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  1. Nikki Cross Gets a Character Change

    so is she gonna be like another Bayley or
  2. still haven't forgiven ha for beating gina carano juiced up like the pathetic loser she is so keep it
  3. Rhea Ripley Says Homophobic Slur in 2019

    we been knew diarhea was trash so
  4. The Evolution of Heartbreakers Community

    bitch reading that OP it's just settled in that I've now known you for 7 fucking years, what the fuck we're oLD
  5. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    sweaty it's called 'not getting a push'. also known as 'you aren't the it-girl right now'
  6. WrestleMania Main Event Allegedly BOTCHED

    wait, all this time I thot it was ronda's retirement match  
  7. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

  8. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    anyway, Sasha's brujeria worked tonight
  9. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    omg willy, I didn't know that was your new username     
  10. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    wait who is prince  Anya? 
  11. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    the original hb members before the womens revolution vs after      
  12. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    really cool moment for becky and that's enormous for her but im feeling so iffy  
  13. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    that shoulder thing was so messy, anyway