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  1. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    bcnxmx Drake being too shook to show the queen of controversy too much in his video and instead trying to put extra shots of boring ass Nina Dobrev. An idiot 
  2. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    this thread is punching me and I’ve already been feeling like an old man this week   whEW, first of all let me start by saying if you didn’t stan Manny Santos, ur not a real bitch. if you weren’t watching Clueless on repeat, ur not a real bitch! if you weren’t BUMPING Britney, Christina, and Mariah you are just NOT that kind of girl and I’m so sorry. if Lady Gaga didn’t collect your wig weekly like a paycheck in 2009, you can not ever call yourself THAT girl because you will never be! ever, Tiffany, ever, ever. annnd ima stop and come back to this PERO let me just say that idc the girls of today are soooo whack and it’s so sad. I can’t relate to stanning Halsey and Dua Lipa. whew, the ghetto.
  3. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    okay she might’ve done something for once in her life, y’all needa step off her wrist this once 
  4. happy birthday hunny I feel OLD
  5. xbnxn whEW Mariah snapped and y’all whole world shook lmfaooo. so sad! the real bitches been knew Stacy was the one, Corny Wilson was for the birds.
  6. !! I would also never want that big thick veiny penis anywhere near me!! I hope he goes to jail and never get the chance to whip it out on me!!    
  7. She’s not a DIVA tho!!! bUT sHe aIn’T NO DIVA!!  dIvAs tho! DIVAS Kelly kelly blonde white prettiest one ONLY divAS! lmaoo I swear you phags ruin everything
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i know this is ain't the right time but i just know he has a big dick, i just know it
  9. nn oh fuck I forgot... whatever I’m hung
  10. @trishallday hasn’t seen my dick
  11. and your fave has a limp wrist just like you now, phaggot     
  12. Whew, I tried to tell Vinaro to shut up before he made me fuck up my potion and now his fave is paying the price. My b!
  13. you can go ahead and recycle your bottle bc she kinda shidded tho (even tho it’s gonna look funky without the button-up)
  14. Ember thinking the gimmick was better off in white hands and doing Kiera a favor