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  1. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    Mickie is coming 
  2. Kurt Angle to be inducted into the HoF

    Can someone quote the post I have her blocked. 
  3. Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead

    R.I.P to a legend that is Jimmy Superfly Snuka, 
  4. TNA Knockout Filming Reality Show

    Brooke still proving the that the Extreme Expose SHITS! 
  5. Former TNA Knockout gives birth

    Hot Mess express! congrats 
  6. Legendary former Women's Champion resurfaces

    Those disrespectful ice monkey's not wanting a picture with a true legend, i am disgusted. 
  7. New TNA Logo

    i cringed when i first saw it, they need to not do this. 
  8. Veteran Knockouts Returning to TNA

    Um dont come for Brooke, that's Angelina 
  9. My ignore user list is pretty. 

  10. SmackDown December 27, 2016: Live Chat

    baron was cuter in NXT
  11. Alexa Bliss INJURED?

    ^ i spelled it that wey on purpose. 
  12. Alexa Bliss INJURED?

    i heard she's double joined deer. 
  13. SmackDown December 27, 2016: Live Chat

    All these women backstage interviewers Mariah send in your application 
  14. SmackDown December 27, 2016: Live Chat

    I was on the FLOOR!