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  1. Did Mae support Moolah's wrongdoings?

    This is one of those things that's really difficult to have a discussion on because as one of Moolah's close friends, i'm almost positive she's at least heard rumblings among the other women in the industry and of course if Mae was to ever confront Moolah about any of the allegations, she would have tried to spin it and give her a different angle. I can understand as a close friend she'll have some sort of bias to believe Moolah over the allegations being made but yeah, idk. This is really hard because we have no confirmation of the extent to which Mae knew or genuinely believed what was going on and she isn't here to defend herself so.
  2. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    You always wanna be edgy soooo bad lmaoooooo. Pero like, why am i not even surprised your ignorant basic ass wouldn't be able to grasp the fundamental concept that it isn't as simple as "a fucking name" as it is about honouring a disgusting piece of shit and ultimately giving an entire new generation of wrestling fans a fucked up, distorted version of history that they can help continue to push to future generations. Educate yourself before getting back on that same tired high horse saddle you stupid miserable fuck lmao
  3. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    honestly at this point we should just name every thing after mae young  
  4. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    I hope yall will be happy when they rename it to the Stephanie McMahon Levesque Battle Royal
  5. New Match For Wrestlemania

    the insufferable str***** fans are going to be FUMING  
  6. Emma talks Emmalina floppage

    i feel bad for girls who work their asses off just to get the gimmick they pitched to work, only to flop  another reason why nay is a legend  
  7. I mean I wouldn't really care either way but she DID always give me kii's with her facial expressions so i guess i'll miss ha
  8. sasha is the only person that won't make this match boring. ugh i wish nay and char were in this match
  9. Gail Kim retires

    why does she keep re-retiring? teas of me saying i'm leaving hb every year since 2013
  10. The fact that you genuinely thought people didn't know this already, grasped at your mouse with your kfc grease soaked sausage fingers to explain this basic elementary ass level knowledge, and then proceeded to embarrass/expose yourself for being unable to detect the kii-undertone to everyone's posts. Go find some other posts to ride, tubby.
  11. thank god i can't wait for the divas to use it whenever they cut a promo  
  12. omg BITTTCCCHHHH i fucking GAGGED  woooooo, my heart was having palpitations, that was intense  and the crowd went NUTS  mella kicking char a bit just to see if she was unresponsive enough to get a 1-2-3   
  13. Ivory reportedly headlining HOF ceremony

    for a second i thought she was gonna be like actually headlining the class even with goldberg getting into the same class sfkhhkfdskdfjkdsfkj
  14. First Gail and now Thickki. What's in the water these lady wrestlers are drinking?