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  2. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    Can you gays please discover a new character besides Harley Quinn...
  3. remind to remake, I already saved over my original gif with this text one
  4. Candice LeRae

    I would like to get behind her. But something just isn't there. Something important is missing.
  5.   She also played Supergirl's mother, Alura, during Season 3. So, cue the awkwardness when she sees someone that looks like her mom making out with her cousin's counterpart.
  6. Candice LeRae

    love her. i hope she beats shayna 
  7. Mandy Rose Graces Cover of Maxim Australia

    sonja flicked her bean to this  
  8. Yesterday
  9. ‘GLOW’ renewed for final 4th season

    FUCK THEM for not hiring Legend Moretti!
  10. ‘GLOW’ renewed for final 4th season

    i'm kind of bored with it peaked with season 2 episode 8 so it's probably for the best
  11. Heartbreakers' Best Women in Movies | 30-26 Revealed

    I'm really not too much of a movie nerd but now that this has begun I wish I did like the rest of y'all and just googled a list to send in.
  12. GLOW

    I actually stan this couple and am I weird for thinking Sam is like kinda fine?
  13. ‘GLOW’ renewed for final 4th season

    I'm not too far into season 3 atm but nooooooo! I really didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I have.
  14. Heartbreakers' Best Women in Movies | 30-26 Revealed

    @Mariah. I need for you to remove the 26 for me.
  15. ‘GLOW’ renewed for final 4th season

     I don’t want it to end
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  17. Heartbreakers' Best Women in Movies | 30-26 Revealed

    I didn't realize the reveals started already.
  18. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Apparently the mods on the 2K forums are deleting threads complaining about the lack of info.   So this basically sums it all up:     Customers:    2K:  
  19. I miss the Rom-com era

  20. Heartbreakers' Best Women in Movies | 30-26 Revealed

    So does Jlaw's mystique appear somewhere else on the list?
  21. Halle deserves over Anne.
  22. The fact this is literal. I thought I remember her having more screen time until I found this compilation on YouTube the other night of all her scenes, the entire video being like five minutes   - Anyway I'll continue to reveal tomorrow as there's a few things I wanted to get done tonight, so stay tuned for that!
  23. Candice LeRae

    I'm so glad she's getting pushed now beyond just being Johnny's wife.  
  24. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    This match   “A title match at NXT Takeover!!!” ”Against who?”  “ALL OF THEM!!!” with mascara streaming down her face This is ICON shit 
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