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  1. Why do Lana/Rusev storylines always tank and turn out messy?
  2. "It would flop"  They thought.  
  3. This is honestly huge and she's more than deserving because her work there has been nothing but top-notch.
  4. I’m so glad ICON used her pull to get him depushed in ‘00.
  5. Scarlett Bordeaux among New PC Recruits

    Well, the horses had a good run while it lasted.
  6. Maybe had they casted ICON in the third film like Arnold wanted, the series would’ve had staying power. Their loss!
  7. Knockouts too? ICON and ha one week run coming for #1.
  8. I’m actually surprised to see how they’re using all of their women in storylines.
  9. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    This girl really got a brace on both knees.
  10. Halloween Hurt or Heal | Scream wins!

    Scream (1996) - 25 Interview With a Vampire (1994) - 9 The Shining (1980) - 10  The Craft (1996) - 5 Halloween (1978) - 8
  11. Apple TV+ shows premiere to lukewarm reviews

    Panniston strikes again.
  12. The ratings for both shows are honestly bad.