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  1. Has the Wwe damaged the potential of the Horsewomen?

    Bayley actually, to me, seems like she's getting the brunt of all this. She's been made out to look like a lil bitch by everyone and anyoneΒ she comes across.
  2. "C-A-W????"

    "Caw???? The fuck, is it a bird????"

  3. I just noticed..

    yes you are about 13 years late
  4. Raw September 25, 2017: Live Chat

    they really continue to do Emma dirty on the daily
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Would you like to see ring girls in WWE?

    Nope. No. Nah. Not necessary. Not needed. No thank you.
  7. You should be sorry, sweaty. Christy is third best after Ashley and Layla. Almost fourth best, but Eva never put her ass on the line against a Kong ass bitch like Christy did, so I can't keep that from her.
  8. Bitch you literally don't understand how little this post means to me. This is one of the very few things I'll be 500% delusional about. Ashley is the best DS contestant. EVER. Nothing anyone says or does will change that. Move on Willyshakes.
  9. Every other person in this thread is 1000000000% wrong. The true tea is 2005 > 2004 = 2006 > the rest. Don't front.
  10. The most iconic diva of ECW

    Kelly, Layla, Brooke, Ariel, Trinity. A team.
  11. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    I'm also disgusted that they keep teasing a match between all 8 horses. NO FUCKING THANK YOU GET AWAY FROM ME.
  12. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    I'm on episode 7 and all I'll say is I'm truly grossed out that they're feeding all these talented, hard-working wrestlers to Shayna. She doesn't deserve all this shine, oh at all.
  13. The most iconic woman of ECW

    The answer is Gorgeous GeorgeΒ