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  1. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    On Sunday Night we had a visit from the police. They came to tell my Dad that they had just found his brother dead. He was at home. And was found on the kitchen floor on his back. We do not know how he died yet as they are yet to do a autopsy on him. He was 73. My dad does not really have much contact with his side of the family and Kenneth had gone a bit strange since Dads dad died. So he had not seen him since my Mums funeral. Luckily Dads other brother (who we have more contact with) went with Dad to id him as he didnt want him to go by himself. I am glad he did because is he didnt I would have gone with him. I was like Uncle Les didnt want him by himself.  While I had only met my Uncle Kenneth once at my Mums funeral I still feel sad. Esp since we learnt how he was living. He had not hot water as the hot water cylinder looked like it had broke years ago. The floor in the kitchen. Dad said he thought he was going to fall through it. My Uncle Les went to clean out some of the perishable foods and try to find a will. And clean things that they need to clean. And said the bathroom was bad. and the toilet he said he opened the door and shut it again as it was that bad. Dad also said that the house looked as though he had done nothing with it since there dad died. and that was over 35 years. Uncle Kenneth was dead for a few days before he was found. Up to 4 days before he was found and from what the police told us it was the paperboy that realised something was wrong. So thank you to him/her. We thought it was a neighbour. Sorry for being all over the place but I am trying to process it all
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  6. I dont know. Unless I missed her saying who it is. I dont know but I have a guess as to who from other stories she has posted in the past
  7. Alot of you wont know who Grace Lightning is but she has been doing it tough lately. She has also been abused as you can see. I follow her on instagram and she seems so sweet but also strong. She is speaking out about someone. I dont think she has ever said who.  But she has made a sensitive claim. Go Grace    
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  11. Awww poor Queen. WWE need to take notice of this pandemic and stop being stupid and risking there superstars health. 
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