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  1. who is this hefty f****t making fun of Eve’s sexual assault? Is this Twitter? 
  2. her father passed away the day before or the day OF the performance, it was crazy how she pulled through the way she did   I genuinely believe that she could pull this off tbh. I’ve always been a fan  
  3. Grease Live. She put on the best performance out of the entire cast. She also doesn’t necessarily under perform in her other films, and while this role may not exactly be up her alley, she’s also not untalented and could very well make this her career defining role. 
  4. she’ll slay it so I hope she gets it  It has always surprised me that she didn’t have the success of Zac Efron (well, eh) when she’s miles ahead of him when it comes to talent.   Depending on how involved Catwoman will be in the film (and if she gets it obvi) I think this could finally be the big break she deserves.
  5. Eve Torres

    Ugh, I don’t think I have ever supported someone more genuine and selfless on TV/Wrestling ever.  Her newest episode of Chasing Glory is so cute and motivating, a literal angel  
  6. you catty bitches ruin every single thread throwing unnecessary shade like it’s your job.  gays find a personality trait that isn’t being shady or engaging in the shade challenge. the amount of the donation is so incredibly irrelevant to the overall cause the women y’all stan for are uniting to stand up for. it’s so ugly  ANYWAYS, go direct yourselves to Eve’s ( @evetorresgracie ) Instagram story to watch a heartwarming message from another fellow legend. #positivity  
  7. FUCK, I’m not even one minute in and I am already getting misty eyed  my fucking Divas  
  8. Ashley Massaro passes away

    This whole post makes me want to cry   I hope you’re doing well also and that things get better  
  9. on a serious note, i feel like you can tell DC is feeling the pressure to deliver though after all of Marvels success  i’m perched 
  10. maybe we STAN Robert Pattinson after all 
  11. Nia Jax DRAGS Becky Lynch on Twitter

    deserved  girl if I followed Becky on Twitter and kept up with her shit daily, I would legit hate her  
  12. I never said he wasn’t hot, hoe! He just wasn’t my ideal Batman
  13. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I hate that it was under these circumstances but last night really reminded me how much of a tight bond the Divas had and why it was so inspiring watching them in the first place. The fact that all of the girls showed such genuine love for her tells me that a lot of their relationships went beyond just the workplace. So, for what it’s worth, I hope she knew how much she was loved by her fans and her former Diva peers.  The chemistry from that era will not be replicated again. You can’t make that shit up  
  14. o, but I did  *gulps*
  15. Christian Bale, I am so.....