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  1. I'm excited momma K2 coming thru! Along with Eve 
  2. How to mention a user

    I honestly thought this thread was going to be someone throwing shade, glad it was constructive 
  3. Favorite version of TBP

    Y'all better put some respect on Cute Kip's name
  4. Eva Marie celebrates 4 years of sobriety

    Can't relate to her i love the bottle. 
  5. Former Divas Champion returning for Wrestlemania?

    When Eve wins the title and comes back on the road. 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    what's TNA? anyways impact wrestling Knockouts did in fact start a revolution 
  7. Impact Wrestling March 23, 2017: Results

    ICONIC, even ODB my love. 
  8. Ruby Riot

    OT: also whoever the girl was who was feeling herself about this post. i was giving legitimate suggestion like ask to clarify post before you get trigger happy. just know, i will be hitting that report button on you red girl.    anyways her wearing a mask would add a different dynamic to her character because wwe doesnt have many masked wrestler, or even facepaint like rosemary  edit rosemary was where i got my original statement from you ugly. 
  9. HB Council

    @Shoaib. um. why was i warned for this? what is wrong with that I said? 
  10. Ruby Riot

    Maybe she should work under a mask  
  11. Teaser for New TNA Knockout

    why is Sienna with them?    Also I hope it's someone cool 
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    why am i always in class when these things happen 
  13. Lisa Marie needs YOUR help getting WM & HOF tickets

    clearly not, she out here begging 
  14. Ricky Knight gives an update on Paige after leaks

    I love what del rio is doing. However WWE needs to do something 
  15. Paige: Yellow Pussy Found Inaccurate

    Paige's nudes have been leaked; in respect for our sister lets keep the pictures in spoiler tags.  We know she's the freak of da week.