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  1. this your girl @AlexThaProduct TRASH
  2. WWE.com Poll about past Women

    fuck the universe for turning on mother Wilson
  3. Wow, I hope they really do create a female wrestling promotion. <3 It's nice to hear that she is doing well.
  4. Nicole Bass Passes Away

    Rest in peace, icon. I hope WWE honors her.  
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Never said they did, ugly.
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    She's not needed tbh. 
  7. Traviley Cyrus

    Why is there a Sasha?   WHERE IS YOUR GRAMMY SIS
  8. Bring back - Dawn Marie Torrie Wilson Miss Jackie Ivory Molly Holly Jacqueline Cherry Nidia Jillian Hall Stacy Keibler Beth Melina Candice
  9. Women with a Big Four Title Win

    Jumping bomb angels win wwf womens tag at RR 1988
  10. WWE Main Event January 27, 2017: Results

    mad @ dana losing in her hometown. but glad @ foxy picking up wins and being used regularly. 
  11. Liv Morgan vs. Becky Bayless on Twitter

  12. Molly Holly

    what are some of your favorite molly matches? @Charlie
  13. Nidia

  14. Dawn Marie