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  1. MASH

    Baby, we moved out of the country for a REASON 
  2. MASH

    all while I make my own fortune as a world star, I'll send you an invite to my Dirty 30 
  3. MASH

    YUP. YUP ... A POWER couple too rich to live in the US. I'll visit y'all 
  4. is being gay his only personality trait? he’s been talking about coming out since the divas title was active 
  5. laziness and getting pampered being two things necessary to stan maryse is such a kii to me. royal tingz  which reminds me, @Mariah. please send me your list so I can replace AJ with Eve and turn it in 
  6. I stanned how they did Versace’s assassination so I’m here for this  
  7. "Black Adam" set for 2021 release

    Hope this succeeds. I’ve always wanted him to ditch the corny action movies and get into superhero films   king is COMING 
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They haven’t even built anyone to take the title off Shayna. She won’t be brought until post-Mania probably. They definitely don’t have to rush it now since NXT is basically a third brand. 
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Oh, baby no. She’s coming to end Bayley on SD. Keep Naomi away from whatever they have going on in that brand. 
  10. The way they killed any momentum Sasha had after coming back when they didn’t give her the Raw title only for Becky to not do anything with it and join the tag division with it as a prop. 
  11. He looks like a nerd you’d crush on because he’s smart and shy. However,,,,,,,,,,  Prince Eric his is not. 
  12. BREAKING: CM Punk Debuts on WWE Backstage

    Baby, if you read the book, my comment wasn’t for you! What she say about Eve, though, for real? 
  13. BREAKING: CM Punk Debuts on WWE Backstage

    You are not my mother! I will DRAG her today and keyboard smash when her theme plays the Raw after Mania. Maybe invest in photoshop so I can snatch first set. Don’t try me! 
  14. BREAKING: CM Punk Debuts on WWE Backstage

    Leegion is ANGRY. Maybe I’ll be on the opposition since I like trolling 2omfs 
  15. BREAKING: CM Punk Debuts on WWE Backstage

    Please leave me alone. Just because I want Y’ALL to suffer for not supporting her out of wrestling endeavors does not mean I don’t want an OG Diva back.