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  2. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    Just saw it. It was good but it’s nothing compared to the original, and I preferred the Aladdin live action remake. Pumba and Timon were the highlights. Beyoncé was also quite good as adult Nala.
  4. Today
  5. Y’all sleeping on Nikki number 2.
  6. Even if it’s a one off brawl please make it happen.
  7. Charlie, you whore! I see you managed to con more votes for Xia and Jacqueline so they could out out last Vanessa. The war continues..
  8. I wonder who the next 5 girl to enter will be. Emma Beth Rosa Lacey Asuka to ruffle some feathers. 
  9. Another day, another update. The NXT girls continue getting tossed out of the ring just as quickly as they get into it. Will the likes of Bianca and Dakota follow the same example, or will they buck the trend? Also, check out this thread to go back and see any entrances/eliminations!
  10. AJ Lee

  11. ........Tamother goes without saying.
  12. Miss Kai better be treated with respect! And that's my only warning to you bitches!
  13. Tay lasting an hour  In real life.. 5 minutes at most. NXT girls TANKING if you don’t have more than 3 solid fans.
  14. Me coming in to take on @Vinaro’s beating 
  15. nnn poor Bianca being in since number 1 and being forced to watch every other NXT girl get massacred
  16.                                                                                 Elimination #15: Taynara Conti (555 points) Highest Score: @Layout (48 points) Lowest Score: @Eric (3 points) 50 - 41 points 40 - 31 points 30 - 21 points 20 - 11 points 10 - 1 point
  17. nnn the good sis coming in at almost half way despite being injured since before the year started. The power that she has (perched for her to get booted in like 5 seconds adsasd)
  19. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    So I saw her and.... I really liked it  
  20. I literally scream every time at the beatdown 
  22. Maria proving to truly be ALL RED EVERYTHING incarnate? Will @Christon be found stanning?
  23. the eva selling, queen protecting her BODY
  24. asdasdasd me giving her 23 points coming back to haunt me
  25. At least Vinaro can say he avoided one L with Maria outlasting Becky
  26.                                                                                 Elimination #14: Maria Kanellis (552 points)  ---> Eliminated by    Highest Score: @Vinaro (50 points) Lowest Score: @Henry Cavill (1 point) 50 - 41 points 40 - 31 points 30 - 21 points 20 - 11 points 10 - 1 point  
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