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  1. Dawn Marie

    OFFICIAL FANBASE OF DAWN MARIE Welcome to the offical fanbase of the sultry vixen, Dawn Marie Real Name: Dawn Marie Psaltis Ring Names(s): Dawn Marie Dawn Marie Bytch Dawn Marie Rinaldi Dawn Marie Wilson   Birthday: November 3rd, 1970 (45) Height: 5'8 Weight: 125 lbs Hometown: Rahway, New Jersey Trained By: Simon Diamond Mikey Whipwreck Buddy Landel Devon Storm Accomplishments: Starred in the film "The Vampire Carmilla" Color commentator for ECW PPVs WSU Hall of Fame Married Al Wilson on Smackdown! in her underwear Fucked Al Wilson into an early death   Wrestlers Managed: Tony Atlas Simon Diamond Swinger Lance Storm Justin Credible Devon Storm Buddy Landel Steve Corino Johnny Candido Kevin Matthews Richie Nightmare Nidia Torrie Wilson   Finishing Move(s): Corner slingshot splash Sitout facebuster Signature Move(s): Atomic drop Fujiwara armbar Bitchslap   Entrance Theme(s): "Hell on High Heels" by Motley Crue "Neckbone" by Poweman 5000 "Hammer Jammer" WWE Production Theme "Phat Drops" WWE Production Theme   Feuds: Tammy Lynn Sytch (1998-1999) Stacy Keibler (2002) Torrie Wilson (2002-2004) Miss Jackie (2004) Michelle McCool (2005)   STANS: Dana Brooke AlexThaProduct Dawit  
  2. Sasha Banks to appear on Wendy Williams

    Why the fuck would Dana have gotten punched by her? Dana probably got hit when she had her spot with Naomi in the battle royal... Y'all I swear    
  3. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    Miss Wilson shouldn't have a time limit, I'd rather listen to her more than any of the other uglies  I hope we get cute shout outs to Stacy, Victoria, Candice, Michelle, Dawn, Nidia, Molly, Miss Jackie, Maria, etc. Mother better pull a Jacqueline ala snubbing Ivory in her speech, but a Sable tea  
  4. Countdown begins March 30th | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    Just checking to see if my list is going to be counted, it hasn't been read yet 
  5. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    I wish people could just be happy for her for fucks sake. Someone's always going to be a bitter cunt over someone else's success. So proud of my MOTHER AND QUEEN!  
  6. Dana Warrior Joins WWE’s Writing Team

    Sis better come through for Dana! I know they are friends  
  7. Cherry

    OFFICIAL FANBASE OF CHERRY Welcome to the official fanbase of the Malt Shake Mama, Cherry Real Name: Kara Elizabeth Drew Ring Names(s): Cherry Cherry Pie Kara Kara Slice   Birthday: July 15th, 1975 (40) Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 lbs Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey Trained By: East Coast Pro Wrestling OVW Wrestling Gino Caruso Accomplishments: JCW Women's Champion (1 time) WSU/NWS King and Queen Tournament (2005) PWI ranked her #27 of the best 50 female wrestlers in the PWI 50 in 2008   Wrestlers Managed: Deuce Domino Simon Diamond Shawn Spears Cody Runnels Ace Darling   Finishing Move(s): Cherry Pop Drop (Hammerlock lifting DDT) Running bulldog Stunner Signature Move(s): Back elbow Catapult Electric chair drop Monkey flip Swinging neck breaker Superplex Schoolgirl   Entrance Theme(s): "I'm All About Cool" by Jim Johnston (WWE) "Cherry Baby" by Jim Johnston (WWE) "Pretty Baby" by Jim Johnston (WWE)   Feuds: Alexis Laree aka Mickie James (2002) Jimmy Wang Yang (2007) Marysé Ouellet (2008) Natalya (2008) Victoria (2008)   STANS: bl0nd3wesl3y Jodes AlexThaProduct
  8. Henny Tori and Ivory gave us the first hardcore match! But I agree with everything else said! 
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  10. WWE interested in Karen Q and Rachael Ellering

    Here for Karen, now the other one, not so much
  11. Who’d you rather?

    Her husband   Terri Runnels or Jacqueline?
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  13. I've never heard about that, do tell I guess we will find out though!  Anyway, she was one of my favorites and one of my picks to win the first MYC. 100% here for it.
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  15. Who’d you rather?

    Bobby Roode   Gold Dust or R-Truth?
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  17. Who’d you rather?

    Nikki    Rob Van Dam or Marcus Cor Von?
  18. Who’d you rather?

    Shit, two of the most freaky and sexual divas in history. It we're talking in their prime, I'd go with Dawn Marie. Current day tho, Nidia     Torrie Wilson or Sable? (Circa 2003)
  19. Who’d you rather?

    Daniel Bryan... only if he has a mountain man beard and feeds me raw potatoes during.    James Ellsworth or Hulk Hogan? 
  20. Hello

    @AlexThaProduct would like a word!  But anyway, welcome to HB. Hope you post a lot and have fun with it. Thoughts on Dana Brooke, Victoria and Torrie Wilson?
  21. Victoria Announces Retirement from In-Ring Competition

    I'm sick of y'all ugly asses being nasty to a well respected legend. Nobody in the business has ever had anything but overwhelmingly positive things to say about her. You're not a womyns wrestling fan if you cant even wish her well in her retirement without some snarky, shitty, bitch ass comment with it  
  22. Victoria Announces Retirement from In-Ring Competition

    Bitch what's your damage  
  23. Victoria Announces Retirement from In-Ring Competition

    Sis deserves to rest peacefully. Viclegend dedicated her life to entertaining us f**s. It's disgusting how some of you cunts drag her and tug her wig for a few likes  This right here is an actual in ring veteran. She gave Trish, Lita, Molly, Jacqueline, Jazz, Melina, Michelle, Cherry, Candice, Torrie, Mickie, etc. some of their best feuds, matches, platforms and promos. Not to mention all the DIVAS that Victoria put over- Christy Hemme, Maria, The Bella's, Michelle, K2, etc.
  24. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2019 | Peyton Royce wins!

    Not you being her lowest vote, bitch