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  1. I’m actually sad the impact horses are dropping. First Laurel, now Sienna. Only Allie and Rosemary left.  Also Sienna was awesome, she actually liked working for impact and capped for them. Hopefully a return in the future. 
  2. Congrats to the good sis, and about her MAGA comment uhhhhh was it really that bad? I think she just said something she probably thought would piss the women off. Some white people get pissed off & say n’r. 
  3. I wish i was still as invested as I was before, but maybe this will spark my interest . Honestly an all women’s PPV special would be a cute look. 
  4. Enzo Amore drops songs titled “Phoenix”

    Wow I’m better and I haven’t even started yet
  5. Can a mod change the title????
  6. Who's Your Tag Team Partner?

    idk who likes Tara so we could be TNT but maybe but probably foxy since we bth stan IMPACT dante and cooksie/layout and i can be the extreme expose 
  7. Already a new champion they really have a lot of belief in Su Young, which I kinda figured. hopefully she stays with impact a while I’d hate for her to just leave after all the build 
  8. A mess all around. Idk what’s going on, but imma still watch it. 
  9. Love the name for the baby haha 
  10. Gail Kim comes for WWE, Stephanie McMahon

    Gail really did that i stan! 
  11. IMPORTANT: New Admin and Staff Search

    I'm applying to be a mod so the Impact slander will CEASE! 
  12. Redemption 2018: Results

    It was a cute ppv. Glad Kierea is being used