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  1. Victoria Announces Retirement from In-Ring Competition

    she's retiring cuz she's doing rumble 2019 and also getting inducted into the hof a few months later   
  2. suddenly i don't want the diva era back
  3. Another newbie here

  4. Happy Holidays, Heartbreakers!

    merry christmas, hope all your ugly faves prosper in the new year x
  5. me when there's a rat on the floor   
  6. What would your reaction be...

    kool thread
  7. she's soooooo aggy, i love her   
  8. omg this is a mess. this sounded so forced and cringey, like her promos  
  9. her outfit.... her walking out with the belt around her waist. im piSSING
  10. FOX Wants Ronda Rousey On SmackDown In 2019

  11. Natalya Heel Turn on Ronda Nixed

    it would have been underwhelming anyway  
  12. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    bitch i just watched the match and charlotte snapping SHITTED. im living for the girls getting bloodied too   
  13. the graphic in the op