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  1. Matt & Jeff Hardy NOT Re-Signing with TNA

    Reby's tweets give me a headache tbh. But if they do head to WWE, I'm curious to see how it'll be handled because they'll have nowhere near the amount of creative control, if any, in comparison to the power they had in IMPACT. To see the "Broken Hardy" stuff watered down by WWE's awful creative would be shame imo  
  2.  speechless  congrats(?)  
  3. Impact Wrestling, February 23, 2017: Results

    I don't really care for Blandi Rhodes. Her lines made me cringe and so do her general mannerisms, so I don't use. But it must be nice having a job just because of who your significant other is, same goes for Braxton Sutter I'm perched for Jade vs Rosemary 3. I've really enjoyed their encounters so far and I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg between these two. Rosemary's mic work snatched again and Jade was okay but she needs to take some acting lesson because it's embarrassing watching her speak in segments with Rosemary tbh. I'll give her credit for trying though The wedding, although very over the top and dramatic, I personally enjoyed it because it was fresh and entertaining in all aspects and apparently Madison produced it so she deserve a whole lot of praise  I can honestly say it was one of the best segments I've seen for a long time in wrestling. I was surprised at how hot the crowd was for the segment, especially considering you can normally hear a pin drop in the Impact Zone. However, the year long build up of Allie has really paid off and I couldn't think of a better way to put her over while also establishing Laurel character. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fallout from the wedding and the direction they'll take Allie and Laurel's characters. Also, Maria calling Allie's dress ugly, yet her and her stooge were wearing the same dress, lmfaoooo
  4. Isabel Lahela signs with WWE

  5. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    Cameron and Allie/Cherry Bomb tbh    
  6. Brandi Rhodes Segment ft. Cody & Moose:   Jade & Rosemary Segment: Alternative Link Laurel Van Ness, Maria, Sienna & Allie Segments:     Laurel Van Ness' Wedding ft. Maria, Allie, Sienna & Brooke:  
  7. Maria Kanellis Signing New Deal With TNA

    I wanted her gone tbh. She made the Knockouts Division awfully hard to watch the last year but I do enjoy the stuff with Allie but that's about it. I hope they don't force her down our throat for a whole year again;.
  8. read it with her accent, a mess 
  9. Impact Wrestling, February 16 2017: Results

    They need to take Brandi off of TV until she trains more often and becomes fluid with her movement. Currently she moves around the ring like she's shit her pants and it's embarrassing. And what rubbed it in even more is that Rosemary got no offense in on her which is tragic Angelina is looking good though and I'm loving this new side of her we're seeing, it's so refreshing and she pulls it off so well. An icon The party segments were a nice touch. Allie's character continues to shit on everything and I'm lowkey excited for the wedding next week. Also Brooke vs Sienna was a whole lot better than their awful first match from a couple of weeks back. Brooke still has ring rust but she's quickly working it off so credit to her
  10. Brandi Rhodes & Moose vs The Decay: Moose & Brandi Rhodes Backstage Segment: Angelina Love Promo:   Brooke vs Sienna w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett: Laurel Van Ness' Bachelorette Party ft. Maria, Sienna & Allie:      Angelina Love & Alisha Appearance:  
  11. It was quite petty of LU to send a Cease & Desist the week of airing when they've had at least a month to do so.
  12. I hate this egomaniac. I hope they release him for disrespecting 2 TNA Legends like that   
  13. Impact Wrestling, February 9, 2017: Results

    Rosemary made Brandi look like crap to be honest. Brandi is so wooden and robotic and I can't take her seriously as an actual threat to Rosemary. I can't wait for this to be over with because she is awful in all areas. Stick to ring announcing & being Cody's Valet. Laurel is soo funny, she really came into her character and I love it. They've done a good job of establishing her character after being brought in as whats seemed to be Maria's bitch #3 I'm soo happy Angelina's back and she's not doing the outdated Beautiful People schtick again. Leave that gimmick and Velvet in the past, it's time for a new era. And credit to Alexxiss for selling that punch like a champ. I'm excited to see where they take this storyline  
  14. Former TNA KO snatches WWE Tryout

    these fat ugly bitches need to hire Santana, until then I won't be watching their shitty product