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  1. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

  2. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Stop lying to yourself... "Bayley Bellies" ruined any momentum she might have built.
  3. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Heel Bayley is the least convincing gimmick I've seen in the literal 20 years I've been watching wrestling. What a flop... and they KEEP trying it. Sooooo sad. If a face Miz cuts a better heel promo than you... just give it up!
  4. Leila Nox | Persephone | Rose McGowan

    .ama::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 5px; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background-color: #fff; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #e59277; } .ama { background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; height: 250px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: arial; line-height: 100%; font-size: 10px; color: #000; } .amatitle { padding: 20px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 3px; color: #fff; } .amafields1 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; } .amafields2 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; margin-top: 1px; } TRIGGER WARNING: DRUGS/DRINKING, PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL ABUSE, MURDER  leila indigo nox   face claim: Rose McGowan canon name: Persephone associations: The Underworld, springtime, flowers and vegetation alias: Lei, Kori (stage name) age / apparent age: 21 zodiac: Gemini date of birth: June 8, 1978 place of birth: Echo Park, California pronouns: She/Her sexuality: Bisexual moral alignment: Chaotic Evil character traits: Selfish, unreliable, capricious, blunt, deceitful, manipulative world views: Leila's views on the world are very pessimistic. She believes most people you will come across in life are liars and will only use you to get what they want. But, maybe that's because that's also how she is? Either way, she believes animals are better than people and she lives by that. If you give her the chance, she will let you know why they are important and we should save them. physical attributes: Very dark brown, almost black, hair that hits a few inches below the shoulders. Pale, porcelain doll-like skin with what seem to be permanently rosy cheeks. Light brown eyes that almost always look sleepy and seductive. musical taste: Rock, grunge, industrial, dance, alternative rock, r&b, top 40; Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Cibo Matto, Weezer, Bjork, Prozzak, Kate Bush, Aqua, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, No Doubt, TLC, The Cardigans, Daft Punk, etc. aesthetic: Leila's style is best described as eclectic. One day, you could see her decked out in all black and giving you full-on gothic, and the next day she could show up in pastel colors and look like she's straight out of a trendy teen magazine. You never fully know what you're going to get with her, her whole, entire vibe can change based on what her mood is that day. lifestyle: Leila is a party animal. Her job in the nightlife scene has allowed her to live what she sees as her best life. She's out all night making money, drinking, dabbling in a drug or two, and doing god knows what. You'll rarely catch her awake before noon unless it's for an absolutely necessary reason. She doesn't have many people she considers friends, rather she considers them people she can manipulate when she needs to get things done. She's not one to open up to many, but she is good at keeping others interested with her mystique. occupation: Exotic dancer, occasional escort class: Lower middle class genealogy: Miranda Kennedy (late birth mother), Benjamin Kennedy (late birth father), Alameda Nox (foster mother) BIOGRAPHY: From an early age, Leila knew that her life was not going to be an easy one. She was an accidental pregnancy, but her parents decided to keep her and make things work. They got married immediately and started setting up their life together. Sounds fine and dandy until you throw in the fact that both of her parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol, and that her father had very bad anger issues. From the time Leila could talk, her father would drunkenly slap her for anything he deemed disrespectful. He would also abuse her mother, but she would abuse him right back. This went on for years, until one day Leila's mother shot her father in the face before doing the same to herself. Leila found her parents dead when her bus dropped her off after school. This was the day that changed who she would be for the rest of her life. After a short time in foster care and adoption agencies, Leila was adopted by a hippie woman and moved to Olympia. She did not make the adjustment very well, and that was aided heavily by the fact that she was still traumatized by finding her parents dead. She had trouble in school, almost failed out more than once, and would always find herself with what your parents would call the bad kids. The one thing in her life that kept her from going off the edge fully was her dog Esther, one of the only living beings she ever fully loved and trusted. As she got older, she came to the realization that she could use her assets to her advantage to gain the things she wanted, and that led her down the path that leads to where she is today. A lonely, manipulative woman who would rather fuck a man for all his money, buy what she needs and then donate the rest to an animal shelter than to fall in love and live a fairy tale life. PLATONIC: Leila is acquainted with many people in the town. She tries her best to get on peoples' good side in case she would have some use for them in the future. She doesn't have very many close friends, I would say a maximum of 2 or 3. They are the chosen few who she believes are kindred souls that truly get her. They're the only people she would open up to at all, while everyone else around her would get the superficial, surface Leila that is charming and beautiful. Her co-workers will have mixed feelings about her. Some will like her and think she's someone to emulate in their field, while others hate her for her tactics and knack for stealing the best customers. ANTAGONISTIC: Her enemies will be anyone who has seen through her facade. She's the type to always put herself before other people, so she'll have to have stepped on a lot of toes from that. Whether she stole their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or customers, there are going to be a number of people who have been victim to her manipulative ways that have seen her for who she truly is and dislike her for that. ROMANTIC: Leila is not the romantic type at all. She dates out of necessity, meaning she's had a long history of heartbreaking and dating multiple people at once. She's always got more than one person caught in her proverbial net, and that could make things messy in many different ways. I'm not exactly sure where to go with this because I don't see Leila as a very romantic character, she's more of the sexually and emotionally manipulative type. OTHER: I am open to giving any types of relationships a shot as long as it fits in with Leila's character! I'm also open to big future events and something happening to change her character and views on the world as she comes to know who she truly is and what her purpose is for this world. Basically, shoot your shot, I'm sure I'll be open to talking through ideas with you. no triggers, 27, est, discord (Travy#5326)  
  5. ‘Disney’s Mulan’ Official Teaser and Poster

