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  1. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    I hope certain wrestlers who are smart enough learn from this since they didn’t from the Saudi Arabia incident & I also hope this brings us closer to WWE finally ending for good. It has run its course and they get progressively worse by the year. 
  2. We been knew that he loves wrestling more than his wife and kids from the moment he went so hard to go back into the ring after a life threatening injury. 
  3. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    Make things more modern! I don't know what the next challenges will be but if its a look challenge, your own set is proof enough!
  4. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    There is not much to say, babe! I was underwhelmed when it came from you. I know you can do better so I am hoping you take this as a learning opportunity and snap the next chance you get! 
  5. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    @Leigh Let's get ONE thing straight! I think you're hilarious. But babe, there is a time and a place for everything and I didn't think that making a joke out of that in a time where people are HURTING was a good reveal.  @Twisted Bliss I did call you safe. Listen, not taking any risks to the point where you don't even change the brightness level to your pieces will only take you so far. I wouldn't say take risks like @Mariah. did tonight since she'll probably be disqualified even though hers was a LOOK but get out of your comfort zone! @Jake****t-i-mean-it-feminist-way110215/
  6. HB Drag Race - Untucked

  7. HB Drag Race - Untucked

  8. HB Drag Race - Week 1

  9. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    2 IN 1 COMMENTARY:  @Mariah. Sorry, darling. I was a little caught off guard by the SPECTACLE. I don't know how @Rainbow Heart will receive this given the rules but this is a classic, in my opinion. However, I don't make the rules, babe.  COMMENTARY:  @Twisted Bliss This look was very safe, in my opinion. I don't particularly like the lack of cohesion in the signature since you clearly made no alterations to it. Like I said, safe!  
  10. HB Drag Race - Week 1

  11. HB Drag Race - Week 1

  12. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    COMMENTARY:  Personally, I don't find it tasteful that you decided to use this challenge and this platform to poke fun at such a serious situation that is happening currently all over the world right now. The look itself is cute. However, I don't believe it speaks to your talent level nor does it show your comedy level. 
  13. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    COMMENTARY:  I like how retro this is! It's reminding me of the old days when we would edit pictures on photobucket, throw some odd looking font on it and put it in our signatures on Diva-Dirt. This piece is VERY nostalgic.
  14. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    COMMENTARY:  I LOVE Pink. I LOVE Baby Blue. I LOVE cotton candy on a Sunday cheat-day. I LOVE lingerie. 
  15. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    COMMENTARY:  f****t. Um, I meant, I think this pretty! It is a little traditional but the Pride Flag hues give this a really pretty touch. #PTG rated PG, for Pretty Girls.