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  1. I know I am really not active here anymore, but damn, time flies. Happy belated birthday, Heartbreakers!
  2. Which Heartbreaker is Gonna Do It?

    Who's going to do... IT?!?!?!    
  3. Who is Cesaro's best partner?

    Chris Hero.
  4. WWE UK Championship Tournament I beautiful dream!

    Not as good as their BOLA match, but good stuff from both as usual. Match of the tournament was definitely the finals. Tyler is the ultimate babyface, with great charisma, technical ability and charm. Pete is a hell of a bully heel that does whatever it takes to win. I've been fans of Trent, Tyler and Pete since I started watching Progress in early 2016, so seeing them being broadcasted on a big stage was really cool.
  5. Emmalina's theme and new entrance

    Wasting her talent.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Hey y'all.
  7. Random Thoughts

    I love life.
  8. No Mercy 2016: Live Chat

    Lmao, he is not coming back anytime soon. Tied down to that LU contract.
  9. UPDATE: Name Changes

    I prefer my new name. THANK GOD.
  10. UPDATE: Name Changes

    Ohhhhhh, I may change mine. Nobody cares about my name anymore; so it'll work.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I can't believe I turn 22 on Monday. I am getting too old.
  12. Eva Marie Suspended

    This isn't kayfabe. She took some thing, whether it be recreational drugs, PEDs, or a prescription she didn't mention to the WWE doctors.
  13. Paige SUSPENDED

    The company broadcasts all over the world... I am not saying she is a star necessarily, but every wrestling fan that watches the product knows who she's.
  14. Paige SUSPENDED

    I do feel quite bad for her as a person. Getting worldwide fame at such a young age, the pressure of the touring schedule. It has to be bad for the psyche of someone so young. I am not condoning her violating the wellness policy whatsoever; I am just speaking generally.