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  2. Every thread involving Maria going down the same route. 
  3. Ronda? Is that you? You've got a LOT of nerve showing your mole around here after those words on Monday. POST UP 
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  5. Maria's profile is still on SD though! she didn't return there yet, flop! I won't talk about the embarrassing HIAC match if I were you  botches after botches    This is not 2012 anymore weirdo! She has a contract and she is feeding her daughter and husband and has her own business outside of WWE "Wonderland Production" Maira got pregnant right away after she returned so if anything she is just starting and I can't wait for her to be on TD next year.  Maria said her hair color is natural therefore it's natural! You got a lot of nerve for coming for Maria when your fav is serving $3 outfits.  
  6. NXT UK October 17, 2018: Results

    Or cut down on ppvs it’s way too much right now 
  7. Tegan Nox injury update

      I'm not sure doing moonsaults off the top rope with a bad knee is any better.
  8. Am I wrong for wanting someone to bring up Piggy James in the second video? :/
  9. She had already done it four other times by then anyways this was cute.
  10. Eva Marie Thinks Ronda Has Heat

    Is she podcasting because the Nordstrom partnership already fell through?
  11. Eva Marie Thinks Ronda Has Heat

    Eva wants to be backstage again so bad. We don't care for your opinion anymore sus.
  12. In other words, Maryse is iconic. Maria remains TRASH. I wish it didn't have to be this EASY. I loved coming to this TEDTalk. 
  13. Yup! And since we're on the topic; Maryse is a rooted double process, which is very in right now. Several other girls sport the look (Alexa, Candice, etc). Maryse's is the most well-done of them. Velvet's chunky highlights are stuck in the 2002 Kelly Clarkson era. Maria's hair is just the wrong color formulation. It's such a vibrant red at the root, and the ends are a faded orange/copper/golden tone. It's not blended nor seamless. She needs to even that out by added some face-framing highlights and paneling in lowlights through her ends, or just going one solid color.
  14. oop, aren't you a hair dresser sis? /endlashing 
  15. Eva Marie Thinks Ronda Has Heat

    The way Eva speaks is always like she’s going one way then she takes a left, then a right, does a u-turn, takes another left, stops and asks for directions, goes for a right thinking it’s her left and so on. 
  16. nfjdgjfzfngf MARYSE was on tv (and ppv, mind you). Your fave is on a WWE network show  It's easier to lose weight for Maria when a baby is the only thing on her plate, because work and dinner ain't on that plate. Maryse and Brie are busy being reality stars, entrepreneurs, business owners, red carpet stars, etc. And lets not talk about Maryse's hair when Maria is struggling to find a consistent red box dye that thoroughly matches her faded, porous ends. Give the sis a salon quality color correction. You could easy just sit and eat your food and no one would come for Maria beside the occasional drag when she makes delusional tweets or instagram posts every now and then.
  17. Tegan Nox injury update

    Not only this, but why is she doing a suicide dive when she has a knee brace? She should watch some old Victoria matches and take notes on how to work safely with a bad knee.  
  18. Eva Marie Thinks Ronda Has Heat

    Eva Marie was interviewed this week for PodcastOne and talked about how she broke into the Diva ranks of World Wrestling Entertainment and Ronda Rousey's immediate success in the company: "The WWE is a little bit of a cult, so, even when I first walked in, pretty much unheard of in the sense of bypassing developmental and going straight into the main roster, and these guys are putting in years in the indie circuit, then they go and train at the performance center, at NXT and then hope to get called up to the main roster... So you have somebody, especially a big name like Ronda, just walk in there, and not only that but snag that title immediately...? is it good for business, as in for WWE? Absolutely, you have a big name, big draw, but then the talent, I guarantee that locker room isn't very pretty. But, if I know anything, I know Ronda probably has her own locker room so." I mean, I can see why the women would be somewhat resentful of the opportunities Ronda has been getting.  
  19. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They're so cute, though! I want to be their friend. Billie looks SO good with more natural makeup.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Peyton makes the Bella's look smart
  22. yessss Momkie winning. Serving lewks and control. We're stanning forever. Becky kiing at herself dragging Charlotte.
  23. Lmao Becky trying to stay in character was a kii.  Mickie looked gorgeous!   
  24. She probably was remembering how Twitter came for her lazy overpushed ass that night.
  25. Former WWE writer drags Ronda promo

    oh yeah let me go retweet these.
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