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  2. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    It's weird. 
  3. Naomi vs. Mandy Rose Announced for SmackDown Live

    I'm expecting shenanigans instead of a clean match with a clean finish. They built this up and put too much effort so I highly doubt they'd conclude it on a random episode of Smackdown Live. Not with RR right there.
  4. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    ....girl. cut it loose entirely or you'll never move on/grow. telling him about each date, like wtf? #letitgo
  5. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    There's always gonna be a split base when it comes to keeping your ex around. I personally don't do it, if I saw you as more, I don't want to see you, nor have you as my friend. I enjoy my circle small.
  6. Nikki Bella recently gave an interview about dating after John Cena. She mentions that she still keeps in contact with John, even as far as talking to him after each date. Basically, she gives John a recap of each date. Do you guys think this is a good idea, seeing how they both still respect each other and can keep healthy communication? Or is it just too weird?
  7. I agree completely with her. It always bothers me that there wasn't a balance between the two. Why does one have to be sacrificed for the other? Like in 2004 we had the best division we ever had. The Diva Search happened and they were doing it right by having the girls in non-wrestling roles, but then they got rid of so many talented girls, put girls in the ring who weren't ready to be, and mainly hired girls without any experience. I'll never forgive them for the decade of mistreatment of the girls. Even with a PG product, I think it's completely okay to have girls who bring more sex appeal, rather than in-ring talent. It's just a matter of using them right. Why can't valets and catfights be a thing again? Why can't we have girls who are mainly involved in storylines, and only wrestle occasionally? We deserve that, as well as an amazing division filled with excellent wrestlers.
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  9. Naomi vs. Mandy Rose Announced for SmackDown Live

    IF this match happens, I'm super excited for it.
  10. Women’s Royal Rumble Match reveal event to take place Sunday on Twitter

    Why do they want to spoil us?
  11. Who the hell is @divaschampions?  
  12. gnsvkdkvkekvkgkjg OMG @Eric @Wiccan Venus @Samier.  
  13. As long as they don't show the surprises, I don't mind. They should of had them record a 45 sec video of them saying they'll win, etc. 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The whole last fucking 30 seconds of this video  Beth smack-tagging her self in, Nikki just standing on the apron after the match. Brie trying to celebrate with DoD. This is a mess Brie/Beth interaction serving this         
  15. What is the point of this Like are we not supposed to know all the main roster girlies are in? They're so dumb.    
  16. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    a mothafuckin' WOMAN
  17. Naomi vs. Mandy Rose Announced for SmackDown Live

    I'm expecting some foolery since Nay rarely wins her matches these days but I hope it serves brawl which leads to a stipulation.
  18. bitch @Mariah. can you not have me out here serving Sasha Banks title reign on the charts? 


    1. Mariah.


      the hit singles keep pouring in hehe


    2. prince.


      the rih to my drake 


  19. vnskvkdkvkfkvkgg I THINK they gave them a heads up. Maryse may be coming and all she’s been doing is working out but that might not mean much so I honestly am on the brink of giving up. All I have to say is that if Eve doesn’t show up after saying on the Evolution panel that she was interested in coming back to the ring, I am asking to be released from my HB contract and becoming a Discord exclusive Diva 
  20. NXT Live Event Division

  21. Favorite Female Faction

    Hate to break it to you sis but the reason it’s not listed is because Wikipedia removed that section from everyone’s page. With that said, I have no idea what her finisher is either. 
  22. I'm annoyed especially because I bet if they DO plan on revealing the surprises, after how many women found out they were competing at Evolution at the same time as fans through the official announcement, they probably wouldn't care to give them a heads up now. @prince. this is about to be Eve cleaning the baby spit from her top when Rener asks if she's checked her phone yet
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