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  1. Not when k2 was a thing in 2006 she's not. 
  2. Yes and my question remains the same. 
  3. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    I just watched i and it was actually kinda funny. Emma is funny for trolling that should be her new gimmick. 
  4. Can Charlotte Be A Successful Babyface?

    Absolutely it will have to involve the WWE either making Nia legit or signing an indy female wrestler whose the total package plus size wise. i.e if Karma was to make a return as a monster that's destroying the entire division Charlotte can rally up the women against her destruction.  A battle of the giants, hell even an invasion storyline can do it, Charlotte defending her brand/kindom a noble act.    If Beth can go face so can Charlotte 
  5. Impact Wrestling, February 9, 2017: Results

    I'm really excited about the KO's right now but I need Brandi away from the title...    edit it we have helly blondes. 
  6. JB better collect the girls. 

    1. Day Dreamer

      Day Dreamer

      DADDIES boo! Go to college it's fun being trade. 

    2. Brandon Waldorf.

      Brandon Waldorf.

      I need to know specifically who the one in the green bomber and the blonde hair was :shook: 

  8. Plug.DJ | Official Thread

    lets get in 
  9. Is Eva Marie OVER?

    So it's exactly where it was when she left? 
  10. I thought she was in her 20's too, mess. I can see what they thought they were going to be able to do with her but yeah i wouldnt have wasted my time on her either. 
  11. Paige trains with Alberto Del Rio; serving luchador moves

    Does this not make you a little racist? Saying she is serving lucha moves because she is with a latino wrestler when clearly those are submission moves? 
  12. Sunny Tried Saving Chyna Before She Died

    I know Sunny is vile and scum of the earth but the replies in here are disgusting.   
  13. Liv Morgan vs. Becky Bayless on Twitter

    Not him hiding all the facts, a true news media reporter 
  14. This sounds like what they were going to do when the Bellas came back and blocked everyones contract.  So i can see it being  Mickie, Mayrse, Michelle, Melina, Kelly, Eve/Layla/Beth (doubtful with these girls legit being done.)