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  1. Do you know Kayci Quinn?

    Her name is Ava Storie now pls update 
  2. wait Alexa snatched her tf up.
  3. WWE HB17 | Online

    After the recent Japan Supershow, HBPW scouted several freelance talents in hopes of signing someone. Our sources reveal that HBPW was successful in gaining a joshi wrestler. The only details we have right now is that she is a international star on the joshi scene who has wrestled in several countries, many see this as a big break into the american scene for her and she has been brushing up on her english in order to make the most of her opportunity! 
  4. How important is believability to you?

    i need some reailism moreso in my mens wrestling i never really thought about ti with women's wrestling. Other than when Kong, Nia Jax, ect were wrestling  
  5. Pop-up ads while browsing on mobile

    Get TapTalk! @ admins 
  6. i hate that this was canceled it was similar to tna's spin cycle. 
  7. i honestly thoyght this would have been melina...
  8. Who Should TNA Sign?

    I cant even be mad.    I think they should sign girls like Allison Wonderland/Danger, Dazee Haze, ect because these girls never made it to the big time despite getting there names out there as good talent. 
  9. Cyberg Wants A Match With Becky Lynch

    we dont want her, but i know that we would take her unfortunately.    
  10. Chill out because TNA 100% did inspire a shift in women's wrestling with the KO's getting some of the most highest rated segments. They were ahead of the curve
  11. what does it matter if they are unattractive. just make them lose first round for the attractive ones. 
  12. Gail Kim Gets New Role in GFW

    Good for her, GFW really does need to open up a training school tbh. it could earn them more revenue and also help foster talent. what they had with OVW was perfect. 
  13. Jeff Jarrett conducting GFW teleconference tomorrow.

    i will be in there to fuck shit up
  14. helloo:)

    Welcome to the forum fellow sable stan.
  15. Velvet Sky Retires

    I would have rather she retired in GFW, with a send off feud but she will probably end up in that tournament.