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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    JEY USO After days of hiding, The Usos decided to put their pride aside and return to their fellow vamps once they heard the rumors going around Full Sail and the potent forces being felt throughout the town. Both of them knew that something was approaching, and it was strong. They realized that they could not take on whatever IT was by themselves, and despite everything that has gone down between them and Dean, they knew that he knew it too.  The two of them arrive at a secret location - which they recognized from prior meetings - after they traced Deans scent to track him down. Watching each others back for any potential threats or followers, they proceed with caution and enter the building. Following the scent, another familiar scent took over Jey's nostrils; it was Seth.  "This will be good," he sarcastically says under his breath before turning to his brother. "You ready?" Jimmy gives him a nod of approval as Jey goes on grant himself entry into the meet up spot. The room looks at them unpleasantly surprised that they've arrived. Ruby, whom they have not met before, takes a fighting stance, ready to brawl.  "Heard y'all in need of some help." he says looking directly at both Dean and Seth. "Whoa, lil mamma? Who you squaring up for? Sheesh, how'd you turn this one into of us? I didn't know you were this desperate, man." he says, looking at Ruby.  @Dante.
  2. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair Expected For Royal Rumble

    I forgot about that. #29 then! 
  3. Naomi is so fucking tired of doing this dance rtdfyguhj 
  4. I used to be so strong.
  5. WHAT THE FUCK! *nicki voice* All of this while Maryse is backstage? Can she put her valet gear on please what the fuck!
  6. Maryse leaves to take care of Monroe and the Miz starts acting like this. But y'all said she did nothing? Hmm. 
  7. start a Maryse chant please @Wiccan Venus
  8. the stop talking about an AJ Lee return and focus your energy on what's actually possible, bitch
  9. I see The Miz but I don't see Maryse?