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  1. Enzo Amore drops songs titled “Phoenix”

    Wow I’m better and I haven’t even started yet
  2. Who's Your Tag Team Partner?

    idk who likes Tara so we could be TNT but maybe but probably foxy since we bth stan IMPACT dante and cooksie/layout and i can be the extreme expose 
  3. Already a new champion they really have a lot of belief in Su Young, which I kinda figured. hopefully she stays with impact a while I’d hate for her to just leave after all the build 
  4. A mess all around. Idk what’s going on, but imma still watch it. 
  5. Love the name for the baby haha 
  6. Gail Kim comes for WWE, Stephanie McMahon

    Gail really did that i stan! 
  7. IMPORTANT: New Admin and Staff Search

    I'm applying to be a mod so the Impact slander will CEASE! 
  8. Redemption 2018: Results

    It was a cute ppv. Glad Kierea is being used 
  9. Winter Returning to Impact

    im excited i thinK?    I used to stan her back in the day
  10. Alberto El Patron Released from Impact Wrestling

    I knew this would happen the day they signed him. Impact irks me 
  11. We got Alicia’s back off principal and loyalty ladies.
  12. Everyone saying they should have given it to Emma are the same people that bash Impact for signing every Wwe girl and making them champion.    Also half yall don’t even watch the product, either way Sumi won’t have it long, a short reign before they pass it to someone marketable 
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. skA>cnSA>?VKBDS>KVDSNVNSAC :Lc/s.vnacs/lbvad/lcsAj;cbSZL<JBCAS:jl,   This entire thread yall aint shit. The song isnt cute for me I like myself a Hardcore Country