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  1. Charlotte

    For the pure significance of it all, I will fondly anticipate her bout with Natalya.
  2. Currently listening to....

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Thank God my working week is officially over.
  3. Pogo Jogging

    I haven't touched a pogo since I knocked my two front teeth out after flying off one when I was a child. The fear.
  4. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    I really wish she would veer away from animal print, to be honest. It accentuates her handsome features in all the wrong ways.
  5. Naomi Lack of Push do WWE know somthing we dont ?

    Naomi's skills are raw at the moment. I'm a huge fan, but I feel she needs to learn more grace when she's flying all over the ring like your average Wuxia heroine. Haha.
  6. Post Your Pictures

    Nah. Cheers anyway, though. <3
  7. In All Honesty...

    If anyone wants a true glimpse of Britani Knight before she was known as Paige, I implore you to seek out SHIMMER Vol.37 to... 44? Britani (and her Mother) display versatility that took the promotion to the next level in terms of character development. The intensity we're seeing now in this serious anti-Diva gimmick is miles away from the comedy gold of her obnoxious brat character in SHIMMER. Raquel Diaz should have studied them.
  8. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    Natalya is by far the most stylish Diva on the roster, in my opinion.
  9. Post Your Pictures

  10. Mickie James

    God help me but I find the song a tad catchy. She should have used the fan donations on a better songwriter, though.
  11. Post Your Pictures

    Always sweet talking me, Mariah. You'll make me blush one day.  ;)
  12. Post Your Pictures

    Too cute! I just want to put you in my pocket!
  13. Post Your Pictures

    I want that hat. And the drink. Gorgeous, as per usual. <3
  14. Post Your Pictures

    In that case...
  15. Paige

    Ah, the promo on Awesome Kong! :dying: