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  1. It will probably fair better on Netflix lbr.
  2. Whatever gets Black Widow to underperform I'm here for. 
  3. Hopefully she thoroughly read through the 70 page contract.
  4. "The Batman" First Look

    People are saying the bat badge is made out of the gun his parents were killed with. I smell Oscars.
  5. "The Batman" First Look

    1 Billion here we come.
  6. "The Batman" First Look

  7. First Look at Cheetah in "Wonder Woman 1984" Leaks?

    This isn't bad by any means. I was just scared it would serve Cats. 
  8. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    They highkey should've just nominated Jlow bc there was absolutely no hype this year other than Joker. We need another Gaga moment next awards season. I just don't think there's any pop girls who can pull it off.  
  9. Not Moderated: Backlot

    Thinking about how BOP would've done $60 million had it been PG13.
  10. Mark Ruffalo eyed for ‘Parasite’ HBO adaptation

    Hollywood is so damn greedy.  
  11. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    Hopefully, WOM gives it legs bc this doesn't deserve the Dark Phoenix/Charlie's Angels treatment. Also, it being R Rated probably doesn't help. 
  12. Blake is overrated as all hell and lbr the only reason the GP care about her is because of her great marriage. Highkey a Ciara tea.