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  1. 2016 Women's Champion Belt

    I hate it, it looks so bad
  2. Fair play to Eve, so happy to see her doing something good for herself!
  3. Let me know your thoughts!

      Gurl you know I have to defend my twins when it comes to the troll. 
  4. Let me know your thoughts!

      Please. Im just waiting for her to talk more lies and cause more drama. 
  5. Let me know your thoughts!

      JJ! Hi      Finally! I've always said Maria was just trying to get some attention and using Brie and Nikki to keep herself relevant. Brie and Nikki are both classy and I dont believe they would ever trash talk someone the way Maria has claimed. Maria kept promising blogs and articles, with proof, but nothing ever came of it.  
  6. WWE TLC 2013: Live Chat

    Honestly, I dont want Nattie either, call me biased but I want heel Brie to be the champ. AJ's reign is stale and boring. I've heard so many stories about her not carrying her weight and stuff, this latest stuff with her, I can see her getting punished 
  7. WWE TLC 2013: Live Chat

    I hope AJ loses tonight, Im so tired of her reign now tbh 
  8. Backstage News On Eva Marie

    This girl grinds my gears! She needs to go back to where she came from. To me she comes across as a snotty brat whos used to getting what she wants, hate girls like that. I dont wish anyone to lose their jobs but I hope shes gone soon. Emma and Paige deserve that spot more than she does.
  9. Anyone who says Brie hasnt improved over the past 6 months or so is either blind or ignorant. Brie deserves one more shot at AJ (and Im not saying this because I love my bellas). Every match they have had someone has always interfered. A straight up one on one match and Brie would get it.  Are they amazing on the mic? No. Are they amazing actresses? No. But when the bell rings and when it really matters, both Brie and Nikki can put on a really good match, and thats what matters too.
  10. Hell in a Cell 2013: Live Chat

    Seth Rollins needs to become a stripper.
  11. Meet Max in Pictures

    OMG cuteeeeeeeee!
  12. WWE Diva Engaged

    Noone said your posts have to be happy go lucky, I just find it disrespectful to put 'who cares' when Ive seen lots of people care, on here and on twitter.
  13. WWE Diva Engaged

    Personally, its exciting for me because I love the Bellas and it makes me happy to see my favorites happy, its probably the same with Trish and her fans. If it was your fave, you'd probably be excited.
  14. Honestly, AJ's title reign is so stale and boring now. I dont mind who wins the title off her but I would prefer Queen Brie, tho I think if Naomi won it it would be interesting to see how Cameron would react and a nice little feud between them would be interesting.
  15. WWE Diva Engaged

    ALKJODHUOFOIJSIJD Finally! All I want is for them to have babies now. I bet Brie will look stunning on her wedding day!