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  1. n like just wait every 5 or 10 years because at this rate it’ll be nothing but NXT girls in it.
  2. Girl they redo this list every damn year it feels like. 
  3. Moolah's trainees come to defense

    I mean, Mad Maxine said herself Moolah didn’t do it to literally every single woman she trained, but that she still did it to a handful of women. That old bitch talking about why they just now mentioning it. Hoe where were you at when Sweet Georgia’s family made that claim way back when? These hags ain’t got many years left to live so I don’t care too much tbh. The match got changed so now I can sleep happy hehe.
  4. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    *Michael Cole on commentary 20 seconds into the match ”The action already fast furious with 4 eliminations”
  5. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    Stan twitter literally RUNS WWE I’m screaming 
  6. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Lord, you can tell even to this day she’s stull traumatized. WWE should really be ashamed for how they’ve covered for her. 
  7. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    “Greatest performer”  ???? All that bitch did was a snapmare, hairpull, and chop. I swear I don’t EVER want you judging any of my faves wrestling abilities after today.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Girl that match will not be main eventing anything. My man will close the show for a 4th year in a row as he should.
  9. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    But Chyna really made the most sense to begin with. The men’s is named after the 8th wonder of the world so logically you’d think they would want the women’s named after the 9th wonder of the world.  Then again, asking WWE to be cohesive is a headache of its own.  
  10. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Icon really was the perfect option then 
  11. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Wait, but Sensational Sherri would’ve also been a flawless choice or hell even Elizabeth. They really missed the boat on this.  
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Well I try to skip over that 
  13. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Someone coming out and saying Beth was mean to them does NOT compare to Moolah pimping girls out and completely controlling the division for years. Let’s stop with that narrative.  
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Roucka DECLINING the women’s RR so she can snatch another Mania match instead. Ugh I swear I don’t know how she does it but her mind...