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  1. billie's attire must smell 
  2. Nay and Asuka are so cute  omg 
  3. shoaib is literally unstable omg 
  4. HIAC was a bonus! I'm strictly talking about the build up = iconic.  Also, you know damn well. Let's not be delusional now
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    JEY USO Jey taps his brother on the chest, and they both laugh at Seth's attempt to intimidate them. "Or what, baby boy? I think even you know better than to run up on the both of us,"
  6. not him beating rusev up with the mic. nikki's impact! 
  7. Alexa Bliss Injured

    how will we ever recover from this 
  8. I did! Maryse came back after birth and gave me a FEUD and put more effort into it than anything she has done since 2010. Now that she's retired and I got what I wanted, I can retire from PlanetSexy duties. I am a full time Carmella stan now.  fuck eve also
  9. NOT to be that guy but does Lana get tired of wearing the same outfit every week
  10. the brie stans are so dramatic omg can y'all let her have a night in with her CHILD 
  11. NOW you want the match since the other alternative is Brie being ring side screaming Nikki's name? 
  12. we were doing so well  he has a FETISH 
  14. sorry I mean Australia!