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  1. it's only PPV from that era right now but it's still amazing    This was cute for Gail! 
  2. James Storm Done With TNA And Could Be WWE Bound

    Finally actual news!    Im upset he left he deserved better tbh 
  3. Bound for Glory 2017: Results

    My favorite moment was Rosemary and LVN. Rosemary reunion was just so hype cause you didnt really expect it while watching.
  4. Josh from Tough Enough Released

    lmaoooo i was just looking to see if had been released the other day. i dont know if he'll continue wrestling but if he does i can see him doing just indy companies like andy before him 
  5. Impact Paying Fans to Attend Tapings

    Again the WWE does the EXACT SAME THING, they dont need to move people around yall act like impact is as big as the wwe they wont have too. Why are you so embarrassed that you (& all the other commenters) cant think independently and have to follow the trend of bashing Impact for the likes or kiki's if yall hate the product so much then ignore it. Yall make threads, write comments like the ones above that don't add any substance to the conversation only to get a quick laugh or a like.    I dont like the wwe, or Lucha Underground i don't make embarrassing threads every time i get a sprinkle of bad news about the company. Even worse this isnt discussion worthy seeing all the replies in here plus me already posting that the WWE, and other indy promotions have done the same.  All i asked for was the thread to be closed so that the pointless gifs and pathetic one-liners be kept to oneself. Clearly not all of us can handle being mature. So YOU can save all that typing cause you look a mess.     
  6. Impact Paying Fans to Attend Tapings

    Yall are dumb the WWE does the exact same thing;        can we close this? 
  7. This episode was a disappointment.  The end 
  8. Taya to miss Bound For Glory

    bitch HOW THE FUCK IS GRADO going then? 
  9.   Honestly what the fuck? Personally, she shouldn't have been given a match for Bound For Glory anyways considering she just joined the roster nor was her and Rosemary's rivalry even that heated for them to have a Red Wedding match.    IMPACT really is turning me off. 
  10. this theme was too good to give to Taryn tbh, i hope they give it to Kiera or someone after B4G 
  11. i knew her return was too good to be true. 
  12. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    i'm cackling, good for her tho. More merch then any of my faves in WWE have ever gotten
  13. Layla returns to social media

    if layla likes my tweet or replies than the entire extreme expose knows i exist 
  14. TNA Now Sells Pizza!

  15. i wonder if he's going to New Japan, i feel like he would thrive there.