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  2. WWE signed former knockout?

    agreed! but the blasian baddie gimmick is cute. she better represent the two most discriminated ethnic minority groups in one!
  3. Alexa Bliss Injured

    too much alexa hate for me to hit that like button so im here to just say yes i agree x
  4. Brie talks infamous suicide dive spot

    We’ve moved on, but really you claiming that?
  5. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    I am actually happy that she is DLC since it means they would work hard on her and update her as much as possible The debut of Seeing Stars? Her Neckbreaker (Aliyah's finisher) a new Bronco buster and an updated Beautiful Bulldog?! WHEWWWWWWWWWW   If they gave Maria "With Legs Like That" for her solo entrance, all of her 3 themes will be in the game  I won't mind if they recycled her old entrance even!   
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  7. Brie talks infamous suicide dive spot

  8. WWE signed former knockout?

    We need a blasian! 💪🏻
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    Here she comes....again?  
  10. WWE signed former knockout?

    I didn't care for her but she was the only one in the dollhouse I took seriously (after Taryn left). She can definitely go and her moveset is cute. I know she worked hard for this so good for her.
  11. Alexa Bliss Injured

    If this is a work, nobody is gonna ever take this seriously again because it's deadass the 3rd kr 4th time. (If anybody besides me takes her seriously anymore anyway). However I doubt it'd keep her away long enough to miss her match with Trish. I swear to God if they'd rather do this to stall until the match instead of some good ol back and forth promos that they're both capable of, I'm swinging. Such a wasted opportunity. At least Ember has something to do now. How are they gonna sell that team though? Should've been LIV. Sis loves to cause ruckus and chaos and Braun is only good for flipping vehicles, like really?
  12. Alexa Bliss Injured

    I think its a work. She'll most likely train with Trish or have some time off again. Might be bac for Round 2 of the tournament. 
  13. Hey guys!

    The gif of King Andy  
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    I wonder if Candice will look better in the game then she looks on tv. Hopefully they use Maria's old theme so the CAWs can have some good music.
  15. Alexa Bliss Injured

    I hope they replace her ass with Sasha. Alexa honestly needs a break since she's so over exposed. 
  16. WWE signed former knockout?

    Lol y’all thought the crowd response, her  new man, & Shelton backing her wouldn’t push her over the edge? But: This. I want her to brush up on her mic work and please stop throwing on the whole closet. NXT writing will probably propel her to a star but it’s time to let some girls go.  
  17. Maryse can't stop botching her words! sis is desperately in need for some English classes again   Becky is so annoying! sticking your tongue out doesn't make you edgy bitch! 
  18. Alexa Bliss Injured

    Sasha laying in the cut eating shit with a smile (and subtweets) until it’s her time to rise. Log me into this PPV b***h!
  19. Hey guys!

    Not this being the thread to make you join the site.  Welcome though. 
  20. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Air runs through Seth's gaped lips as Dean's speech ends with the veteran vampire storming away. He looks at the Usos—who also appear shocked and shaken—then slowly backs away from the scene. Dean had previously warned him that something was coming, affecting everyone, but never in his darkest nightmares did he think it would be... this; the gates of hell opening. He breathes heavily, sifting through the infinite amount of questions, then immediately follows after his forced mentor. Now, he was ready. fin.
  21. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE Just as Jimmy comes to the aid of his brother, a gust of wind followed by a heavy-handed throw sends him halfway across the deck. Dean growls in his direction before his head snaps back to the struggle between Jey and Seth, pulling the latter off as well and picking up the makeshift stake from where it laid. "You clowns think this is a fucking joke, don't you?" He grips the stake in his hand, though his eyes in that moment seemed capable of piercing deeper than it ever could. "You have to if you think you can pull this shit, right now, of all times. You wanna know what that call was about? You wanna know what the fuck's going on? Well listen up, because I'm only gonna say this once. That was a call to ask if I had filled you guys in yet on the fact your entire livelihood is at stake. We've gotten wind the gates-- the gates of hell have opened after a long, long time. That might not mean much to you, might even sound a little funny, but that's just how inexperienced you fuckers need to remember you are. For those of you who maybe didn't get to read your vampire welcome booklets: that's very, very fucking bad. "Hell... hell is where we originated, where our race came to be. A lotta shit went down but, long story short, we ended up on this side of the gate and this became our new home. Not everyone liked that. And now that it's open again? They're gonna be coming for us, to put us back where they think we belong, as was always intended. We don't have a timeline but we know one thing, and that's that we'd be up against creatures way more evolved, way more of a match than meek humans. And we need. All. Hands. On. Deck." He eyes the reactions of the trio of what was sure to be reluctant comrades before letting out a pent-up yell. "YOU HEAR ME?!" Taking a deep breath, he lets the stake drop and land with a rattle before leaving a final piece of wisdom. "You don't have to like each other, but you'll trust each other. You'll protect each other. And if you don't? Well don't come running to me when it all goes to hell."

    She is coming soon, pre-jury flop

    make her make it onto weekly TV  

    Congrats @Mandy Rose All the Maria haters getting out early while she just made it to the game. 
  25. Alexa Bliss Injured

    Don't comeback. 
  26. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    OMFG! I can't believe Slayria made it to the game! 2K confirmed she is playable  I literally thought her making the game this year was impossible  I wonder what attire will she have! OMG she is getting 2 entrances as well!! One is solo and one with Mike   Guess I lied and I will be getting this game's deluxe's edition. I am ready to end some flop bitches  
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