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  4. Ashley Massaro passes away

    Awwww Poor Alexa.
  5. Ashley Massaro

    RIP Sweet Angel.
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    Photoshoot outtakes
  7. Ashley Massaro passes away

    WTF? I was just looking through my instagram and was already sad from all the tributes to Pua and then I see this post on instagram and go WTF? so I came staight here and started to cry. I liked Ashley.  
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    Brie and Nikki at Upfronts Party
  9. Random Thoughts OMG! I am in shock. 38 is to young. Most people wont know who he is. But he was one of my fave stars of Shortland Street amd was the main actor in SIone's wedding.  He only just married his wife last year. And his daughter and step daughter are only about 7 and 8. I am crying. 
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    Nikki Bella Out and About in Los Feliz (6/5/19)    
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    L*** seems like a real loser. He is homophobic & racist
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