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  2. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

     I liked the match but I think they could have pushed themselves a bit more, especially alexa. Mickie looked crazy pretty though and I am excited for her to get involved.  And nattie/nikki - same brawl different setting.  Also i thought we were going to get to see the music video, I was looking forward to it. 
  3. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    and it bears repeating, but the way the writers and bookers transformed lame ass natalya into something entertaining is just...
  4. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    the way she effortlessly shits on her fellow horsie in the looks, promo, and charisma dept  
  5. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    "The title match will be in a steel cage so there won't be interference." *Interferes anyway.* Nattie is tooo cute lol. I dunno how is the storyline gonna end tho. Beat each other to hell?
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  7. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    BITCH!!! That catfight!!!   That cage match!   Mickie James! Smackdown better come through!
  8. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    I still see a women's tag match on the preshow. The battle royal wasn't long last year and I don't see shaq and big show going longer than 5 minutes. Plus we all know Brock and Goldberg will be short as well. I see them going over time again because it's mania.  
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    No we know why Shelly was so pressed at Rosa "Slammy award winning legend, Piel Dorada award Recepient, Need 4 Speed boss" Mendes. Shelly was just a low class puta while Rosa served Mother TeRosa.  
  10. Random Thoughts

    That video was so hot. 
  11. Nikki Bella & Natalya segment Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch (Steel Cage match for Smackdown Women's Championship)       205 LIVE featuring Alicia Fox  
  12. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Live Chat

    I have loved the Nikki and Nattie brawls the last 2 weeks reminding me of old school brawls it has been refreshing. That spear into the table was great im here for them getting a stipulation at the rumble.
  13. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

      I doubt we're going to get a women's tag match. Based on those projections the crusierweights, the battle royal and Shaq/Big Show will end up on the pre-show. Last year's WM was 7 hours but it only had 11 matches. The problem here is that this year's card looks to have 13-14 matches and unlike last year, most of these projected matches are main-event caliber matches, which is going to eat up alot of time.
  14. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Live Chat

    Miz serving all this tea in one promo.
  15. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    Mania was over 7 hours last year so the number of matches isnt really that bad. The crusierweights, the battle royal, a womens tag match, and probably the us title will be on the preshow just like last year. Im not worried about the Sd womens title match its raw that has me worried.
  16. I was about to post an iconic, vintage Alexis Laree scene from TNA. But that only went in regards to attitude and I feel she's too grownT for some shit like that now. Plus Nikki Cross already has the look IDK, but her old look was cute for a Takeover match but you aren't gonna come back rocking the same shit you left in. Remix it mama.  
  17. Mickie looks exactly like she did when she first debuted. Like how  she did not look this young at NXT Toronto  
  18. I need a LOOK. I can't take bright colored bell-bottoms seriously from someone who it seems like is going to be a bitter veteran heel. 
  19. Alexa in that caption Heel Mickie 2017 needs to serve a new look and vibe. Something we haven't seen since she wants to bring her ass back.
  20. Mickie literally sipping from the fountain of youth   she better serve a psycho era or hardcore country look and they better keep Obsession, I'm ready for it  
  21. I wonder if things are really over for Lady Red. Mickie is really feeling left field for me tbh. Looks like I'm gonna be a hot mess in a release thread before the Summer.
  22. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

      I don't know. As of now, WM plans (probably) include:   Rollins/HHH Owens/Jericho Shaq/Big Show Goldberg/Lesnar Bayley/Sasha/Charlotte/Nia Reigns match Orton/Wyatts Ambrose/Miz Something with the Cruiserweights Cena match AtGBR SD womens title match 'Taker match?     If Smackdown gets a multi-person match it will probably be a triple threat match to differentiate it from Raw's title match.
  23. WWE UK Championship Tournament I beautiful dream!

    tucker is one gorgeous fucker
  24. Please help me figure this out

    gurl use shazam
  25. Impact Wrestling, January 12, 2017: Results

    This was my first time watching impact wrestling in months. Allie plays her part so well. Mike is extremely boring and if it wasnt for Maria he would serve no purpose. Jade should never be given a mic ever again. Rosemary was a star she grabbed my attention last week and she is such a great character probably my favorite part of the show.  
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