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  1. Update on Kairi Sane

    Seems like she was planning on leaving for sometime anyway, It retrospect if they invested too much time into building her up and she leftit would've left them a pretty awkward spot tbh, so I think everything worked out as well as it could have.
  2. I never knew Gail Kim had so many houseshow and dark matches with Dawn Marie. Would've been cool to see those.
  3. Angelica Ross and Cody Fern were talking about this during a live stream. The fact that someone who use to be a cop can confirm this is pretty telling.
  4. Rumored Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men Line-Up

    I'm ready for another Phoenix film already    
  5. Kelly Kelly gets engaged

    Good for her! People can find love again:)
  6. Jojo and Bray Welcome 2nd Child

    Wait when did she get pregnant again?
  7. Well I don't know if Sonya has any training as an actor, but this is a CW show we're talking about so you don't exactly have to be an Oscar Award winning actor tbh.
  8. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Man looks really do run in that Von Erich family. It's just too bad a lot of them don't live very long for one reason or another:(
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Brandon Vink. I like tall guy next door types so YAY!
  10. "Bleach" Anime Returning in 2021

    Source   FINALLY after 8 years the Bleach anime is returning for the final arc of the manga which ended 3 years ago. I'll admit I accepted the possibility that the anime would never return but now it's officially coming full circle. I hope the anime fills in things the manga didn't get a chance to delve in to and changes the ending as it was rushed but other than that I'm excited to see what is done.
  11. Is Charlotte *really* the GOAT?

  12. Is Charlotte *really* the GOAT?

    It's not Godlotte's fault Carmella can't keep up!
  13. Nia Finally Reveals Why She Took Her Leave of Absence