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  1. Maria shades The Bellas

    she's still getting that cheque, gotta admire ha hustle! 
  2. Maria shades The Bellas

    her power, every time this woman breathes y'all SEETHE 
  3. What's Your Mixed Match Challenge Dream Team?

    Dana and literally ANYONE 
  4. What's up with all these Friendship-focused Storylines in WWE?

    Don't bring my fav into this
  5. Oh, so we are just gonna pop into threads and leave irrelevant bullshit posts with no explanation?
  6. Allie X

  7. Dana Brooke

    We'd better get a cameo at the MYC!  
  8. For the love of God why do people want this  
  9. If Leetah is getting a proper send off then so can our elusive chanteuse Queen   
  10. Why the fuck are there only 8 matches? Can these dumbasses do anything right?    1.) Alexa, Mickie, Alicia vs. Trish, Lita, Victoria elimination tag 2.) Nikki (why does she get a random title shot? ) vs. Rhonda no DQ 3.) Melina & Beth vs. Natalya & Naomi tables tag 4.) MYC final 5.) Kairi vs. Shayna (?)  6.) Fuck the UK NXT women's championship. Give me a battle royal with Ruby, Liv, Sarah, Mandy, Sonya, Dana, Carmella, Billie, Peyton, Tamina, Nia, Becky 7.) Marysé vs. Brie 8.) A throwback gauntlet match with girls like Jillian, Torrie, Stacy, Eve, Joy, Kharma, Molly, Layla, Michelle, Cameron, Eva, etc.
  11. Does WWE make you turn on the girls you like?

    no bc im not a fickle flip flopping bitch! (except about charlotte sometimes )
  12. waiT, i thought it was someone else who was shit talking naomi  i was rooting for her... not her using naomi's high kick over the top rope     also lowkey SAD that zatana lost to leg  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ur sasha tweet