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  1. ūüé∂ Now Playing...

  2. ūüé∂ Now Playing...

     Probably my favorite girl group right now! 
  3. General Gaming

    She's visually great and story-wise, she's pretty badass. But coming from a fighting game player perspective, she's very, very underwhelming as a character. She lacks a lot, and it sucks because she's the closest to Mileena in this game, and I played Mileena in the previous ones.
  4. Jeff Hardy Arrested

  5. Nintendo announces ‚ÄúNintendo Switch Lite‚ÄĚ

    This is nice for people or parents who want a Switch, but don't want to go all-in on one with the dock, Joy-cons, etc.    I do wish they would've given some of these colors to the standard models, though. They're really nice. 
  6. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    How the hell could they have messed this up with the cast they had for this movie?    
  7. General Gaming

    I like to play single players games blind, without a walkthrough, to experience the story for myself unless I feel like I need it for optional stuff like end-game loot and items. I've kept myself in the dark about the game by (thankfully) avoiding so much gameplay on YouTube. I don't have the DLC for it (to be honest, I didn't even realize they added DLC to Spider-Man) but I'll play that later when I beat the base game.    Also, J. Jonah Jameson, his hate-boner for Spider-Man will never get old, and it's so good in the game.
  8. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    Please, don't do this to me. My childhood...
  9. Music of the moment

      Since I fully immersed myself into k-pop...
  10. Rebirth and a reflection of myself.

    I appreciate it a lot, Mariah. I really felt like I became ghost on here on a bad note, and I'm just hoping I can rebuild that trust I feel like I burnt out again with people.   The difficulty is activity since I'm not an active wrestling watcher anymore, though. 
  11. It's been a very long time.

  12. It's been a very, very, very long time since I've been active in any sort of IWC or discussion forum in general. I've learned a lot about myself and thought about the things I've done over the course of several years. I feel like I've changed... a lot. Personality-wise, I still feel like I'm the same but a lot less impulsive and foolish, but I still feel like I've retained a lot of my core. There's a lot of things I've done on here, and other places, in the past that I'm not proud of for sure. Burning bridges, making a fool of myself, and whatever else. But I guess it's time to show everything that I've been thinking about since I was last active on this website.    College taught me a lot about myself, and what I should've been doing. I felt like helped me grow and mature as a person and find the interests and hobbies that I truly feel the most passionate about in my life: video games, the FGC, and music. Video games have been a part of my life since I was very young, and I always found myself playing so many different games and being spoiled with the very latest ones. College helped me bond with people I'll never forget and introduced me to games that touched me straight to the soul because of how passionate I felt about it. That's been one of my biggest focuses other than my education in my life right now. I'm a fighting game player, and it made me turn into a very competitive but dedicated individual to what I love. College helped me find what I wanted to do with my life, and now I'm a college graduate as of December 2018 with a degree in IT, and I'm hoping I turn that love of technology into something I enjoy doing.    With the good of college comes the bad, and that's where I was impacted the most. It was a wake-up call to me during my first two years, to re-evaluate the decisions of my actions and poor time management. I've said this many times before, but college was the first time I've experienced some sort of romantic relationships in my life, but was a major factor in the negative parts of my college experience. I put myself in a toxic relationship with someone who only used me for something else, and I (being 19 at the time) kept trying to make it work because it was my first time doing anything romantically. Those 6/7 months I was with this girl ended up scarring me emotionally and mentally to this day. I'm not the same because of this. I don't feel like anyone will show me true love and I developed so many negative thoughts in my head that started to cloud my judgment and I shut down trying to talk to people, including friends I've made. I felt like I didn't belong in any friendship circle, including here and in college, at all. I felt like most of it was my doing, the negative reactions I've gotten in real life, and on here. To be honest, I still believe that, and it's going to take me a while to feel like I'm included anywhere. I'm still slightly closed off to talking and getting to know people because I'm just afraid I'm going to get hurt again. I've reflected on what I've done with this, and turned it into a learning experience for myself to be careful of who I'm involving myself with.    My time here and in the IWC in general was something that I really enjoyed, but like I said before, I felt like I burned a few bridges with my decisions and comments that I've made on and outside of Heartbreakers. There are a lot of people whom I enjoyed talking to on here, who are either inactive, somewhere else on social media, or I don't talk to anymore, because of my doing and how I've been inactive on here, putting my focus elsewhere. To all those people that I may have left a bad taste in their mouth over what I'm done, I'm sorry about that. I was very young and a lot of things going on in my life made me think about it. You probably won't accept my apology, and that's fine, I just wanted to get it off my chest. I just want to learn from the mistakes and actions I've done here as I felt like I have in college. As far as the IWC goes, I've just lost all my passion and interest in wrestling in general. The product to me has just been very lackluster for several years now that I've only been watching it casually. I'm glad some of my favorites are still in WWE, but I'm upset with the treatment and results of what has been going on in WWE for years now. It's just not enjoyable to watch anymore and has really sucked my passion for wrestling out that I can't really bare to watch any form of it anymore.   Now, as far as the "rebirth" of myself goes, I've changed a lot of my interests outside of having a new screen name. I've mainly dropped my persona as "MOB" and any forms of it I've used in the past and gone with my current alias: adamthyst, It's something that I feel fits me more and it's just easier to use my real name. Yes, my love for Tinashe has still stuck, that woman has impacted my life... seriously. That's why my current screen name is what it is. I'm still focused on video gaming and fighting games as a whole, as well as my passion for music. Hell, now I listen to K-Pop, and it was my own doing, even though someone on here has exposed me to it before. I regret not going down that rabbit hole sooner. I still listen to the same stuff I used to in the past, but now it includes video game music and k-pop. I don't really know if I want a fresh start here or not, but I'd like to say that this is just me saying that I've decided to change a few things about myself and somewhat explain my actions.    So yeah, this has been how I've feeling since maybe 2016 and on. It will take me a WHILE to figure out if I want to be active again, I know a lot has changed since I've mainly been on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. I just need to find my stride and feel like I belong in this community again.
  13. First Trailer for "Persona 5: Royal"

