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  2. paris hilton single-handedly revived poot lovato's career, charitable queen.:clap:

  3. Favorite Divas photoshoot

  4. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    Here are some videos from dailymotion:  
  5. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    not your boyfriend insisting on making his own pizza dough when y'all tryna be cute and cook for each other
  6. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    ignore what was posted before the edit above, that was a joke i didn't finish!
  7. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    klgjf don't try to clock, as the ex of an italian, if you don't make the dough you can GO!
  8. EMMA When Emma hears a voice, she looks at her back and sees the blonde girl with a HOT body, then she stares appreciating how sweet she is. Usually, girls like her use to be snooby, egocentric or stupid; but this girl is a total sweetheart (a shame, if she would have know it she would have stayed in the bed faking the back injury), so Emma gets up and smiles looking at her new roomate. "OMG I can't believe I have such a pretty girl as my roomate, nice to meet you Maryse and don't worry, I'm so excited too, we are going to be the biggest besties in the world." Even though she is being fake af, it's undeniable that Maryse looks amazing. "My name is Emma, and I'm so excited to be here with you roomie." After saying this, an idea came to Emma's mind, if Maryse is such a good girl, she could be easily tricked into helping her accommodate her personal belongings. "I'm sorry for this mess, I have just arrived. A super sweet guy helped me with the bags because I had an arm injury some weeks ago and I'm not fully healed, so I hope you don't mind if I delay a little bit collecting everything, I have to do some breaks to not hurt my arm even more." The aussie smiles and put the hand in said "bad" arm waiting for her roomate to offer her help.
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  10. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    Do Lunchables come with mushrooms, onions, and fat-free cheese in Canada?
  11. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    a fraud, I remember watching one TOT where she made pizza out of pita bread. What kinda Lunchables tea?
  12. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Surprised by her roommate's natural ability to manipulate someone to do her bidding, Maryse feels a smile come across her face. I guess Lana is not the only person on this campus with something resembling a brain. This will be fun. Lauging at the viciousness of the girl's nun excuse, Maryse sees the man coming towards the door. Fixing herself and making sure the girl couldn't see her, Maryse smiles at her roommate's little victim as he makes his exit. Listening after he leaves, she soon learns a little more of her "roomie." Hot, smart, and manipulative? She is almost just like me. Almost. I am still hotter, and probably richer based on those bags. This little preview left some decision making for Maryse: would she try and befriend the witch, or would she actively avoid her? Let me see what she wants to be based on her actions.  Walking into the dorm, Maryse greets the girl with her go-to tone of voice: sugar coma sweet. "Oh my god, you are finally here! Hey roomie!" Maryse pulls her into a forced hug. "We are about to have so much fun together. Party every night! Oh My God, I am so sorry, I am getting carried away. First things first, introductions. My name is Maryse, Maryse Ouellet. And you are?"
  13. Today in History

    I should have choose that moment, HB is not here for KOs history  (and the moment itself was iconic hgfdhgfhh)
  14. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    south of the border is definitely my fave, stacy looks so angelic. I'm seriously cringing at how some of the dvds look like the porn you'd find in your dad's wardrobe.
  15. Today in History

  16. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    Here are some highlights of those shoots from youtube:  
  17. EMMA Already inside the room, Emma goes directly to her bed and lies down there still complaining about how her back hurts. Meanwhile, the man leave all the bags in the middle of the room and the girl looks at him with a kind smile. "Thank you, you have been an angel, hopefully with some rest my back heals up a little and I can accommodate my things." The man smiles and asks Emma for her number to keep in touch and maybe arranging a date, the aussie keeps smiling. "I would love to, but I am on my way to become a nun and the only man in my life is our lord Jesus Christ. In fact, in ten minutes it'll be my "prayer time", we can do it together if you want to." The man looks at her amazed, denies the invitation and leaves while Emma says. "May God bless you." The aussie waits twenty seconds and when she is sure the man had left, she begins laughing and mimics herself. "The only man in my life ir our lord Jesus Christ... Jerk! The only man in my life could be anybody but you." Gets up from the bed with a jump. "Miracle! I'm healed!" She laughs again and begins opening her bags to accommodate all her clothes. Looking at the room, she notices that another girl is living there... Perfect, a roomate, the last thing Emma wanted.
  18. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE This particular morning, Maryse had woken up in a surprisingly good mood. Her little one night stand with Mike had been even better than she expected, and despite his leaving unannounced, she felt phenomenal. She got ready and left for the gym. Heading back to her dorm after a fun workout session, she felt like she could actually start to appreciate the surrounding campus, even with all of its human oddities. It almost felt like it was growing on her. Almost. Heading down the hallway on her dormitory floor, Maryse spots a beautiful girl right outside of her dorm. With her was some guy carrying what Maryse assumed were the girl's bags. Annoyed, she almost felt like calling out the pair. As the girl opened the door, Maryse knew that very second that she was her dreaded roommate. I cannot believe I have to share such a cramped room with another person. This is so disrespectful. Contemplating what she should do, Maryse decides to sneak in on her roommate. Maybe I will catch the pest doing something I can use if she ever decides to do anything stupid. Maryse soon peers through the slightly open door, listening intently for anything incriminating.
  19. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    It's so hard to choose but 06 was my fav from Trish so that one with 2004 and Come Get Some trailing closely. 
  20. The Bella Twins

    Yesss.. Do you prefer RAW or SmackDown for her? She's probably going to SmackDown for her sister. 
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    We don't want SD to get cancelled sis!  
  22. EMMA After a long long travel, Emma finally arrives at her new home, New York, more specifically, NXT University. The aussie gets out of her Uber and opens the car boot, the amount of luggage she brought is totally insane and she isn't going to carry all of it for sure; so Emma looks at the driver still sitting inside the car and shouts. "Ouch! My back!" The girl puts one of her hands on his back with a look of pain in her face and listens the driver getting out of the car inmediately. She looks at him ready to cry if it's neccesary and explains what happened. "It's nothing, I had an injury on my back and I'm not fully healed, but don't worry, it'll be fine, I'm going to take my things out of the boot so you can leave." Emma begins taking her bags, groaning for the pain and still with a hand on his back. Watching the scene, the driver tells her to stop and helps her with her luggage, and that's not all, he even offers to carry her luggage to the dorm. "Are you sure? I don't want to bother you." The man insists in helping her, so she smiles. "Thank you so much, you are so sweet for this." After a long walk, Emma and the man arrive at room 3C and the aussie takes her key from her pocket to open the door. "I can't express how grateful I'm for this, seriously, could you do me a last favour and leave my bags inside?" The man nods and gets in the room followed by a painful Emma. tbc: @Queen of Hens  
  23. That part warmed my heart. I think that's another reason she's so determined to make a return to the ring, not only so Birdie can get to see her wrestle during her lifetime (although she'll prob still be too young to understand gf';s) but to set an example and show what women are capable of. It's so cool.
  24. The Bella Twins

    2018. I'm thinking she semi retired at wrestlemania so what bigger stage to come back at then WM34, There is an article that says Brie is eying the championship once she is back but I don't know if that is a direct quote from SDCC
  25. Comics Thread

    He can go. His Batman is not going to fit what Matt Reeves wants to do with the character anyways.
  26. Brie Bella Return Update

    She deserves a proper retirement match. A 10 Diva pre show tag match is an underwhelming end to her career. I'm still pissed she never got retribution on Stephanie but I don't see that being revisited. It sucks as most of the women I'd rather see her work with are on RAW other than Carmella. But I can see her and Carmella uaveing a good feud if she does return especially after James Ellsworth mentioning Birdie Joe on SD a few weeks ago.
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