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  1. Hard to Kill 2020: Results

    I kinda wish ODB would have reitred Gail; since they kinda have history. They match was good for what it was ODB still one of my fave OG knockouts.    Bittersweet on Tessa's win as a former advocator for her on HB. I feel that recent events soured her win for me, and many others. 
  2. Pokemon

    love the DLC will reenergize the game for many! Also love that 3rd versions are a thing of the past! 
  3. I come here as HB's biggest Tessa fan to turn in my stan card. She really disgusted me with this behavior and i was sooo happy for her to make history. However racism unlike pro wrestling is very real. It is something i will not tolerate.  I am also dropping Kiera from my stan list.    Jordan Grace i guess it is...   Rosemary, period. 
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    come into my d dms
  5. Becky Lynch – Tessa Blanchard Twitter Exchange

    Impact Wrestling top star
  6. Garza Jr.'s Message to His LGBTQ+ Fan Base

    We been here!
  7. New "Top Gun: Maverick" Trailer

    we are going to see it   
  8. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2020 | Io Shirai wins!

    I vote for every diva that's been a knockout since they aint here. 
  9. Random Thoughts

    :daydreamer:  me not remembering what my emote is ignore this  
  10. I saw a trailer for this and i dig it a lot. I didn't think i would like it but the trailer is good. 
  11. Shazam 2 Officially Announced by WB at CCXP

    This is actually kinda cool; if they keep this up the can actually have a decent DC Universe.    Wonder woman, Shazam , joker and new batman 
  12. Impact Wrestling December 3, 2019: Results

    I really enjoy ODB and what she brings i always have. I enjoyed her segment and match; I wish she would have come back to retire Gail considering they had history a short heel run. They could have turned her back face easily, oh well.    Tessa and Sami are really going to make history and I'm so excited to see the outcome! 
  13. How you hating from outside the promotion? you cant even get in!      Anyways I should have deflated Charlotte like i originally was going to and Gail would have won; mariah dragging me on Discord making me push Charlotte ahead. Oh well Two KNOCKOUTS  (kinda)  made it in the top 3 that's IMPACT! 
  14. I figured I'm perched for Gail's placement