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  1. NXT Spoilers

    I guess Mia will dethrone Shayna which is underwhelming, should have been Bianca. I just feel like they rushed her to NXT TV and then to the title. 
  2. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    can becky lynch get some new gear? 
  3. Edge Drags Becky

  4. I like Mike & Maria and I was excited for their return/arrival in WWE but it's clear that as soon as they were signed that they really didn't have anything for them, especially after Maria got pregnant and Mike went to rehab. I also feel like Mike & Maria like to hop to whatever company is hot right now so I can totally see them trying to be in talks with AEW because they feel like that's the place to be. 
  5. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    Can she stop using black and white filters on IG now that her tattoo artist posted her picture showing her dark hair? 
  6. Maryse announces the gender of her 2nd child

    ultimate goals, i just love them  Congrats on another girl. <3 
  7. Wishing her a speedy recovery, hope she takes her time to recover so she can come back better than ever.  With Nia, Ruby, Sasha, Ronda and possibly Alexa absent from RAW's division, it's time to let Dana shine! 
  8. Mickie and Lita's videos tore me apart, I was sobbing so hard. It's so incredible that these women came together to make a difference, that they took time out or their days to support her daughter like that, I know Ashley is just looking down with so much love on all of these ladies. 
  9. If Christy Hemme has an alumni page then why doesn't Ashley? 
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    not brock using the mitb briefcase as a boombox 
  11. I hope this starts going viral, they need to get their comeuppance for this.  This is unforgivable, it hurts to read it. She suffered so much and she had zero support from anyone about it. It was treated as if they just called her an insult by the way she was told to not let one bad thing outweigh the good they were doing. This girl suffered an ordeal and nothing was done to support her emotionally and that is so low.  I read her whole affidavit and it broke my heart reading about how she begged them to let her train to wrestle and they refused point blank, this poor girl. I've rewatched some of her matches and you can just tell she's trying her best but training would have done her wonders. She was still good for someone who hadn't received the proper training but it's so heartbreaking to know how badly they treated her.   
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    If it was, it's hardly unique. Anyone could have thought of that. 
  13. I don't know what interview they're talking about but what was so bad about it that it warranted her release? 
  14. JoJo Gives Birth

    Congrats to them! The baby is adorable and I'm glad JoJo is doing good, especially after the baby came early.