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  1. Backstage heat on The Rock

    yikes, cringeyyy  
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    imagine clicking on this, i can't relate  
  3. Backstage heat on The Rock

    does anyone have fan footage of this, i really wanna see  
  4. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    i don't wanna talk about the nay situation bc that's honestly so aggy, the other shoe really DID drop   omg but BITTTTTTCH fattie vs nickel was AMAZING omg where the FUCK did this match even come from they made great use of the arena and i'm glad they used weapons as well  i GASPED when nicole smashed nat's head right into that mirror and gasped even louder when nat kicked out  omg but ryse getting involved and serving tommy dreamer by yielding that steel pipe and beating the shit out of nikki with it  omg it's so weird seeing maryse use a weapon in a wwe setting bc i don't ever recall seeing this bitch use anything outside of her spraying tittie with hairspray circa 2009   
  5. "there was no negativity since the draft" ooooookayy but can someone tell me why lil alien didn't ask nay to expand on the negativity that happened before the draft?
  6. when lilian talked about how nay needs to get rid of her mentality of how even after attaining success, she's still waiting for the other shoe to drop  but like, can you blame the bitch?  
  7. ugh lilian's voice GRATED ME when she was doing the voiceover for naomi's video package   UGLY  
  8. jldfjdsjf they didn't name drop aksana when they were talking about her eye injury  
  9. Poll about past Women

    i truly hope that at least 2 of those girls are going to get re-signed. the division is in desperate need of more physically attractive girls bc some of the current talent stay looking like nuclear blast survivors #BringOurModelsBack  
  10. WAIT outstanding "actress"  
  11. can we just agree that this fat bitch said it?
  12. i mean i always wanted her gone so now i'm glad i actually have a valid reason to push for her release. bye bitch
  13. Why SmackDown is the best :))