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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    5150 holdlina watching last night's episode of SD   
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    noah fence but patricia really is the greatest of all time  what a fucking legend. she did THAT    
  3. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    What a fucking NIGHT. Poor Rawomyn. They're DONE. Over. Dead.
  4. i'm PISSING at them being so lazy that they literally just cut out becky's arm/belt and plopped it on top of alexa's render  
  5. omg i'm so excited to see where this goes  and after necki spearing nattie through a table, i'm so excited for them too  i forgot the last time i watched raw  
  6. your fave actually looked great tonite and for once her face didn't look like a beef patty. congrats  
  7. i mean we all saw it coming but FUCK  unreal. just unreal  
  8. cruella deville? dalmations? ugh  
  9. i wanna go jack off every time i see wwf's avi but the cage match is still on ugh  
  10. ew at that dropkick not even connecting, i'm mad  
  11. luchadora does a run in during the ending sequence, costs bucky the match. bucky unmasks and reveals lucha as tittie and the show goes off the air as bucky stares at tittie in disbelief while tittie stares back in a psycho kinda way. calling it now  
  12. king should have said "midcarder" instead of "loser". same thing i guess
  13. if you squint really hard, dolph kinda looks like lana bc of the ponytail