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  1. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    you wanting charlotte to drop kairi on her head come elimination time 
  2. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    Can Eve please show up for five fucking minutes so I can stop watching wrestling for the rest of my life, like damn them kids have a father that can babysit for a night 
  3. Names the Top 25 Matches of 2019

  4. Names the Top 25 Matches of 2019

    Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t the two Sasha matches listed her only two singles PPV matches? She’s really THAT bitch if so  
  5. Special: Heartbreakers Secret Santa 2019 | Fin.

    quit bullying me in 2020 please 
  6. Special: Heartbreakers Secret Santa 2019 | Fin.

    going through the gifts and if I see an Eve or Maryse avi, i’m stealing it 
  7. Special: Heartbreakers Secret Santa 2019 | Fin.

    idk if this is shade or if you really were his SS but I don’t make gifs & probably had you make it, so either one is right 
  8. you deserve it! 
  9. would’ve happened if she wasn’t dumb. I’ve never been more serious 
  10. what the fuck is wrong with y’all 
  11. Favorite Decade of Champions? 00s v 10s

    - Divas Championship: Eve Torres (3rd), Nikki Bella, Maryse (1st), Kelly Kelly & AJ Lee (1st)  - OG Women’s Championship: Mickie James (4th), Melina (1st), Michelle McCool (1st), Trish Stratus (6th, post-injury) & Candice Michelle. - New Era: Carmella. 
  12. please leave AJ alone  Its becoming harassment at this point  
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    my new husband is the correct answer. put him on the show! 
  14. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    who is this