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  1. I saw a trailer for this and i dig it a lot. I didn't think i would like it but the trailer is good. 
  2. Shazam 2 Officially Announced by WB at CCXP

    This is actually kinda cool; if they keep this up the can actually have a decent DC Universe.    Wonder woman, Shazam , joker and new batman 
  3. Impact Wrestling December 3, 2019: Results

    I really enjoy ODB and what she brings i always have. I enjoyed her segment and match; I wish she would have come back to retire Gail considering they had history a short heel run. They could have turned her back face easily, oh well.    Tessa and Sami are really going to make history and I'm so excited to see the outcome! 
  4. How you hating from outside the promotion? you cant even get in!      Anyways I should have deflated Charlotte like i originally was going to and Gail would have won; mariah dragging me on Discord making me push Charlotte ahead. Oh well Two KNOCKOUTS  (kinda)  made it in the top 3 that's IMPACT! 
  5. I figured I'm perched for Gail's placement 
  6. At least she's happy i guess; I'm still kinda irked that she didn't do the Gail retirement angle. That would have been a cute ass story. 
  7. Cameron On Why The WWE Released Her

    i kinda forget the ryback thing what happened? 
  8. This! All my complaining worked! Urg we love reverse psychology.   Also I'm glad Madison and Angelina made this list; I wanted Angelina to be in the top 10 tbh; but ill accept her placement. I guess you all aren't as terrible and disgusting as i assumed you were. 
  9. THEY SIGNED A CONTRACT! They would still be on the indies getting peanuts if Impact didn't sign and give them a way bigger platform. On top of that they still weren't the best thing in the company so they will deal. I cant wait for him to go to thew wwe and win the 24/7 championship before being buried 
  10. Scarlett Bordeaux Shades Mandy Rose

    i don't like either but Mandy snapped; 
  11. Fixed it for you.
  12. ya they were there together so i guess that rules him out    edit also good on impact for keeping her comfortable enough to not sign him while she was there