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  2. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    The article isn’t even about Becky, yet somehow that’s all that’s being talked about. Alexa, play Obsession by Jim Johnston
  3.   Jake looks so fucking good, I'm FUMING @Jake
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Buddy Murphy
  5. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    Ooop, OK, Alright. Also, guess Ronda really wasn't the investment they hoped for, LMAO!
  6. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    The accolade is #1 merch seller... in a climate where the overall sales on the store are down. The net income and revenue loss... is from the period where she won the Royal Rumble. And was on both TV shows every week. I don't think so.    
  7. Music of the moment

    Whew they snapped I need the full album already.     
  8. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    jshdfjksdhhfjsdhfjsd, she can still have that accolade! But, maybe they should look at how the majority of their shirts are designed. It may just be that they're really fucking ugly? But, I dunno 
  9. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    The Man T-shirt’s not selling like y’all thought.
  10. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    Guess that Becky accolade by Forbes is in the bin just like that  
  11. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    Source: I have to laugh. 
  12. Bond 25 Cast Officially Revealed; Rami Malek Confimed

    OK, alright. Skyfall snapped and I believe I saw Spectre?  However, if 007 isn't played by Idris Elba another POC, or even a woman, after Daniel Craig, they can keep it! 
  13. The Evolution of Heartbreakers Community

    isn't it disgusting  
  14. Disney+ Star Wars Series "The Mandalorian" Trailer Leaks

    Oooo, another one Imma put on the pirate list  These companies basically trying to recreate cable by having their own streaming services now...don't fall for it! 
  15. Disney+ Star Wars Series "The Mandalorian" Trailer Leaks

    Well shit now I kind of want to watch it even though otherwise it looks generic as hell. 
  16. Today
  17. Disney+ Star Wars Series "The Mandalorian" Trailer Leaks

    Low key looks boring like it will get stale quick, but im still eagerly awaiting Disney+
  18.   - A fan recording from Star Wars Celebration - The show stars Pedro Pascal as a Mandalorian gunfighter in the far reaches of the galaxy and will be set a few years after Return of the Jedi but before the formation of the First Order - Also stars Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Nick Nolte, Emily Swallow, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog and Omid Abtahi - It's the first live-action Star Wars television show and the first season will have 8-10 episodes - Some confirmed directors are Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, Deborah Chow and Rick Famuyiwa - Created and written by Jon Favreau - Will be released on the streaming site on November 12, 2019
  19. Bond 25 Cast Officially Revealed; Rami Malek Confimed

    Skyfall was the last Bond I watched and it slayed in theatres, so hopefully this snaps for Daniel Craig's last outing. I love seeing so many women on the cast. Hopefully they don't die, especially queen Ana de Armas. She's like the perfect Bond girl, but they need to subvert the trope  
  20. Bond 25 Cast Officially Revealed; Rami Malek Confimed

    It's not really setting in yet since it's so far out but I think I'm perched perched    Rami snatching a (hopefully) psychological villain on Craig's supposed last Bond movie could do absolute wonders for his career.
  21. Bond 25 Cast Officially Revealed; Rami Malek Confimed

    box office magnet Rami about to slay! Egyptian excellence 
  22. Random Thoughts

    Yeahhhhh, it was really, really unpleasant to have to face family in 2016. They didn't raise me to be a bigot or racist so I do not understand what they see in Donald Trump. Fuck, my family growing up was staunchly middle class and even now, they don't benefit from anything any Republican is trying to sell. So, I - I'm constantly impressed that my brother and I emerged as staunch progressives. I'm dem socialist af, nnnnnn.  My mom has extremely progressive views as well but, I think her hatred of Hillary clouded everything else out. She's very misguided on certain things. My dad tho, he was lost to Fox News long ago.
  23. Random Thoughts

    I’m glad I’m not white. I heard about people having to check their racist uncle over political views and I’m just glad that’s not me.   
  24. Big Little Lies | Season 2

    Premieres June 9 (with more Emmys in the bag). If you want to discuss spoilers, use the appropriate spoiler tags with a disclaimer.
  25. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat
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