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  1. I miss reading your posts :crying: You were so iconic :crying:

  2. I cant make a new account. What kind of VIP treatment is this?
  3. do you need twitter to get in?
  4. Are you okay? wtf is this even saying?
  5. Plug is still a thing? But yesss.  
  6. I'm living for the chaos. Y'all don't mess with the Fox without getting your dose in return.  
  7. I don't stan sewer rats, so you will not.   jk don't warn me i'm new.
  8. Not these followers trying to be me and Stephen. Fox stan power. Don't deny that gurls.  
  9. hun i think you forgot the reason why your twins got to where they are, because if it wasn't for Fox sacrificing her body, the twins would not hold any record. AJ would still reign supreme. And funny that you act like Fox was clinging, when it was Brianna clinging to has sister and husband's necks for relevance. Let's get that clear.
  10.   That's what I THOT. Queen I remain.
  11. But wait at Stephen JUST being promoted two weeks ago according to his status, acting like he reigned supreme for years. Not even enough time to keep that seat warm.
  12. You can be prince and I queen, because we are NOT on equal footing, no matter how you try to slice it. So either you settle, or you'll be tossed from MY kingdom.   I think these gals have had the dose of medicine, because look where their faves are now. I'll pardon them with my queenly powers.      
  13. Stephen, any comments?
  14. Clock him. I don't think you want to try it with me. Don't play with fire.
  15.   I think you may have me confused with a lessor, part-time Fox stan. Us educated Fox stans never received warning points for defending the queen. In fact, we received promotions for doings so. Not once did I ever receive warning points in the process. I have too much respect for the queen to allow myself to stoop so low. I understand if you were a Blank Paige or a Bankruptor, or even an Naomobster, but us Foxtrotters don't do it like that. We were praised for our strength, our passion, our drags, and our gifs. I REFUSE to let anyone tarnish my work by using underhanded tactics to build the queen's base up, only to fail. I'll let you have your booster seat beside my throne, which you never once held. Now point me in the direction of those who were dragging the queen's name during my vacay.