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  1. Brie wants to be a single mother

    the fucking thread title  
  2. Talk is Jericho with Naomi

    the swimsuit spectacular, a mat CLASSIC   omg neigh's come such a long way  
  3. Naomi Expected to Keep Title For Remainder of 2017?

    well at least naomi's reign is gonna serve street fighter boss where she has to go through several girls before reaching charlotte lmaoo
  4. Dawn Marie Starts Her New Career

    queen of healing people
  5. there's SO much i have on my mind that i wanna say and i don't even know where to start   i've known some of you since um like, what, 2012? n e way i guess the one big takeway from all my years with you guys is that yah sure it's fun to talk about divas and drag them but the one thing i've treasured the most = the friendships i've made and the people i've had the pleasure of meeting (even the ones i hated and had to fight in hb council or ER or plug).  and you kNOW this is 100% truth bc why else would i join hb almost a year after embarrassing myself as a nazi forum admin and running RV into the ground in 2012?  
  6. Baron Corbin vs. Dave Meltzer Twitter Spat

    it's so nice to see dave get his toupee tugged like this  
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    omg i only just saw this now and omg at this rate, her bad blood with alexa is gonna be more iconic than tittie vs asylumelina    
  8. Raw and SD womens divisions are both really bad atm

    how many threads exactly like this one are going to be created every week? can we just have one thread and merge all these identical angry complaints together bc i feel like i've read this same shit over and over and over by different people  
  9. Another Superstar Shake Up

    so nattie wins the title and carmella cashes in right after CONFIRMED
  10. honestly wow, paige is so fucking iconic. she isnt even present in the company anymore and her damn jacket is giving the girls stress-acne. only a legend i guess
  11. why is saraya's jacket all of a sudden the center of all their off-screen storylines, first mia and now emmerson i'm pEEING
  12. Dana Calls out Lana's Ability

    poor diana, anal is blocking her tv time from a completely different show/brand