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  1. She’s so talented, it sucks that she’s apparently bullied a bunch of indy girls. I know she has beef with Molly Holly of all people  
  2. Back back back again ^^

    she took some time to herself, but she’s back. what has been going on here at heartbreakers.me while I’ve been on leave?!    2020 stan list: Victoria Billie Kay Dana Brooke Alicia Fox Naomi Molly Holly Ivory Jacqueline Tori Nidia Dawn Marie
  3. “Charlie’s Angels” flops at the box office

    are we shocked or surprised tho
  4. Sasha Banks to appear on Wendy Williams

    Why the fuck would Dana have gotten punched by her? Dana probably got hit when she had her spot with Naomi in the battle royal... Y'all I swear    
  5. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    Miss Wilson shouldn't have a time limit, I'd rather listen to her more than any of the other uglies  I hope we get cute shout outs to Stacy, Victoria, Candice, Michelle, Dawn, Nidia, Molly, Miss Jackie, Maria, etc. Mother better pull a Jacqueline ala snubbing Ivory in her speech, but a Sable tea  
  6. Countdown begins March 30th | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    Just checking to see if my list is going to be counted, it hasn't been read yet 
  7. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    I wish people could just be happy for her for fucks sake. Someone's always going to be a bitter cunt over someone else's success. So proud of my MOTHER AND QUEEN!  
  8. Dana Warrior Joins WWE’s Writing Team

    Sis better come through for Dana! I know they are friends  
  9. Henny Tori and Ivory gave us the first hardcore match! But I agree with everything else said! 
  10. WWE interested in Karen Q and Rachael Ellering

    Here for Karen, now the other one, not so much
  11. Who’d you rather?

    Her husband   Terri Runnels or Jacqueline?
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  13. I've never heard about that, do tell I guess we will find out though!  Anyway, she was one of my favorites and one of my picks to win the first MYC. 100% here for it.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 25 posts to view.