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  1. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

  2. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    finally someone worth looking at 
  3. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    I just came here to say that Io Shirai and Kacy Catanzaro are amazing.
  4. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    if there are still spots open, sign me up sister!
  5. Eva Marie Set to Compete on Celebrity Big Brother US?

    omg yas sis, make moves!!!
  6. Best Non-Wrestling Role for Alexa Bliss

    As most have said, time off would be her best option. Give her time to heel and reboot and come back to a big pop (regardless of alignment). But since we all know that's most likely not an option, I'd really enjoy seeing her in some kind of power role. If Corbin ends up becoming permanent GM, I'd enjoy seeing her do something assistant-esque a la Eve. Or, if he doesn't go permanent, I'd love to see her take his place as GM for the time being. I could see her character really flourishing in one of those situations. If she were to manage a guy, I'd want it to be Murphy. She and Maria could also feud on 205 Live leading up to an eventual match between the two of them (or the two pairs) once Alexa can get back in the ring. But I could also see her pairing back up with Braun and continuing the storyline from MMC since it was so well-received before. She has endless possibilities outside of being a competitor because she's good on the mic.
  7. Maria and The Bella Twins' Beef Is Over?

    I get what she's doing, but she does look a bit silly joking about not knowing what that person is talking about. She fully knows what she said and the lies she let ruin her life for all those years, so why pretend she doesn't know? But nonetheless, I'm very happy to hear that they are good now.
  8. I fully get her frustration, but (and this is very morbid, but true) the smarks who don't respect her will not ever respect her until she passes away. Some may not even after that, but she's not going to get what she seems to be looking for until then. Or maybe once she truly retires and takes many years away until a short-term return a la Trish/Lita, but even that is still a BIIIIG maybe because of the era she came from. Although I know she was asked about this all and that's the only reason she's speaking on it, I truly wish she would just focus more on those that are in her corner and supporting her rather than harping on the minority that choose to still look at her as some, "model Diva with no talent."
  9. What's Your Dream Survivor Series Team?

    all this Ashley love! knew i stanned yall for a reason  for me, I'd want something kinda like "Team Diva vs Team Superstar" (been done basically, i know! but I want different people) Team Diva: Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Ashley Massaro (DUH!), Sable, and Nikki Bella Team Superstar: Charlotte, Asuka, Jazz, AJ Lee, Paige or maybe "Team Diva Stars vs Team Impact Divas" (horrible names but you'll get the concept: basically Divas whose impact was fully in WWE versus those who made names outside WWE) Team Diva Stars: Ashley Massaro Michelle McCool, Layla, Eve Torres, and Eva Marie Team Impact Divas: Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell, Brooke Tessmacher Adams, Gail Kim, and Angelina Love
  10. Reby Hardy drags Ashley Massaro

    doesn't she have any hobbies? or a child to raise and a husband to worry about? there's no reason to be so bothered by a harmless tweet
  11. they really are erasing ashley, ha impact 
  12. Raw October 29, 2018: Live Chat

    Just catching up on RAW now after work. This 10-woman tag is going well so far at this early point I'm at~
  13. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    Yeah, I can totally see that. Especially since rumors say Tegan was supposed to be in Io's spot until she got injured again. I imagine they're gonna keep Kairi in NXT longer than we expect, especially with Io coming in and all the potential the two have for ICONIC matches in NXT. I have a slight inkling that Kairi and Io will stay in NXT waaaay longer than necessary to help put over the MMA horses, since we all know that's where the company is going as a whole.