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  1. Random Thoughts

    Y'all boring now  
  2. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Just let her be crazy Mickie like everyone asked for
  3. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    "Rotting in Vegas" they said kii
  4. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    If its really Malaria and ha man they better come out to Legs like that
  5. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Did Batista not put over Daniel? New Age didn't put over Shield? Yes, Mickie was a huge part of the division....  a decade ago. Now she comes out to crickets.  Is this how music stans feel when they argue with us Knee stans?
  6. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    My man is the star of this struggling brand. 
  7. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Henny even when he is champion Jericho is putting over younger talent . As for Brian, where is she now? The Hardyz are money hence why they're back. Titty and Alicia ain't bringing WWE any coins. Nattie does deserve a title push tho so I hope they don't keep doing ha dirty.
  8. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    To be fair there's a lot of old guys who came back to put over younger talent. The only guys who get main title pushes are guys like Brock and Goldberg. Titty is just not the draw you gerls think she is.
  9. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Alexa should've asked her if she ever sucked dick for the shock value
  10. Raw April 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Queen really carried Miss Holiday heart in this match.  
  11. MTV Catfish: Ready to Meet Your Online Rival?

    Melina better put ha dancing shoes on for our finale episode 
  12. Favorite Fandango pairing

    Andrea, I like Summer but I was so pissed when Queen Andrea got re casted. I really think she would've made a perfect Diva.  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    !! Rosa vs Naomi didn't get 4 stars and its most definitely a cult classic. The "Blackout" of Diva matches tbh.  
  14. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?