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  1. Raw November 23, 2015: Results

    ^ Everything about that segment with Team BAD and Eden was perfection.
  2. Jim Ross Supports Former Diva for Hall of Fame 2016

    Jackie most definitely deserves it.  She was always one of my favorites to watch, along with Ivory.  Neither of them get a ton of credit.    Those three and Luna deserve to be put in within the next few years, I'd say.
  3. Impact Wrestling July 8, 2015: Results

    I wish Velvet never would have come back.  She is awful at life.
  4. ICON (Chyna) requests meeting with WWE

    For soooo long, I wanted all of this stuff with Chyna to just end.  Mostly for her sake.    But she has just gone over the top and made accusations that she can't even remotely back up and it just seems like she's trying to get attention.  It all looks negative on her at this point.   So she takes a bath and posts a video asking nicely to meet with Triple H and Vince.  I still want her to get healthy and happy and I DO believe she deserves to be put into the HOF, but I wouldn't blame Vince or Trips for never wanting to meet with her after everything.
  5. Main Event June 4, 2015: Results

    Both women were absolutely perfect in this match.  I'm pretty sure every time these two get in the ring together, they have a great flow with one another.  I'd like to see the two of them in a real feud so they can continue putting on matches like this with some actual purpose behind it.
  6. I cannot wait to see McKay in NXT. 
  7. Tough Enough Video Submissions

    These people make life worthwhile.
  8. I'd love to see Madusa in the Hall of Fame.  She deserves it.  I sometimes wonder if half the Diva's division wish they could dump the Diva's Title in a trash can after switching to a company that might respect them a little more.
  9. Shimmer Shows

    I have all the DVD's.  I LOVE Shimmer.  But I will definitely be watching that Shine show! :D   Thanks for uploading them!
  10. WWE Releases Emma's First Action Figure

    Here's the Summer Rae prototype too.  I wish it was her more recent attire, but it's okay.  
  11. Naomi on when she'll leave WWE

    Its a shame that Naomi has never really had her chance to shine.  She's so talented and her wrestling style is more exciting than a lot of the Divas.  I'd love to see her capture the title, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Trinity Fatu showed up in the Impact Zone and won the Knockouts Title.
  12. Rosa is pretty much one of the most worthless people in WWE history.  How she is still employed is entirely beyond me.  I still hold on to the rumors that she has some thing going on with Michael Hayes because the WWE has gotten rid of far more talented women in the past, yet they keep her.  Someone has to be protecting her.  There is literally no other reason she could still have a job with WWE.   Eventually Total Divas Season 3 will be done and over with and Rosa will most likely be gone shortly after. 
  13. Main Event September 2, 2014: Results

    Rosa apparently learned to throw forearms from Kelly Kelly and learned to take bumps from Eva Marie.    Poor Nattie having to be teamed with that.  I wish Aksana would have gotten Rosa's position...at least she had some talent.
  14. It's a giant insult to Dahmer.
  15. Smackdown August 22, 2014: Spoilers

    With how bland this is getting...and how not-so-epic their first two matches against one another at PPV's went, they seriously better do something AMAZING at Night of Champions.   This feud could have been insane.  But...it's just not.