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  1. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    Send Mike to NXT and Maria to the SD women's division plz
  2. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    Maria did it first and better
  3. Reason for the Great Khali's return?

  4. Women who attract the most WWE Youtube views

    Maria just returned so it's understandable why she isn't here but poor Bucky flopping as usual lol   
  5. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    You did last night weirdo STOP! 
  6. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    Can you stop being a creepy ass bitch quoting me everywhere I go you weird obsessed trash?!   
  7. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    Can Maria be fucking next? I am sick of this shit
  8. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    Not only Lana! Tamina was bad too
  9. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    My fav is a manager dumbass