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  1. "CATS" Official Trailer

    I mean, Cats is a dumb musical even on broadway. Who thought it would be cute as a feature film? 
  2. Emmy Nominations 2019

    Four GOT girls getting nominated in the same category was absolute overkill.   MJ and Indya definitely could’ve been placed there. But, I’m just happy Billy and the show were nominated. Also, good for Mandy finally getting a nod. She’s come such a long way and it’s good to see a 2K teen gal holding it down.  
  3. Xbjjjj OT: I love this casting and she’s an incredible singer so I’m excited. Also, I need to say this because it’s really starting to annoy me. Can people stop going on social media trying to get Lizzo or some random Rupaul drag race contestant booked as Ursula? That is simply not how Hollywood works, and if any of them wanted the role of Ursula so bad they would’ve called their agents to get them an audition. Melissa is a two Oscar nominated actress and people should be happy she got the job.
  4. She better campaign!
  5. “Charlie’s Angels” Trailer

    The reason why the 00s were so iconic is because they all looked different and had unique characters. In this adaptation Naomi and the Bella damn near look identical in some shots. Not to mention Elizabeth tainting the movie by throwing herself all over it.  
  6. I honestly wouldn’t mind either but Hailee does strike me more for Batgirl.
  7. Well if he listened to the podcast he would’ve heard Jon say that he’s nothing but grateful for the opportunity WWE gave him. Sick of these WWE employees thinking everyone is supposed to bend over and kiss Vincetta’s ass cheeks just because they’re loved by management.
  8. Tbh now that Natasha(maybe who knows) is about to bow out of the MCU, DC really has a chance to fill in that hero movie void of a bad ass catsuit heroin. So I'm praying they reintroduce Selina and properly start building towards her and Bruce's relationship.
  9. I mean honestly at this point, who would want to return to that shithole?
  10. WWE loses ratings battle to Real Housewives

    Talent won
  11. Impact Wrestling June 14, 2019: Results

    Melissa Coates still alive??
  12. Lard Sullivan injured

    Yes, payback pay-back payback it’s so funny it’s so funny to me.
  13. He missed the top 10?? The Marvel stans and their cheating  
  14. Chile I’m gonna need for you to put occupations next to these names.