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  1. I just personally want it to be Ivory or Sable's year.  I wouldn't mind Chyna going in but I do agree with what people are saying about it looking like they put her in this year just because she passed away. 
  2. The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame is fast approaching with the inductees being announced every Monday but we've yet to receive news of a female inductee which brings me to ask, who do you want to be inducted into this years Hall of Fame? Who do you think deserves it the most? Will we finally see two female inductees this year? Discuss below!
  3. Kurt Angle to be inducted into the HoF

    Well deserved. I'm excited to see him back for the ceremony. 
  4. Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead

    I have to hand it to The Rock, he's always there when his family need him. You can tell everything he does is for his family and he always puts them first, like in this instance. Great guy.  RIP though. I hope Tamina is okay. 
  5. Upcoming Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    Since when has Brandi had a 'problem' with Rosemary? I'm lost. 
  6. Lana to be Associate GM for Raw?

    Not to mention she has history with Foley, they should make that into a storyline with her making his life hell. 
  7. Summer Rae and friends shade Lana

    So, how is this Summer's fault when Lana made the initial tweet coming after Summer?  Maybe Lana should stay in her own lane. 
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    oh boooooy 
  9. Kisses & Hugs

    Welcome to HB.  I like Bayley's theme song, if that counts for anything.  
  10. Tryouts Thread

  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I miss Summer so much.  But, I don't see her ever returning, sadly. 
  12. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    That's worrying... I think Bianca is safe but I'm worried about Danielle.  
  13. sis, theres an impact results thread every week