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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I just don't understand. Sasha is a jobber to the stars. She's there to make the girls WWE cares about look better i.e, Charlotte, Alexa, ect 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The Bellas are SHOOK over 3 27 day reigns.  
  3. SmackDown July 25, 2017: Live Chat

    they just did this with KO and Jericho on Raw   I hate KO and his booking
  4. SmackDown July 25, 2017: Live Chat

    asld;kfadlskfj Naomi's title glowing right as she mentioned it. Nice promos between the two of them. The tag match was cute. Like I've said in the past, SD is consistent, but it isn't always popping off. They coast a bit before making big moves. Tamina lashing out at Lana though
  5. Women who attract the most WWE Youtube views

    Jan 29 to July 2017. Not every video has been included. Otherwise, Nikki would be much higher.
  6. Layla Updates Social Media

    don't ever let old age stop you from learning new technology. Everyone can do it
  7. Them trying to do a Nikki/Summer and trying to get a match on Raw out of it  
  8. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    i was expecting the bank statement to come during the stare down.
  9. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    oh, Sasha being filler again. oop sasha better turn heel tho instead of more teasing
  10. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Bucky and Charlotte aren't shook
  11. Another Superstar Shake Up

    ya'll wanting to send girls we enjoy to Raw to ruin them and eww if they try to get all the horses on SD.
  12. Dana Calls out Lana's Ability

    kii, remember on TD when Dana stoles Lana's moves she was working on? edit: ooop i should read the thread before posting
  13. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    i swear you give this exact same post after most PPV matches  
  14. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    That's true. The men get allowed to have those stories during the elimination matches, so it would have been nice to see the Women do that for once.
  15. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    Also, I love how SD hasn't made everything about Charlotte   She's been kept relevant, but winning and losing as she should. SD did that