    I'm actually really excited for this! Mulan was one of my favorites growing up, and it's one of the first non-anime things that really started my interest in Asian culture overall. I like that it's based more so on the actual story of Mulan than their original animated version! It would be much less exciting to me if it was the exact same, just with actual people. Much prefer to see a new take.
  6. WB Eyeing Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning for Supergirl

    While it's exciting to hear about a Supergirl movie, it seems pretty silly not to take the already established cast of the Supergirl TV show and bring that over into a movie. It just makes things more confusing when they don't align.
  7. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Wow, the way Mandy looked at Sonya after the brawl. They really are about to make a Sonya/Mandy lesbian storyline! 
  8. The absolute saddest part about RAW is that, without commercials, we LITERALLY only get about 1.5 hours of an actual wrestling show.

    1. Travy Massaro

      Travy Massaro

      And Smackdown's airtime is only about 5 minutes shorter with a literal FULL HOUR less being live.

  9. What release are you most excited for?

    Miley, Charli, Cheryl, and Cardi are the ones I'm most excited to hear, but I'll definitely be listening to them all!   Maren Morris is also releasing this Friday, and I think there are a few others not listed. It's gonna be a big weekend for music!
  10. Double or Nothing: Live Chat

    Click here to watch/download! @Blooberry @Daniel42 and anyone else who may wanna watch!
  11. Impact Wrestling May 24, 2019: Results

    ...really, The Bag Lady???
  12. Double or Nothing: Live Chat

    I'm gonna upload the main show for y'all to watch, in case anyone missed it! It'll take me a while, I'm still waiting on the file to download and then I'll have to upload it. But it's in HD, so it should be better than the crappy streams I saw a bunch of you talking about.
  13. The Biggest Big Bad

    The biggest, the baddest... Queen Beryl!
  14. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    She's more than likely contractually obligated to do it. She's already sitting out her contract, the last thing she needs is a lawsuit for not fulfilling her obligations. Plus, if she's in the game, she can sit at home and give herself the push she thinks she deserves while waiting out her time. I do hope this is a sign that things are improving, but I'm doubtful.
  15. I know it's not about the amount anyone donates, but I'd just like to take this moment to say GOD BLESS ELIZABETH HARDY FOR HER $1000 DONATION AND FUCK REBY SKY.