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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Who the fuck is Eve? Was she a Diva? Replace it with Lay
  2. Poll about past Women

    Maria would have been added had she not being working for TNA!   I want to vote others but WWE uglies would probably think I meant AJ which is not the case so let me go with K2. LMFAO at EVE getting the fewest votes!  FLOP    
  3. I love the segments  
  4. I still remember that weird backflip elbow move of hers  
  5. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    Give it to Maria  
  6. WWE Games | Discussion

    I can't believe the issues this game has!  Thank god 2k14 is the last game I got from them  
  7. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    She is returning this year so mark my fucking word
  8. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    Can Maria be next plz?
  9. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

    That's your problem just don't make wrong statements next time flops
  10. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

      Maria and Brooke are still active dumbasses     
  11. Teddy Long entering WWE HOF

    He better thank Kristal for giving him a storyline
  12. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

    Aw This is sad! I honestly enjoyed her mini push in 2014 and I was lowkey rooting for her    
  13. I am so mad I didn't watch this live! I personally didn't like any of the matches but the highlightes were Nikki's spear and obviously Nay's winning! I am so so so happy for her and I wasn't this happy about someone winning the title since Nikki won it in 2014! The "You deserve it" chant and Nay crying made me emotional as well!  Congrats to @WWFoverWWE @Dante. @Stank 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  15. Former TNA KO snatches WWE Tryout

    Out of the KOs they give this one a tryout? At least @puppies will be happy about it.