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  1. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    tbh, I don't actually remember how I got into wrestling since no one in my family watched it. I, however, do remember coming across it on youtube in around 2008, not sure how or why but at the age of 9 it was pretty fascinating to watch. One of the earliest matches I remember watching was the 2000 Armeggedon HIAC which is what I feel had me hooked and is probably one of my favorite matches to date since it's always stuck with me. In terms of how I got into womens wrestling, it's kinda a messy story because I came across another wrestling related video where it blurred the womens boobs to make it seem as if they wrestled topless  Eventually, that led me to Ashley Massaro (who I loved at the time) and her involvement with the Mickie & Trish storyline which fascinated me to the point where I told a friend at school not to mess with me because I was a psycho  I've always been a fan of strong characters which is why I became so drawn to TNA during the piss break era of the divas. when I found out it was fake? I don't think it ever crossed my mind that it was real or fake. I just enjoyed it for what it was at that age, unlike now where I struggle to enjoy it at all due to being exposed to dirtsheets, online forums, spoilers, etc for so long.
  2. IMPACT Wrestling May 18, 2017: Results

    Each week for the Knockouts just seems to get worse for me, whereas everything else on the show gets better. The pairings for the main Knockouts tag stuff are so odd, I'm not feeling it at all. Sienna is a great personality but putting her in a match with ODB is just as an awful idea as it was allowing ODB to return to the company. The only Knockouts related thing I enjoyed was Diamante's diving hurricanrana spot.
  3. Reby Hardy vs. Dutch Mantell

    This whole situation is a mess. Reby looks like a fool and so does Matt. They haven't been able to keep IMPACT & Anthem out of their mentions ever since they've left the company, so what does that say about them? Does Reby not realise that these constant rants will do nothing to help her defense if and when this case gets taken to court? She can make all the claims and accusations she likes regarding the Broken gimmick but until she can get the proof to back it up she needs to pipe down (like she stated her lawyer suggested she do a couple of months back).
  4. WWE signs Kennadi Brink as referee.

    This is a pretty cool opportunity for her, especially if she's reffing in the tournament.  
  5. Women's Title Match Announced for Extreme Rules!

    Kendo stick...on a pole?
  6. Talks:-Choosing Pro Wrestling (00:00)-Her Path to IMPACT Wrestling (1:15)-Inspiration & Mentors (5:58)-Giving back to the business (8:37)
  7. Kaitlyn

    Post your thoughts here.
  8. Kaitlyn

    Delete this thread.
  9. Randy Orton sparks feud with Indy Wrestlers

    Does he not realise that 90% of the current roster have come from the indies? 
  10. IMPACT Wrestling May 11, 2017: Results

    The irony in me losing interest in the Knockouts while others become interested. I'm tired of the 5 minute or less matches. It's great that the women are involved with a bunch of stories but I also want to see high-quality matches. They've built Allie up for over a year just to sporadically use her meaning that all the crowd support is near gone in a flash. Ava is cute but bland. Stick her with Madison and help her develop some sort of character as her protégé. Just something, anything because she's so boring to watch rn and green as grass. The Angelina & Alisha stuff is gold and knowing a particular moment to come I'm excited for the development. LVN is entertaining but she's going to need to eventually snap out of the drunk character before it gets old. 
  11. What a great addition she'll be to the Women of Honour roster. Out of sight, out of mind.
  12. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    im flattered about her mixed race comment tho, thx 
  13. IMPACT Wrestling May 11, 2017: Results

    I'm glad my replacement is doing my job and making the IMPACT threads.  
  14. Will Lana Debut W/ Her Bodyguard?

    I'm not opposed to the idea tbh. Mary Kate is a great talent and there's really no reason for her to be rotting away in NXT, getting no TV time. I'm not sold on the idea of Lana wrestling yet but by have Mary Kate do her dirty work it could be a way to protect Lana while also building her up although the presentation is kinda serving GTA stripper & bodyguard rn.
  15. The chances of that are slim to none now IMPACT have got an app for their video library in UK and have it planned to go worldwide.