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  1. The most iconic woman of ECW

    ok they said ECW notย WWE Dawn Marie.ย  ย  I voted for mother beluahย 
  2. Ivelisse is a homophobe

    My problematic fave at it again.ย 
  3. Baron Corbin Supports the Gays

    Lol I'm the OG Corbin Stan mawmas check the sexiest men thread. And that's just the tea so get ready to add 3. ย  and we been knew!ย 
  4. Melina appearing at Drag Con again

    good for her.ย 
  5. Lana vs. Nia Jax on Instagram

    im yelling let me stan miss lana lmao.ย 
  6. Mike Kanellis Starts Drug Recovery

    i hope he cleans up his act, pills are really taking a lot of peoples lives.ย 
  7. GFW: Can the damage be undone?

    Yeah, he has an ego where he thinks he's a bigger star. However in this situation he has some ground to stand on because the plans were for him to become Global Force ย Wrestling Heavyweight champion by taking the title off of Alberto. Then plans changed which happens in the wrestling business but why should he lose his shot at the top because someone else fucked up. imo they should have gone with him being champ and just have face Eli win at BFG but instead they are probably going to put the title on Jonny Impact which isnt exactly bad but like Low Ki still is shafted in this position.ย 
  8. GFW: Can the damage be undone?

    Girl do you even know his history? When he left the entire wrestling community said "again?" He's left every promotion he's everย worked for including WWE.ย  ย 
  9. GFW: Can the damage be undone?

    Pop TV check your local listings.ย 
  10. GFW: Can the damage be undone?

    Absolutely, ย GFW now has business people at the helm and not Dixie who let the inmates run the asylum.ย  ย  As long as they start making stars(allie, rosemary, lvn) and stop getting wwe rejects (aron rex) they have the means to make a better company. They DO NOT need to compete with any other company they need to be GFW which is an alternative product. So far they have done a great job at doing that.ย 
  11. i hope this post was worth it, i already called the police. ย  Anyways Sexy Star is FUCKING TRASH. I knew she was trash when she took the belt from Taya. This is a new level of low.ย 
  12. Nikki Bella Credits Total Divas for Women's Revolution

    not her leaving out TNAย ย GFW women having ladder matches, cage matches, first bloods. they truly did that
  13. GFW Impact August 24, 2017: Results

    Taryn Terrell slaying i always like people better on there return then initially.ย  ย  Also LVN deserves a title run, i will not let them disrespect her like that when she's done so much for them.ย 
  14. Happy belated beloved, love my friends! Cant wait to see you all at the big HB meetup in orlando for GFW: Bound For Glory!ย 
  15. New Knockout debuts

    as do i but in hindsight it makes them more marketable. TNA will always sounds like tits and ass to non wrestling fans and when looking for sponsers you dont want that.ย