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    Random NXT Live Event Photos - Aliyah, Vanessa, Rhea, Bianca, Lacey Lane, Kacy, Monique Jenkins, Xia, Mia, Karen, Chelsea, Taynara
  2. From famous models to actors to musicians, plenty of stars have come out as gay, queer, bisexual, pansexual, and more in 2019. A current IMPACT Wrestling Knockout and a former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout can now be added to the LGBTQ+ list. IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Kiera Hogan came out today as LGBTQ+ on social media and revealed that she’s in a relationship with former Knockout Diamante (aka Angel Rose on the independent wrestling circuit). Hogan re-posted her announcement on Twitter, adding, “Pure Happiness.” It should be noted that Hogan didn’t explicitly say that she was gay, as she may be bisexual or a different sexuality. The term “LGBTQ+” is often used as an umbrella term for anyone who deviates from being exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. Credit:
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    I dont know if she used the app but this is where i found this pic. It is from the makeup artist that did her make up for a shoot that she did.
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    Pizza Hut Lounge at 2019 Comic-Con International: San Diego - Cathy Kelley
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    Happy Birthday Mandy Rose Posed Photos