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  1. sloppy past, sloppy mouth, sloppy body. this bitch is so fucking messy.
  2. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    oop, smackdown OGs holding it down
  3. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    okay but becky still snapped with that drag nnn truly the only bad bitch left on the mic 
  4. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    imagine stacy and torrie clocking the iiconics during one of their promos with some sloppy kicks and slaps  
  5. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    i've been waiting to swing on that dead bitch for years now so please be my guest!
  6. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    I’m developing a theory that we’ve been wrong this whole time and women’s wrestling really sucks after all like the funky sloppy body smarks have been saying all along. The diva era shielded us bc the girls always had excuses and now that they have to live up to the hype of being given opportunitties, they’re showing their asses. I’m shook. I feel like I lived a lie.
  7. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Can the Trish stans grow up and realize she ain’t god no more? Can’t stand y’all I eXpEct ThIS fRoM LITA face ass clowns. Guess what? Patricia wants a check just as bad nowadays, if not more. 
  8. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Lita looks fucking snatched and sounds ALERT on the mic  whew, fine wine. Is this how sharmelllover feels about booker’s wife?
  9.   queen shook OFF the ring rust  she's coming, yall really gonna stay sleep and wake up with ur wigs gone? so sad
  10. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    I was coming for HB not Alicia BUT as usual ur disrespectful! so u can rot like ur fave’s half-dead soft dick men!
  11. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    I read “Comic-Coon” bcnxmx i hate what hb has done to ember for me
  12. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Alicia *wearing an ugly hat*: I-- HB: well @Captain Fox at the end of the day ur fave keeps throwing her cat to old white wrinkly ball caucasian trump supporters   
  13. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    ugly is ugly is ugly  
  14. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    wwe really thought they snapped playing Trish’s hof video package with a chicken tender ad placed in the corner. I can only imagine the build the other evolution matches are gonna get  
  15. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    nn the mild pop