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  1. Post Your Pictures

  2. Eva Marie Launching Podcast, Signs Deal with PodcastOne

    4 episodes tops lol
  3. WWE Evolution Leaked?

  4. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    fat bitch       
  5. mess, i though this little bitch already knew it was me hence why he followed me on twitter :uhh:@Captain Fox

    1. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      I followed you because you are fine as hell and now I'm getting this revelation.


  6. Brie vs. Maryse Announced for SD Live

    it's 2008 omg
  7. Are good looks important to you?

    omg i still have an original copy of this issue somewhere in storage  
  8. Are good looks important to you?

    well i grew up in the diva era so yah
  9. Post Your Pictures

  10. Becky Lynch tops WWE Power Ranking

    they still do power bottom rankings?   
  11. Wait, SUmmer isnt employed anymore?  
  12. also, keep it. i got over her after aj made her relevant and she ditched
  13. Celeste Bonin: I’m a business woman and an entrepreneur and a sports entertainer. Chris Van Vliet: Oh she’s using the ‘sports entertainment’ word. No, you’re a wrestler. Celeste Bonin: Ok, is that what we’re doing? I’m a wrestler then. Chris Van Vliet: Until you work for the other company, you’re a wrestler.    
  14. Ronda wants to inspire social change in WWE

    babe if u wanna inspire social change, you'll call out the mcmahons on twitter like aj did