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  1. lmaoooo at the guy just walking away while gail and tessa brawl
  2. they should wait for 2020 it'd be cuter
  3. Reby Hardy drags Ashley Massaro

    Reby better collect them WWE cheques for matt cuz she ruining a lot of relationships 
  4. Brooke Gives Birth

    i saw on Insta me and the good sis like each other comments. congrats to her
  5. No, men cant help themselves
  6. IMPORTANT: New Staff Member

    Congrats to Taryn well deserved! but was that shade in the OP? 
  7. Hogan condemns people who can’t forgive him

    He truly is trash, glad I’ve unstanned. It’s crazy that poc always are the ones who have to get over everything. 
  8. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    More over than the woman in this gif. Maria was over and that isn’t deabalte. 
  9. I’m actually sad the impact horses are dropping. First Laurel, now Sienna. Only Allie and Rosemary left.  Also Sienna was awesome, she actually liked working for impact and capped for them. Hopefully a return in the future. 
  10. Congrats to the good sis, and about her MAGA comment uhhhhh was it really that bad? I think she just said something she probably thought would piss the women off. Some white people get pissed off & say n’r. 
  11. I wish i was still as invested as I was before, but maybe this will spark my interest . Honestly an all women’s PPV special would be a cute look. 
  12. Enzo Amore drops songs titled “Phoenix”

    Wow I’m better and I haven’t even started yet