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  1. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Mandy/Otis has lowkey become my favorite storyline idky I just find it so cute.
  2. Gorgeous cast.        
  3. 'Morbius' Teaser Trailer First Look

    It looks cute but at the same time it looks like something I’ve already seen. I won’t be supporting though because Jared’s ego doesn’t deserve.
  4. K I'll get you a new vibrator. 
  5. I don't but I haven't bothered you in a while. 
  6. Nobody currs about that flea market Impact title. The Geepee only claims ICON's IC title win and that's how it will remain.
  7. A fucking BOP, and the video enhances it even more. The scene where Normani and Margot are both doing Diamonds are a girls best friend.     The way this soundtrack and movie about to do what Charlie’s Angels thought they were doing.
  8. Lalaine and her brujeria. 
  9. I only thought this because in the scene after she finds him in her apartment they cut to him in his apartment and you can hear the ambulance sirens going off. Granted, that could simply be the sound of Gotham cjjvj. 
  10. BAFTA to review voting system after diversity row

    More like Lupita and Cynthia  
  11. Wait but speaking on the Joker because I did finally get around to it.
  12. But honestly those are the type of trailers most people prefer. Nobody wants to watch a trailer where they tell you the backstory, plot, and climax all in one (which is what a lot of films been doing lately  ).    This trailer gave me just enough and I honestly think the actual movie will serve a more balance in its entirety. WB kinda has no other choice but to push Harley so heavy because she is the draw for this movie.
  13. The fact Denzel has never even been nominated.  
  14. Bitch those photos. Has Rob been seen?? I need him to serve bawdy.  
  15. This sounds too good, there’s a catch somewhere.