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  2. Power Rangers

    I loved it. I cried. Other people cried too.
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    bye why isnt she dragging someone in the trailer? i wont be watching!
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  6. WWE HB17 | Online

    Akira talks History, High Society, and HB Mania with Ebolina on Interview coming later on today.  
  7. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    Voted Becky by default bc she's the most fluid thus the most consistent. But I need to get this off my chest, I can literally watch Trish control an entire 15+ min segment and not be bored (sorry Becky), she's a great promo but her actual acting... Alexa today is refreshingly less campy then Trish circa '03-'04 Now onto a real bad bitch that should be included in this conversation and hope is accounted largely in other bc queen's acting is on point. Her live promos could be more authentic, less shaky...but sus can tell a story. When you give Nay a storyline, this is the result..  A Recap: My favorite segment of this storyline. Naomi showing her ambition and courage by not only following through on Miz's offerings, but informing her newlywed husband of her liaison with his new enemy, unapologetically.  Another great moment from this feud. Started off a little shaky, but Nay truly brought this segment home when she, frustrated with a negligent Miz, gave him an ultimatum, leading him to reveal an opportunity that would surely keep her in his proximity, but for how long?  Self explanatory cuteness sorry  "You happy for me?.." rhetoric fake grin head tilt* Has Miz gotten to Naomi's head or is Naomi out to teach Jimmy a lesson? Either way, she is STRONG WOMAN!  And the finale...a great segment beginning to end. Naomi's character work was extra sweet and genuine here, perfect closure for the Tag champs and payoff for Naomi...a real chance to advance her career in entertainment.   Naysus did THAT, the storytelling and her character progressed fluently throughout this rather short TAG TEAM title feud. Naomi was clearly the star here, and her impending breakout in the Divas division was integrated seamlessly, making her all the more focus in this tale.  And April 25, Nay will continue show you hens a true DIVA  
  8. 3 inductions already...literally the epitome of always the bridesmaid never the bride  throw a title on her plz even if it's only for 1 day or less i feel BAD 
  9. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    This is so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
  10. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    omg  RIP
  11. Natalya to induct Beth Phoenix into the HOF

    The fact that all of these quotes are already so generic and lackluster, I am so intrigued to see how Nattie is going to struggle try to spin three minor accomplishments into a career worthy of a HOF induction. Beth would have only been doing herself a favor by declining this year. 
  12. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. it must be dusty in this room the way my eyes keep watering... so, so sad. my heart hurts for JR and their families.
  13. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    A blog from his site     
  14. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    Dang, it's bizarre how quickly all of this esclated. Can't say I hope they cope well, since that would be pretty selfish. For such an unanticipated situation like this, I'm pretty sure they're all broken right now, and rightfully so. I know JR's wife was his world.
  15. Superstar Photo Booth

  16. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    RIP. Poor JR.
  17. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    Oh my god! My heart goes out to JR and his family, omfg.
  18. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    This is so sad, I'm wishing the best for JR and his family during this difficult time. RIP. 
  19. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

  20. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    She just passed. So sad   
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Shame she ain't focusing on winning herself one
  22. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Don't think so cause she talked before about how WWE would never hire her cause she was with Matt, and he was actually holding back her career. This was the same time she'd go on her Lita rants and bitchiness as if that would endear her to anyone so she's deluded af
  23. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    not really, since she literally won him the title on multiple occasions 
  24. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  25. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Santina would never.
  26. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Wasn she offered a contract from WWE at the beginning of her career but she declined?  
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