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  1. 2018 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Add me in please! 
  2. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    He really ruined his own life and for what? Liv better be counting ha blessings that she got away when she did. 
  3. I'm shocked she left tbh. She was the most exciting thing in the KO division last year. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Damn, I'm a Maria fan and I'm just glad to have her back in WWE and I have no intentions of pitting her against other women or trying to make her seem better than she is. Shame that other Maria fans can't say the same. 
  5. Velvet Sky Retires

    This lowkey reminds me of Maria saying she's quitting wrestling to go back to school, I expect her to be back in wrestling soon enough. 
  6. Reby Calls Lita a HEAUX!

    Reby is a straight up mess. I like her but if she has any kind of ambition to be in WWE with Matt then she needs to learn when to shut up and act professional. 
  7. I'm so happy for her! I hope they keep giving her merch! 
  8. Alberto continues to be bitter.

    He wants to be CM Punk so bad. 
  9. Bianca Belair

    Please add me to the stan list! I've stanned her from the moment they signed her. 
  10. I really love this name, probably the best name they've come up with recently. It suits her.  
  11. WWE mixed tag team championships. Thoughts?

    Before they even consider this, they need to give us a Women's Tag Team Championship. 
  12. Carmella Joins Total Divas

    omg where did doriancain disappear to 
  13. I don't know how she can call her Japanese? She would be better off saying 'Japan's Princess' because she is not and will never be Japanese. 
  14. NXT Superstar has name changed

    The best she's ever looked, tbh.  I actually love the new name though. 
  15. Raw June 26, 2017: Live Chat

    and here i was thinking she might actually snatch the win.