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  1. WrestleMania 36: Live Chat

    yall really watching wrestlingmenia?  
  2. Lindsay Lohan releases new song “Back to Me”

    weight a minute this is GOOD     
  3. if you want a number one, now is the time to push up your movie release date ladies.       
  4. why was there no hbmania in 2018?
  5. WrestleMania Officially Moved to the PC

    this virus is SO annoying  
  6. Lady Gaga - "Stupid Love" Video Premiere

    WAYMENT  i love it  a song and a video  
  7. i feel so bad for him tho :\            
  8. "Friends" Reunion Confirmed for HBO Max

    Dassit???? Just sit around and talk????  
  9. ugh i wish she was prettier but wwe always serves homeless crackwhore to high end pornstar makeovers so 
  10. can this movie come out tomorrow  
  11. Random Thoughts

    2:19 that one time beyonce's skinny white backup dancer FELT it