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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    nnn; all this time I thought 2Pawz was Liv Morgan's nickname, not a fucking cat  
  2. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    It was a ONO PPV so it was likely a non-title match.
  3. Impact Wrestling and GFW have officially merged.

    They're probably holding off until Slammiversary in early July as it marks their 15th Anniversary. 
  4. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    also here's the stuff for ONO: Turning Point which they just finished taping.  
  5. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

     how did I not peep the JB & Josh thing taking a shot at the WWE for the JBL thing? an actual mess  
  6. Impact Wrestling and GFW have officially merged.

    Basically, Jeff has just taken his vision for GFW and applied it to IMPACT. He's done more for the company in 4 months than Dixie did in her last 4 years. Now all they need to do is sign Santana to IMPACT since she was part of the GFW roster 
  7. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    So far I'm not interested. It bugs me that they have 14 Knockouts on the roster (Assuming Ava is signed now she's got a titration & 15 if Brooke ever does return) yet the actual Division is pretty much non-existant. Gail is still MIA, ODB got squashed, Allie is occupied elsewhere and the rest of the faces aren't credible enough to be a challenger. They have a PPV in 2 months so they need to sort this out ASAP because I'm underwhelmed so far
  8. Congrats Santana aka the only well-rounded talent on this show that i know of
  9. IMPACT Wrestling, April 20, 2017: Results

    thank god Rosemary beat ODB in under 5 minutes. I was so worried they were gonna put the title on ODB since they protect her so much and I wasn't prepared to sit through an ODB match of a much longer length. I can't stand her   Angelina Love stealing Velvet Sky's wig, lmfao  I guess this confirms that Christina Von Eerie is returning. They really need to unify the GFW belts and the TNA ones to create new IMPACT ones because having 8 titles on a 2 hour show is a bit excessive  
  10. Karen Jarrett makes an Announcement: Knockouts Championship Match ODB vs Rosemary (C): Sienna & Karen Jarrett Segment: Angelina Love Appearance: Allie, Laurel Van Ness & Sienna Video Package:  
  11. Does WWE Have Christy Hemme Seeing Red?

