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  2. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    Hope she has a speedy recovery. I need her back and reunited with Liv
  3. Wwe are denying she reported the rape to any executive
  4. Don’t be nasty? When I get paid TOMORROW I’ll donate a lil something something. As someone that once contemplated suicide this is a really tough subject for me. So yeah don’t be rude. Also I’m naturally curious to see what the ladies donated for their fellow sister. 
  5. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    Damn, speediest of recoveries for Ruby.  She's done a damn good job of making others look good. Hope it's not like Sami Zayn's shoulders where she has to completely rehab one shoulder before doing the other surgery, since that'll just add time til she's back.  
  6. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    Was wondering where she's been. That sucks to hear she's not only injured, but requires an additional surgery after recovering from her first. I wish her an efficient recovery  
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  8. Seeing this really teared me up. It's so heartwarming to see all these women come together to help support Lexi in this tragic time. In such a competitive, cut-throat industry, the sisterhood of the women prevails and comes through for each other  
  9. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    Well that explains why she’s been missing. Damn....  Get well soon Ruby!
  10. What 1 season TV Show deserved to last longer?

    Hellcats The Secret Circle Pitch RIP 😥
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  12. When these girls get together I always remember why I love them, this is what women supporting women really is about. She may not have been very talked about during her last years, but it is amazing to see how she touched so many lives, from fans to her own colleagues; specially while being through so many difficult situations in her life. Now it's time to return all the love she shared with us; and the least that can be done, for those not donating (which they are in their perfect right), is respect and don't try to judge how much she was appreciated by "X" based on the amount of money he/she donates.
  13. Wishing her a speedy recovery, hope she takes her time to recover so she can come back better than ever.  With Nia, Ruby, Sasha, Ronda and possibly Alexa absent from RAW's division, it's time to let Dana shine! 
  14. Mickie and Lita's videos tore me apart, I was sobbing so hard. It's so incredible that these women came together to make a difference, that they took time out or their days to support her daughter like that, I know Ashley is just looking down with so much love on all of these ladies. 
  15. The video was SO sweet and it made me so sad. I remember Ashley getting a lot of crap when she was a staple in the division, but gosh did I love her personality. She really did have like an electricity and I hope her daughter carries that with her. 
  16. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    Damn and the poor girl has to repair the other one too after she recovers? Wishing her a quick recovery.
  17. I really don't like the direction this thread is heading in. The intent behind the fundraiser and the video is to support Lexi with the tragedy that's just struck her from Ashley's passing. Money's obviously going to play a part in that so Lexi's got a better chance of shaping her future how she wants to (hence the fundraiser), but this really shouldn't call for prying into why certain wrestlers are paying certain amounts, or even dragging other members over donations. It's an ugly way of thinking. More on-topic, I absolutely adore the camaraderie of the girls in this video. The divas having this tight-knit sisterhood really shows that the performers who work for the WWE really are like one big family.
  18. Honestly, some of you are just straight disrespectful this isn't about how much one person donated. This video is about the sisterhood showing the love they shared for Ashley and showing love and support to her daughter. Get over yourselves for once and just pay your respects and continue on.
  19. Then spend your time job searching and not worrying about what people are donating. 
  20. Candice and Tiffany - 100 Nattie - 250 Mick Foley - 5000 Lillian - 1000 Alexa - 5  I’d donate if I just didn’t quit my job 😩😂
  21. Tears... can’t stop crying... love the sisterhood... RIP Ashley ❤️ 
  22. Y’all keep track of who’s donating like accountants but not donating
  23. This is beautiful omg our divas really are a sisterhood❤️❤️❤️ Torrie really got me tho ugh 😥😥😥
  24. beth phoenix must be stopped!
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