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  1. Hell in a Cell 2019: Live Chat

    i was unimpressed with the HIAC match. becky is so unathletic and clunky.
  2. lbr, she signed that contract extension cause obviously she got something she wanted out of it, probably more money after threatening to leave. Sis saw she was going to earn more money putting over less talented white women in the WWE than (maybe) being one of the main women in AEW.
  3. PlayStation 5 launching Christmas 2020

    feels too soon from the ps4. but not like i'll buy the new one when it gets out anyways. Just wait till I have to upgrade cause the PS5 has an exclusive that catches my interest.
  4. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    kubaki warriors slaying. sasha/bayley still treated like jokes, not the Asian excellence they think they are when this is all set up for charlotte/becky to win the tag titles, so they can be double champions and appear on SD/Raw. I smell shit
  5. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

      has every week been Sasha/Bayley getting clowned?
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    sasha burying the tag title   these dumb horse bitches don't know how to build up anything without tearing down something.
  7. Seth and Becky are engaged

    i was just wondering the same good luck to ms. becky. she'll need it
  8. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Kalisto advertising his ass on insta all week  
  9. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    The iiconics showing out after their title reign ends. the carmella jumped out alexa's punch is still the dumbest move in the wwe
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    the iiconics being the only good part of the match   legends
  11. Extreme Rules 2019: Live Chat

    a literal nightmare at the time
  12. Extreme Rules 2019: Live Chat

    first thing i read about the sd women's match is that people think nikki cross shit herself
  13. Stomping Grounds: Live Chat

    lacey was the best performing blonde tonight
  14. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    legends getting their first win in weeks too  
  15. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    lacey vs bekcy being the entire match so far   if lacey gets replaced by charlotte or something on sunday edit: nvm. i guess the ppv is 2 weeks ago