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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Lana really wanting the paparazzi attention. 
  2. The Bella Twins

    Nikki leaving a yoga session
  3. The Bella Twins

    New Nikki and Artem Paparazzi pics
  4. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    I have been feeling so down lately. I hate March. The 10th is my Nana's bday, the 15th is the anniversary of her passing and the 16th is my Mum's birthday. And then adding on to the top of it all is the whole Christchurch thing. Esp finding out that he was living in Dunedin which is where i am and finding out he could have done it here. NZ felt safe before this now i dont know. Also I feel like I have lost my brother. The last time we heard from him was in 2016 when he was over here. Havent heard from him since. Even though me and my dad have emailed and texted him. I just want to scream.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I hadn't heard this but I am guessing you all have. But does anyone know if Becky/Seth are a thing? PS I know that Superstars can just hang out as FRIENDS. But there is a few people saying they are more. So I am confused as to if they are more or just friends     
  6. Random Thoughts

    OMG!!!! This is scary. Also heard on the news the guy that is reportedly one of the ones that did it. Said on social media that he didnt want to do it in NZ but thought that NZ was not prepared. He just wanted to live here temporarily until he was ready to do something somewhere else.
  7. Superstar Photo Booth

  8. Chelsea Green Injured

    Hope Chelsea gets better soon
  9. The Bella Twins

  10. The Bella Twins

  11. The Bella Twins

  12. Title Match Wrestling has a new interview up with former WWESuperstar Enzo Amore. The interview covers Amore’s time in WWE and some of the people he worked with. In the clip below, he talks about how Carmella was added to his team with Big Cass. He says he hasn’t watched Carmella on TV since he was fired by the company because he no longer watches the product. Amore pointed out that Carmella is not really from Staten Island, NY. He said, “She’s a great actress. Let’s just be clear, the girl is from Massachusets. She’s a freaking Red Sox fan, I’m a Yankees fan.” Amore talked about how Cass pitched Carmella to be part of their group. Apparently, the decision was made by Dusty Rhodes because he liked the visual of all three of them together. Amore added, “the real her is Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan is from here. Where we are right now, North Jersey, that’s really her. I know it was difficult for [Morgan] in the beginning stages, watching Carmella doing her schtick knowing that she’s not from our area.” Amore said eventually Morgan made things work for her because she got called up to the main roster. Credit:
  13. The Bella Twins

    Nikki And Artem
  14. Superstar Photo Booth