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  1. Return, Release, Repackage

    Just return Rosa for one night to get a win and I’ll shut up.
  2. It’s as if we all just forgot TD was scripted in the first place.
  3. If I were Billie I’d be pissed if I got my titties done just to job to Lana.
  4. Lana and Rosa both winning a match in the time span of 4 days. Bitch whatever spell you used this time is WORKING @Travis Roucka
  5. Fuck not Rusev getting Lana over this bitch is winning  
  6. Billie should lose simply for only owning one outfit 
  7. Puppies in here trying to save his job. 
  8. Idk anyone who talks about the Bellas outside of wrestling other than the typical gossip shows. The GP don’t know them. 
  9. Flop clothing line, wine, and now TV ratings. Just send Birdie to boarding school and get back in the ring Brianna. The other one can stay home while having the entire world look at her like booboo the fool. 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Boy Japan did NOT personally ask for Maria, they wanted her man and her useless ass just came with the package. Just like their WWE contract.   And baby Idk how many times I have to explain it to you, but Milena Roucka is RICH. Secured a WWE check for a decade PLUS her baby daddy is rich to top it all off. No food stamps or scrapping up pennies in the Mendes household unlike your fave. It’s ok though, I’ll keep letting you embarrass yourself while Maria and her man struggle to get booked on main event as Rosa completely reinvents her wrestling career and accomplishes more than your fave ever could/will.
  11. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    The crowd being DEAD
  12. Comics Thread

    He better pass and let Leo take it.