz have carried this feud almost entirely on their backs and was almost solely instrumental in garnering whatever initial interest this had. I don't really blame Nikki much --- she probably would've been a more relevant asset if anyone really trusted her to do much. (Maybe I'm of minority, but I've always been under the impression that NIkki's strengths are tailored more to her being heel than babyface. It's a role she seems infinitely more comfortable with.) Cena is the one I've had a gripe with throughout. It's been clear from the jump that he doesn't care much for this feud and would've preferred to be doing something admittedly more 'reputable' this year (he even explicitly confessed to preferring to work with Taker this year, which was originally scheduled for him, but pulled last minute), and that's translated to him being the biggest drag to the program up to that point. That said, last night instantly propelled this program into one of the best-built leading into Mania. The IC title match got 0 build last night in favor of the women, yet it still has precedence on the main show. Crazy times.
  19. n the fact that I even made it to the HBMania scoreboard after posting a total of like 7 times this entire year Thanks for all who voted for me, I had a very worthy opponent in @Sazzy but those who voted out of spite can catch these hands mawma!  
  20. Lisa Marie needs YOUR help getting WM & HOF tickets

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    My HB Album Lust for Liv is coming soon gwerls  @SaraLaDiallo
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