    I can't wait for it. I put over 300 hours into Persona 5 when I first played the game blind and fell in love with it. The game genuinely touched my soul for the better and it really gave a lasting impact into my life.    Hoping it'll answer questions and fill in holes that the first game left in my heart during the entire game, as well as seeing the new areas and dungeons they add. 
  14. General Gaming

    Spider-Man is so, so good. Not terribly far into the game but they've done a good job at making it feel like another Spider-Man story, plus the gameplay and VA's are quality. 
  15. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    Alright so, I've been dealing with my own issues and depression for about 3-ish years now. All of these are feelings of loneliness, self-image issues, and just not believing in myself in anything, even sometimes the things that I love. Most of this stems off of a toxic relationship I had at the same time I started feeling that way. To sum it all up, I stayed in it because I wanted to make it work and because it was my first relationship, but the girl and I were way too incompatible and I just didn't feel a sort of connection to her. She was the one who took my virginity, etc. but that's not really what got me, I felt used for sex cause that's literally all we did. I never really felt happy with this person, and when I got out of it I was happy, but I was so upset.  I started having depressive thoughts later, and didn't believe I could actually be with anyone else or that I'd never get in a relationship where I actually felt a deep connection to someone. Like, hooking up is fine, but I still felt that way. I hooked up with another person about a few months after all of that shit ended, and after I got ghosted, I took a spiral down and my feelings of loneliness increased.  So 3 years later, I go to MAGFest and meet up with a friend of mine cause she wanted me to buy her alcohol at the time since she wasn't 21 at the time. I do that, meet up with her and I meet a ton of her friends in her hotel room. There was one in particular that I found real cute and stuff, but I was like "Nah dude, you couldn't get with that" to myself. So I'm trying to get to know people (cause I want con friends, etc.) and I noticed my homegirl got pulled aside by the one girl I'm talking about. We're all having small talk, etc. and that person starts blatantly hitting on me and I'm like "Woah " but since I'm shy as hell, I don't really do anything with it. We leave to go party and etc. so while we're waiting and stuff in a hallway, my homegirl pulls me aside and was like "Dude, she's been eyeballing you and shit all day, go talk to her." Let's just say I was too shy to do that and I can only talk to girls while I'm kinda drunk. I tell myself that I'll try again tomorrow, etc. repeatedly but I could never find that girl or only ran into her a few times after that. So I'm like... "Shit I should've shot my shot" and just shake my head at myself. So the con ends and a day or 2 after it, I'm about to get off work and I had a few missed calls and texts from my homegirl. I look at them and she's like "Where the fuck are you? This girl is dead ass about to be in town cause she's visiting me, you better come shoot your shot" and I'm like DYING inside and not prepared . So I respond that I'll go with her, and she basically wingwomans for me to the girl, and it was almost like a double date at dinner cause my homegirl brought her BF with her. So myself and the girl go to the car so she can get some bags and stuff and she was like "Well I wish I got to talk to you at MAG because I think you're really cute and wanna get to know you" and shit. So I got her number and on the way home she starts texting me and shit, asking if I wanted to smash. I said yeah so they drive us to my house and I turned on some anime and we smashed. Also, originally, she was supposed to only stay for a day, but while we were texting in the car I was being playful and said like "Well if you stayed I'd make you dinner" and all that stuff, but she agreed to purposely miss her bus home to stay a little more with me.  So that happens, and things are happening SO fast. Like, feelings and emotions wise. She actually treated me so much better than my ex the couple of days we'd been hanging out and having sex, letting out both of our vulnerable sides and etc. Come time for her to leave, I ask her out and we date briefly. She comes back after leaving and she isn't really letting me get closer to her, etc. and I'm not sure why. So we broke it off early (she asked) because she said that she had so much shit going on in her life that she isn't ready for a relationship right now. We both also agreed we took things way too fast but still wanted to be friends. We're still friends, but I learn more about all the shit going on in her life and her baggage: sexual assault trauma and a lot of other mental health issues. She still visits sometimes and we talk, but man... I actually have legit feelings for the girl and I'm like... I know that she has to help herself get past her trauma and etc, and I told her I'd be there for her when she needed it. But man... everything feels like it was terrible timing. I know I shouldn't have asked her out after a few days, but my emotions were pretty high and so were her's, and I acted on them. I learned a lesson there, but I still can't help but feel alone and still wanting to be there with her..  I don't wanna sit here and wait for her, cause I'm just not gonna let these feelings and my loneliness eat away at me. I think there's room for stuff to happen in the future, but I'm just... not really sure what I need to do at this point. We're friends, yeah, but I still have these feelings and I don't wanna get too attached to her, etc. There's just so much shit going on in my head right now that I need to help get myself together and still remain close to the girl...