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  1. this is literally my first time hearing about this wiz khalifa person and wow she has a really ugly face  bayley isnt shaking  
  2. Source: The Sun
  3. like........ it all makes sense now  
  4. just quietly replace thigha with kharma and pretend like nothing happened. people won't notice and will probably just think nia got better in the ring
  5. Sasha & Alexa Make History

    the fucking gear  ♪ ♫ ♬go go power rangers♪ ♫ ♬  
  6. Sasha Banks on the Steve Austin podcast

    I literally had no idea Mia was taking school online. No wonder she has difficulties speaking, she never had the chance to properly learn phonics. 
  7. Didn't @Josh. interview Melina that one time? The one where he got Mel to spill her true feelings about @Mariah.?
  8. John Cena is being sued by Ford.

    ford sweaty you're doing amazing
  9. FCW & NXT Alumni Returning to Wrestling

    There's only room for one Guerrero in the WWE. And she's already in it.
  10. you know things are bad when the reigning champion wants to leave  
  11. Naomi suffers injury?

    this will be a good way to give her a break and refresh her presence. when she returns, all those fat fuck wrestling fans who keep saying "i'm so bored of naomi lol" in the youtube comments section will be tweeting "OMG NAOMI!!!!! SHE'S BACK!!!! #WeMissedYouNaomi"
  12. nay laid out in her neck brace had me sCREAMING  someone gif it  
  13. naomi looking like she's laying in a casket  
  14. this womens invasion serving every time noobs join hb and try to square up against hb vets in ER