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  1. if he ever praised me i'd probably start cutting myself
  2. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

  3. she literally just combined kane's gimmick and boogeyman's gimmick 
  4. Emergence 2020: Results

    lmao i thought i smoked a joint when i was watching some of that
  5. Marty Jannetty admits to murder - Police now investigating.

    lock him uP
  6. Naya Rivera (Glee) is missing

    aw i liked her
  7. i think she could pull it off tbh, especially with the right styling
  8. wwe stays giving me circus teas
  9. screaming at this person's petition making it to forbes  
  10. it was like they went out on the street and asked some random hobo to compile a list