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  1. i think she could pull it off tbh, especially with the right styling
  2. wwe stays giving me circus teas
  3. screaming at this person's petition making it to forbes  
  4. it was like they went out on the street and asked some random hobo to compile a list  
  5. Money in the Bank 2020: Live Chat

    Just got to the part where Dayna thought she won, sCREAMING. This whojle match is a mess, im on the floor in tears.
  6. honestly for the longest time i've always wanted to see a woman break that barrier and be the female rock and be an a-list actor/uber mainstream so i'm down. we almost got it with sable and stacy but maybe it'll finally happen now  
  7. Rebellion 2020: Results

    mess, before clicking on this thread i thought wwe brought back the rebellion ppv
  8. Taynara Conti Comments on her WWE Release, Future Plans

    she reminds me of that venezuelan chick from love is blind
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    omg cloudy prolly had to suck his cheese dick to get him to promote yikes\ also i just wanna know why she has these ugly ass riding boots in her amazon wishlist
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    he did not  
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  12. New MITB Ladder Match?

    im open to it, but it ultimately depends on how they shoot it. like just don't serve me soap opera angles, lighting, etc and we'll be GOOD
  13. Killing Eve

    I came across this thread the other day, almost forgot to come back and say that i'm on season 2 episode 3 now. pero like this show is amazing i cant stop watching it, i literally pushed 2 of yesterday's internal work calls to today just so i could watch more. i'm...... this thread just ruined mY LIFe i think    
  14. Amy Weber Calls Out Edge & Randy Orton

    I miss my Amy Weber/Carmella/Joy CAWS.