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  1. Anyways, the impact of their debuts is MUCH lessened after what happened on Raw, but I still liked it and I'm looking forward to where the SD girls go with this too.
  2. nnn Not Bryan not giving 2 shits the women just got attacked
  3. liv's finisher was cute.
  4. the match was pretty lit until they attacked  
  5. 5 women debuting in a week tho. cute could have done with others but ...I guess Peyton/Billie are the only heels who are important in NXT as of now
  6.   peyton is gonna win the title off ember since all these hoes got called up
  7. asdklfaksdfhdsafh omg what both shows
  8. omg, but I've been thinking they might debut Peyton/billie separately.   I mean, they have no problems breaking apart units and making someone stay in NXT if they feel they need it/nxt needs it. Carmella/Bayley ect
  9. Was the moldy bagel I accidentally ate today a sign of SD debuting Riot and Liv Morgan? I certainly retched like it was
  10. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

    i'm ready for Paige to talk all about the past year on Lilian's podcast  
  11. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

    I'll be honest and say, Mandy and Sonya seems way more interesting than Summer Rae and Emma
  12. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

    aljkdf I looked back at the screen cause I"m hearing Braun gasp for air like he dying
  13. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

      What if we get the Divas revolution 2.0? Paige/Mandy/Sonya vs Alexa/Nia/Alica vs Sasha/Mickie/Bayley