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  1. "Bleach" Anime Returning in 2021

    Source   FINALLY after 8 years the Bleach anime is returning for the final arc of the manga which ended in 3 years ago. I'll admit I accepted the possibility that the anime would never return but now it's officially coming full circle. I hope the anime fills in things the manga didn't get a chance to delve in to and changes the ending as it was rushed but other than that I'm excited to see what is done.
  2. Is Charlotte *really* the GOAT?

  3. Is Charlotte *really* the GOAT?

    It's not Godlotte's fault Carmella can't keep up!
  4. Nia Finally Reveals Why She Took Her Leave of Absence

  5. GODlotte is the greatest! Deal with it!
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    WOW! He's definitely done that before;)
  7. Jonathan Coachman accused of sexual harassment.

    Ok now you're going too far
  8. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    What site was it on flirt4free, camwithhim, etc Also what's his name this site?
  9. WWE hires more TNA flops

    Well, he's kind of hot, so I don't mind this hire;)
  10. Paige Possibly Injured at Live Event

    That is kind of messed up. wwe seriously needs to be investigated for real!
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I pretty much collected every video Brian did and he did work for other sites too so there's quite a few of them, but he's the exception for me so yea I'll admit it is sort of a fetish?
  12. OK we ain't about to come for Queen Ti! That's what we ain't gonna do!
  13. Ronda Rousey attends WWE NXT event

    Eww! Ya'll some hatin' ass hoes. Gurl fucking Bye to the lot of ya!