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  1. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    Renee’s commentary is literally just her saying “OH” “OMG” “HEY” on repeat. Get this bitch OFF.
  2. Me thinking this was gonna be about the Vikings football team.
  3. Have I been gone this long that I have no idea who these people are?
  4. Garza Jr. and Others Report to WWE PC

    Wait until Charlotte sees Garza.
  5. Sanity Member Asks For Release

    Rosa setting yet another trend.
  6. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    ICON’s sextape outsold.
  7. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    Y’all talking about “X” has a chance on Raw like Vince ain’t about to let Alexa serve Moolah.
  8. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

  9. Him trying to get in AEW when they’ve already signed their geigh (a better one at that). 
  10. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    EC3 becoming a flop as soon as he makes it back to WWE.
  11. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    What is this Kharma rip off?
  12. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    nn the video of Torrie full blown in tears bc she didn’t wanna be split up from her girlies. They were legitimately shook.  
  13. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    Can the Superstar shakeup top this iconic moment?
  14. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    Watch Fugleys partner be Anna Faris.
  15. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    It better not be Mella. Fab and Fug doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.