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  1. Charlotte

    Charlotte is a Diva who has progressed rapidly ever since her debut, just over a year ago. Charlotte has been slated for not putting on a good wrestling match and also a waste of space by the IWC in the early days of her NXT career. Fast forward under a year later, and Charlotte shocks the world by having one of the best matches of the night at NXT Takeover, putting on a true classic and arguably the best Diva match in years (according to certain fans).   Charlotte, from what she was in 2008:     to shaking off a less than perfect past, determined to make a better life for herself:   The debut   The heel turn   The champion     Stan list:   - Charlie - Melon2617 - Saraisaflop - Jodes     OP by Charlie!
  2. Alicia Fox

    T H E  O F F I C I A L  F A N  B A S E  O F A L I C I A  F O X Alicia first appeared in WWE as a wedding planner hired by Edge and former SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero to prep the power couple’s on-air nuptials. After she was caught canoodling with the groom, however, Alicia wisely crawled into a foxhole somewhere before re-emerging as a bona fide Diva. The talented Ms. Fox has since appeared on Raw, SmackDown and WWE NXT season three (as a Pro for Maxine), scissor-kicking her way past Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Eve, Gail Kim and The Bellas to etch her name in the WWE record books as the first African-American woman to win the Divas Championship. She notched the title at 2010’s WWE Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view, then successfully defended it against top contender Eve at WWE Money in the Bank the following month. Resourceful, stunning and extremely lithesome in the ring, The Foxy Floridian has proven herself to be far more ferocious than anyone ever expected. Despite her friendship with many of her fellow competitors, at any moment, the femme fatale will outfox the opposition to claw to the top WWE’s Divas division. S O C I A L  N E T W O R K S                                 @AliciaFoxy          Alicia Fox - WWE                    Alicia Fox Ring Names: Alicia Fox, Tori, Victoria Crawford Birthdate:June 30th 1986 Hometown:Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Height:5'9" Professional Debut:July 1, 2006 WWE Debut:June 13, 2008/ November 18, 2008 Entrance Theme: [embed=305,229] [/embed] Finishing Moves: , Signature Moves: , Corner slingshot back elbow, Split leg head smash, Monkey flip, Multiple pinning variations, Pendulum backbreaker submission, Reverse elbow, off the second rope, Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Matrix evasion into handstand headscissors takedown Championships and Accomplishments OVW Women's Champion (1 time) WWE Divas Championship (1 time) First African-American woman to win the Divas Championship. Career Milestones – As Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s wedding planner, Alicia attends their reception on SmackDown. Triple H, no stranger to on-air nuptials, playing the role of party pooper, shows footage of Alicia locking lips with Edge the day before. Two days later at The Great American Bash, Alicia is guilty of costly interference which ultimately results in Edge losing his match for the WWE Championship. Two to Tango – November 18, 2008 Alicia returns on ECW accompanying dancing Brit DJ Gabriel to the ring for his debut. The pair had met during Alicia’s absence from television when she had moved her wedding planning business across the pond. The disco-influenced duo is a big hit with the WWE Universe for the duration of their tenure on ECW, defeating Superstars including Paul and Katie Lea Burchill, Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Alicia is unsuccessful in a Fatal 4-Way Match on Raw to determine the next challenger to the Divas Championship in August of 2009. The Foxy One’s luck turns around the following month when she pins Gail Kim after a devastating scissors kick in a very physical match to become the No. 1 contender to Mickie James’ Divas Championship for the first time. Zack Ryder woos Alicia’s managerial services, but the pairing quickly turns sour. After The Long Island Loudmouth provokes Raw guest host Ashton Kutcher via Twitter, the former “That ‘70s Show” star puts out a hit on Ryder. The bounty is collected by the most unlikely of sources as Alicia punks her beau and nails her patented scissors kick. A Very Foxy Champion – June 20, 2010 After several unsuccessful attempts, Alicia finally wins the Divas Championship for the first time at the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view event. Her tenure at the top of the Divas division begins in impressive fashion as Fox defeats Eve on a number of occasions and declares herself the owner of “the greatest reign in Divas Championship history.”
  3. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Welp. Goodnight everyone. I would say see ya next week, but after tonight, it is very unlikely.  
  4. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    The long term build to Travis vs Fox is just amazing. Ugh. WWE did that.
  5. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Yess bitch Wrestlemania storyline incoming  
  6. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Wait Migos is performing WHAT at the nick kid's choice awards?  
  7. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    This show is literally putting me to sleep. Road to Wrestlemania huh?  
  8. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    aslfks;l Nobody meaner than Tamina. Who thought of that shit
  9. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Could y'all imagine a division with Beth, Mickie, Alicia, Nattie, Michelle and even Maria as the cute career jobber in this current day? Whew. I'm salivating at the thought.  
  10. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Shit the Women's Division was so strong a decade ago. I'm so happy to see a lot of the ladies back. Just wish they were better integrated into the division instead of remaining seated in catering.  
  11. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

  12. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    To those thirsting after Gable, have y'all seen his face?
  13. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    LMAOOOO what a sad note to end a career on. BARON CORBIN!?  
  14. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    So what's that like chat website and when are y'all gathering again?  
  15. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    She's giving me Kim Zolciak.
  16. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    The pink in Lexi's hair is a bit tacky.  Can you come up with something else?  
  17. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    We ain't see this match 20 times already?
  18. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

      I guess I'll go to bed early and catch the match on Vine.  
  19. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Do we know what matches/segments are set for tonight? Is it worth staying up for three hours?
  20. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Please take that one before she kills it with all that salt.  
  21. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Are we still watching?  
  22. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Beth stans unite! The Kelly Clarkson of the WWE Women's Division has arrived.  
  23. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    First of all betch, the question is how y'all kept yourselves entertained after my seventh retirement. Let's get things straight.    
  24. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Sis is bringing monopoly and charades to catering? Hope the Riott Squad enjoy!