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  1. Music of the moment 🎶 

  2. Music of the moment 🎶
  3. General Gaming

    Maybe when there's a price reduction. Some of the lower reviews of the game have shocked me for sure, as I'd have thought it to be better than that. Overall, the game has had a good reception and I've definitely heard some things (i.e. a literal 2 hour long ending cutscene) about it that have made me think about just waiting a little bit before I get the game.     My backlog of unfinished/unstarted games is ridiculously long anyway, I should probably finish all of those. 
  4. They should've stopped after the previous reboots, especially when they turned John Connor into a villain.
  5. Me. I Am Mariah...

    I will have to build that trust/relationship back with myself and people here first. 
  6. General Gaming

    Pokemon Sword/Shield leaks are all over the place and I can't find a safe place to avoid the spoilers. 
  7. The title really says how I feel.   There's a lot of people on here I know I either: pissed off or burnt a bridge with, mostly due to my actions and ignorance. As I became an active user here several years ago, I felt like I wasn't gonna belong here since my personality really doesn't match up with the majority of the users here. Even the people I knew before I came here to Heartbreakers, I felt like I wouldn't get along with them or I'd do something to upset them. I definitely did. I don't know what it was - but I felt super outcasted as a result. I don't have the heart or personality a lot of people here do, nor do I share a lot of the same beliefs. I know how I lashed out people before made me look like an idiot, but honestly I can't take it back and I'll just hold the L on that one. People here weren't even toxic to me, I was the one doing that. That's really not the person I wanted to be. I should've seen that.    This is just to put it out there to people I was previously friends with or was talking to on here: I felt like I burned a LOT of bridges with all of you, and that is definitely my fault. I was too ignorant back then and didn't understand. That shit isn't easy to repair, and I don't think some of you will accept that out of me. But, this all has been on my mind since I sporadically browsed and posted on here. I didn't feel comfortable with even posting at all. You don't have to forgive me, but I just want to put it out there that I acknowledge my own mistakes. I just wanted to own up to them since I've felt like a fool for the longest time since I stopped being active here. 
  8. Music of the moment 🎶 

      Because I can't wait to get my hands on the Western release and put another 300 hours into it.
  9. Me. I Am Mariah...

    Mariah, I don't care if you hid your true identity from me or this community, I'll always remember you for the kind-hearted person you were to me. I'm really glad you came out with this post. Our relationship really wasn't what I wanted it to be, mainly due to my own doing, but you still made me felt safe and welcome here when I have always felt like an outsider. I appreciate you because you created HB and actually let me connect with you on a somewhat personal level. Thank you, Mariah. I'm also super proud you had the courage to post this. 
  10. Marc Mero Talks Sable Cheating On Him

    That was uhh... an interesting read to say the least.
  11. Rob Lowe doesn’t regret sex with underage girl

    He's actually serious....?   That's... that's not okay. 
  12. Jared Leto FUMED Over Joaquin Phoenix's "JOKER"

    Mad because his portrayal of Joker is better than his subpar Joker in Suicide Squad.
  13. Post Your Pictures

    It's been a while but... I graduated college over a year ago! This is part of a set of senior photos the graduating class got for my year in a school club I was in. These are honestly the most recent photos of myself, anyway. 
  14. General Gaming

    The PS2/PS3 era games have a fine story. 7's is trash. They tried to make it like a cinematic story but the fights just aren't fun really. 6 has Scenario Campaign which was really fun but it's super different than what they had before, but it's a lot more in depth than most of the games go in the story so you really get to see what's canon and what isn't.