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  1. Her cursing in the comments nn I guess sis did drop Jesus  
  2. Wait not the cross this bitch is coming for the controversy  
  3. She looks snatched and slutty. Yes bish, leave Jesus in the dust and come back to the gays.  
  4. Wait Hania is gorgeous   Kiera is also she just needs to get her wig together 
  5. Alexa Bliss talks career and Total Divas.

    Sasha seems to get along with everyone else backstage but for some reason her and Alexa don't. 
  6. Alexa Bliss talks career and Total Divas.

    She seems very chill which makes it confusing on why her and Sasha don't mesh.
  7. Talk is Jericho with Naomi

    Imagine this being the first wrestling match you ever witness. Sis was probably hooked after watching that classic. Wig  
  8. Rosa Mendes

    Princess already knowing her style. We love a fashion Icon.    
  9. So excited for @Foxy official HB single debut "Bodak Rosa" coming soon. #PeligrosaRecords :excited: 

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    2. Josh.


      You should know about that


    3. SaraLaDiallo
    4. Foxy


      jdhgkjhgkdfh this couldn't be possible without you, my fellow peligrosas, the other stan bases are shook :shook:

  10. Asuka Praises Bianca BelAir

  11. Add Rosa back as a manager ffs
  12. Dawn Marie