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  1. EVA MARIE Eva winks Tyler, and takes a sip of the last bit of her Starbucks drink. Without giving too much away, she hoped that her answer (or lack thereof) would be enough for Tyler. "Well I think that I should get going now. I have weeks of school work to catch up on, and it is not going to do itself." Eva blows her signature kiss towards Tyler, followed by a smile. She had grown fond of her little gay friend but unfortunately for her, she wasn't the one to easily dish out her personal life. The jet black haired beauty steps out of the coffee shops, and dials Anthony Matthews' number the moment she steps out.  "Hey, love. Did you take care of that favor I asked you for?" she questions over the phone, and her face shortly lights up after his response. "Sure. I will be meeting with the dean after classes tomorrow, and I'll tell her about y(our) generous donation. See you soon, muah."  fin.
  2. EVA MARIE "You're so silly, it's almost cute." she snickers. "The guys I'm into don't have time to attend college parties." 
  3. EVA MARIE "You're in college, finding a guy shouldn't be something that is particularly hard. Once you get a few drinks in your system, you'll drop the shy facade and start going down on someone." Eva giggles.  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    oop do they usually release the full panel? I'm kinda perched to see this 
  5. EVA MARIE  "Something like that." Eva rolls her eyes at the comment about Nikki. "Zack will hear about it. Word around here travels like wildfire, you just have to be ready to make him very jealous." 
  6. EVA MARIE "Let's say I do, so I will take care of that." she says, convinced that this party will cement her as the top girl in the school. "I just need you to take care of the guest list. Everybody in the school, except Nikki Bella. are invited. I'm not sure if you know her but if you don't, you don't want to. Anyways, that's simple enough, right? Make sure your love interest gets an invite too, we're going to make sure he remembers that night." 
  7. EVA MARIE Eva sits back and gets comfortable, with a sly look plastered on her face. "Don't worry, I've already got a plan for you. Now let's talk about this party." she says, running away from Tyler's question about her whereabouts. "The whole school will be invited, and I'm thinking of a place of where we could have it. Shall we use the school pool, and have some sort of pool party theme, or the school hall?" 
  8. NXT July 19, 2017: Results

    I love Thea  
  9. Maryse

    ugh I wish she would just do them on her own time like she used to. She would drop gems   the photoshoot from her ig avi is iconic 
  10. Random Thoughts

    dfjsnxk @Travis Roucka  
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    my man is my man is you man, her @Travis Roucka that's her man too  
  12. EVA MARIE Eva frowns, not because she feels sorry for Tyler but because she feels he has a lot to learn about relationships with other. "Oh, babe, you said the word love and I just cant figure out how that is possible in the span of three weeks. I mean, I wasn't gone for that long, was I?" Eva takes a sip of her latte, thinking of a way to not sound harsh. "You want my honest opinion? I think you're a sweet guy, but you're too sweet. What you need to do is keep pretending like it didn't happen and make him regret leaving whatever it is that you two had. How do you do that? Stick around and I'll help you. It's simple." Eva simply shrugs carelessly, in an attempt to demonstrate how nonchalant Tyler should be. 
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    she is so ugly lmkfjdngx queen eve, ha chin is not shook 
  14. EVA MARIE Seated legs crossed, focusing all of her attention on sending emails and texts to her her, uh, important contacts, Eva looks up upon hearing Tyler's voice and puts her phone down. Eva greets him with a smile. "I know, oh my god. Who knew we could get so distant while being in the same campus? Here is your coffee, I got you a venti since you didn't specify on size." Eva slides Tyler's cup his direction and takes a sip of latte. "Sooo tell me everything you've been up to. Leave no details out." she curiously asks, making sure to put her phone on Do Not Disturb. 
  15. Maryse

    I miss her photoshoots @Raja Remember when we would get one monthly?