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  1. Pick an Entrance Theme for an HB Member

    @Charlie   Mine     
  2. What Will Happen First?

    nia jax by far 
  3. If Trish & Lita Never Retired

    I think Trish would have worked Candice's program with Beth and possible Melina.    Lita would have possibly finished her story with Edge ended up with her leaving/being released but having a WM moment possible turn to try and turn her negative into positive but thats wishful thinking cause i think the E hated her.    Another thing that could have happened is the Divas Championship would have been introduced eariler, with Trish possibly taking it i think either the Candice or Beth program would have been the Divas Championship program with the Women's championship moving to Smackdown where possibly Torrie would have gotten a reign or the would have gave it to Victoria treating her better at the time. 
  4. Ronda Rousey now a full-time WWE superstar

  5. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    I’m shook 
  6. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    So the royal rumble huh 
  7. Sienna Hospitalized

    Hopefully she makes a full recovery, she's a great member of the impact roster and she reps them proudly. 
  8. i really dont like that she wanted out, but i havent watched impact since the year started so oh well. 
  9. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2018 | Carmella wins!

    I'm here for Sable 
  10. FCW & NXT Alumni Returning to Wrestling

    oooP, we need valets in wrestling so hopefully she does well. 
  11. Knockout Asks for Her Release

    wtf? she's so ungrateful. they've literally let her do her own thing in impact and now she wants out after they finally give her the belt.   ALLIE is Canadian so hopefully they put it on her. Allie, Sienna, and Rosemary are the only loyal ones I thought Laurel was too because the 4 of them are like the IMPACT version of Sasha, Becky, Bayley, and Charlotte.  
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    oooP stu on only Fans! lemme screenshot for the culture   
  13. Do the Womens wrestlers look at this forum?

    I got Havok, to come once. I'm pretty sure she lurked for a while, Brandi, Reby, and velvet def have too.