    I'll take 2 of whatever she's taken.
  12. IMPACT ONO: Knockouts Knockdown 5

    Angelina Love and Davey Richards need to get a room. I'm pretty sure Angelina spent more time eating off Davey's face than wrestling. But to be fair they have great chemistry together and are entertaining. The match was ok though, nothing special. Kayci is still pretty green in the ring but not awful. I feel that in a couple of years she could be really good especially if she got herself more of a character I don't really like Leva Bates much but I'd be lying if I said she wasn't a good wrestler. However, when she's not doing the cosplaying stuff, she's rather boring and annoying. Outside of the shenanigans at the start of the match, both Allie and Leva put on an entertaining match, especially considering that Allie's still slightly playing up to the not knowing how to wrestle gimmick. Amanda Rodriguez is a mess and I'm not just referring to her look. She was literally hitting the mat like it was her first day of wrestling training. I'm not sure if it was because her stomach was weighing her down or whether she just sucked.  Overall the match was disappointing imo because Diamante, who is an incredible competitor, couldn't utilize her high flying and fast paced offense against some as sloppy as ACR. They need to send her back to where they found her. So, MJ Jenkins came out "dancing" to some generic electronic music which left a sour taste in my mouth but wow, she put on a good match with Rosemary. First of all, she cut a great promo at the start of the match and showed 10x more personality than all of the other "potential" Knockouts. She then showed great potential in the ring with various fast-paced moves and springboard moves, which has set her apart from the rest of the women so far. She could do with a bit of work but she was a good signing for the Knockout's division and I can't wait to see more of her. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Sienna vs Alisha/Alicia. Normally I'm not really feeling Sienna but she was actually pretty good here and her trash talk is A+. Although Sienna dominated for the majority of the match, Alisha was quite good and took a sick bump to the outside at the beginning of the match which she deserves credit for. She really reminds of early NXT Sasha Banks in the way that she can play a great underdog babyface. Santana vs Brandi was actually really good. This was by far Brandi's best match to date and she showed a lot of potential. I think Santana is to thank for that though. She did the impossible and actually made Brandi look like she can wrestle. My fave is a miracle worker. They need to sign her asap, she is extremely talented in the ring and is flat out stunning   Rebel is hot but she needs to stop with the awkward hip thrusting, it's not attractive. When it come to the match I'm SICK of Earl Hebner he's fucking annoying and unfunny, much like ODB's comedy. It's a shame because I've watched Rebel's indy matches and she's pulling off moonsaults and has a sick split-out gourdbuster yet get's thrown in "comedy" matches so she's never given the chance to show her improvement. The only funny thing about this match is Josh Matthews' Shelly Martinez reference. But mess at Rebel's country accent, I love her   This was one of Laurel's best showings in IMPACT Wrestling imo. Her and Rachael have good chemistry together and put on one of the better matches on the show, which is quite shocking because Laurel can be a bit of a mess in the ring. Rachael also impressed me a lot more than she did in her match against Sienna but she comes off as very generic but again, is a great wrestler. But can we also just acknowledge the fact that her titties were looking like they were about to pop out of her top for the majority of this match The 8 Woman Tag was kept short and sweet and I actually enjoyed it. If the Knockouts Division just consisted of them Women they would be in a great place right now and the wrestling would be consistently good. I persoanlly hope they bring back Santana next week for the tapings because out of all the women they brought in for the last set, she's put on the best matches and really does deserve a second chance to become a breakout star.
  13. IMPACT ONO: Knockouts Knockdown 5

    Ok, so far: Kayci Quinn is pretty cute. There's some cheap beer belly bitch using Sarita's theme .  MJ Jenkins is serving personality. Leva Bates is aggy and annoying as always. Alisha Edwards has a good look, I wouldn't be surprised to see her win this whole thing. I'm praying Santana can get a good match out of Brandi and not a trainwreck. and Rebel is now speaking with a country accent   .    
  14. PART 1: Laurel Van Ness & Rachael Ellering Backstage Segment (0:37) Knockout's Intro Segment & Match Announcements (2:30) Angelina Love Interview (24:37) Angelina Love vs Kayci Quinn (26:30) Allie Interview (41:43) Allie vs Leva Bates (42:40) Diamante Interview  Part 1 (57:42) PART 2: Diamante Interview  Part 2 (00:00) Diamante vs Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (00:30) Rosemary Promo (13:58) Rosemary vs MJ Jenkins (14:40) Sienna Interview (30:00) Sienna vs Alisha Edwards (30:49) Brandi Rhodes Interview (45:02) Brandi Rhodes vs Santana Garrett Part 1 (46:22) PART 3: Brandi Rhodes vs Santana Garrett Part 2 (00:00) ODB Interview (3:05) ODB vs Rebel (3:51) Laurel Van Ness vs Rachael Ellering (18:10) 8 Woman Tag Match Main Event: Angelina Love, Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary & Diamante vs Leva Bates,  Santana Garrett, Alisha Edwards & ODB (34:56) One of the potential Knockouts Receives a Contract ft. Karen Jarrett (53:28) Fin.
  15. Impact Wrestling, April 13, 2017: Results

    they better sign Santana after this. She and Rosemary just put on one of the best non-stipulation Knockouts matches in what seems like forever. And that wasn't even half of what they're both capable of. Give me a storyline between the two. Wrestlings Wonderwoman & Harley Quinn  Laurel & Allie's character work is great. I'm glad Allie's starting to come into her own now. She's had such a great build up and winning the Knockouts Championship will be the great way to top it all off  also Kongo Kong is an ugly motherfucker, his body is gross So the writers can make them boring and job them to Asuka?