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      1. She'll be just fine on her own. Look at the material.
      2. A Tik Tok person getting cast in a movie feels like a modern equivalent of Rebecca Black’s singing career. I don’t know why. Anyway, it will flop.
      3. It was always there. The girls chose to sleep
      4. good luck having a soundtrack that contains a classic that is "Kiss Me"
      5. Umm the thread has it plural. Miley what's good?
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      6. I mean... he’s average all around
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      7. There's been so many She's All That rip-offs over the years that there's really no need for a remake. Gender swapping doesn't make it fresh either because then it's sort of just Can't Buy Me Love from the 80's.
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      8. The first movie had such an iconic cast, and this is the foot they wanna start out on...
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