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    20 most underrated WWE Attitude Era Superstars
  3. Ugh The weather in my part of NZ could flood. In case you are wondering I am in Dunedin. Hope the rain stops.

    1. Kara Zor-El
    2. Jodes


      Thank you @Kara Zor-El So far my side of town is okay. But it is still raining.

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  5. Maryse

    Maryse's Bikini Shoot is next
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    Maryse's Bikini Shoot is next
  7. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    Ugh. I dont always find this guy attractive but his character on Filthy Rich makes me like him but not as much as Josh McKenzie. But also when I see him I cant help but picture him nude. As he has been nude in Spartacus Him Naked    
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  9. Wasnt sure where to actually post this. This is a mini documentary . Detailing about how she got into wrestling, her final indy show, womens revolution and how she feels about being the FIRST ever NZ female in WWE  
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    Happy 30th Birthday Queen Charly (Why doesnt she have her own section)
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