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  1. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    Exactly. Brie's made it clear going on the road isn't an option and Nikki has said she can never be full-time, I think even part-time, ever again so I'm confused by a lot of the posts in here. She can clearly still wrestle (like she did just a week before that tweet about her spine fghj), just obviously very infrequently/one-offs. The fake concern isn't needed! If they returned for something to do with tag titles, chances are it would be nothing more than a segment heavy four week feud with Billie and Peyton (I'm not calling them by that dumb new name) leading to a PPV match they would either lose or win and drop the titles the next night just so the only twin sister team can be the inaugural champs. Here for it
  2. Winter Returning to Impact

    I feel like I remember her not being too happy about how her last run turned out and/or how she left and not exactly being eager to ever return, so kinda strange. Is it worth it? Is it worth $0?
  3. Onward and Upward

    Hmm, I see it but don't liken them! Bryan at least seems like he's down to earth and has been willing to sacrifice his personal life to give Brie the more open, engaging brand she wants. Less trying to keep up appearances and maintain an image; more genuine, in a give and take relationship, and a little cynical because he'd rather enjoy his life with his wife, child and recycling bin without all the cameras and attention. John is a sociopath who's going to die alone.
  4. Edited the title and locked that disgusting other thread bc here the women come FIRST The sadist in me kinda hopes he cheated and it comes out, so what's left of his perfect gentleman/Superman image can finally come to an end. He's annoying, slimy, obnoxious, patronizing, not funny (him posting Comic Book Guy...) and no amount of money can make up for that. The few lonely months with the vibrators will be worth it in the long run, queen!
  5. I thought something was up because last I checked the wedding planning wasn't going how I imagined it and they still hadn't revealed the date, but damn gjnf. Better now than later though, I guess! I'm sad for her, especially because she's gone through so much shit for and within the relationship over the years and still stuck by him that something had to have happened for it to end like this, but I'm sure this'll be the start of an exciting new beginning for her. She's built a strong brand, in part thanks to him -- which will take some adjustment -- but she should still get to continue and reap the benefits, whether they're together or not. The only thing she can be dragged for is that it took her this LONG (and the WM proposal, ach), but she can fly free now
  6. WWE Women: Evolved

  7. WWE Women: Evolved

    I was bored and inspired okay
  8. WWE Women: Evolved

    WWE WOMEN: EVOLVED This past weekend at WrestleMania 34, across three matches on the main card featuring women, we would witness Charlotte Flair end the undefeated streak of Asuka to retain the SmackDown Women's Championship, Nia Jax defeat the longest reigning Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss to win the title for the first time, and Ronda Rousey wrestle her first WWE match in a mixed tag. Although WrestleMania 32 is noted for its similar prominent featuring of women from NXT -- women who had debuted after the previous year's Grandest Stage of Them All -- this year featured women ranging from making their in-ring debut that night to having been prominent fixtures on Raw and/or SmackDown for nearly three years, almost all however having one thing in common: they're apart of the 'New Era'. Aside from Stephanie McMahon who is her own entity and unable to be compared to any active wrestler as long as her last name and corporate position remains, Mickie James was the only tenured woman (in WWE) to appear on the main card, only as a manager that was swiftly dispatched of before the bell had even rang. Even she only returned to the company in early 2017 after seven years, opening herself up to a whole new generation of fans that had probably never even heard of her before. To put it into perspective, we've reached the point where women like Asuka and Ember Moon, who were yet to even be signed when what WWE notes as the beginning of the 'revolution' took place on July 13, 2015, have won and lost the NXT Women's Championship and gotten their call-up to face women they've never even been on the televised NXT roster at the same time as. For Asuka, that's Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. For Ember, that extends to the women called up in the year following all the way up to the WWE Draft; Dana Brooke, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Bayley who she was on the same roster as for merely 48 hours before her call-up the following Monday. A monumental moment in itself, The Empress of Tomorrow's streak being ended by Charlotte in their first ever encounter is made even more surreal when you consider the entire two and a half year legacy was built after Charlotte had departed NXT and begun her main roster success. The night after Asuka would win the NXT Women's Championship and begin her record-breaking reign at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, Charlotte would make history as the first ever holder of the now Raw Women's Championship. As hard as it may be to believe, their encounter was in some ways a clash of times and a testament to just how far the 'revolution' has come. The 'revolution' that was in part a cause of WWE being forced to catch up to a revolution for women in sports, at the time spearheaded by the hype surrounding Ronda who would coincidentally have her first match the same night these two stars collided.  Paige, Emma and Summer Rae -- the women many grouped as the Horsewomen of their NXT era that birthed the next incarnation -- have all come and gone, two being released last October and Paige retiring from in-ring competition a legend this past week in the same building she debuted in to win the Divas Championship four years prior, kicking down the door for the women of NXT in the process. She now makes the transition to becoming purely an on-screen character, assuming the post of General Manager of SmackDown Live. Similarly, the other group the latter was apart of, the Fab Four that dominated our screens with gold in the year following Paige's debut and were the only ones featured in the WrestleMania match for the women the year prior to the retirement of the Divas Championship, appear to have made peace with moving on. AJ Lee retired merely months before the introduction of Charlotte, Becky and Sasha, but not without calling out women's pay in WWE in a series of tweets to Stephanie. A shining example that inspired and took Paige, Bayley, and more of the new generation under her wing during her time on top, she's gone on to become an active mental health advocate and write a New York Times Best Seller, released almost two years to the day her retirement was announced. The Bella Twins have all but officially called it quits, working in more of an ambassador role and returning for one-offs this year while continuing to expand their Bella empire through countless outside ventures. That includes Total Bellas and Total Divas, the latter of which has welcomed several of the new generation as cast members over seven seasons (most recently Carmella who Nikki helped introduce to the WWE Universe as her first big feud, Alexa and Nia) and Nikki has received executive producing credits for. In another coincidence, Ronda would make her first appearance in a WWE ring the same night as Paige, AJ and the Bellas' WrestleMania 31 tag bout. Of course, there's always exception. On the WrestleMania 34 kickoff, Naomi would best nineteen other women to become the inaugural winner of the 'WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal' trophy, in a match that also featured Mickie wrestling and another veteran in Natalya. Having been signed the same year as AJ and competing on the same season of NXT in 2010, joining Nikki and Brie as a founding cast member of Total Divas in 2013, and the honorary fifth to their foursome with Paige from 2014 to 2015, Naomi is a special case in which time seems to have worked weirdly. However, essentially re-debuting on SmackDown Live in 2016 after the WWE Draft served as a reboot of sorts for all, it would be this brand new look and gimmick that began her ascent to being recognized as a championship worthy competitor; netting two reigns, appearing on PPV posters and gathering back-to-back WrestleMania victories. Although the brand NXT has obviously very much changed from what it was when Naomi competed on it, WWE seem to have happily retconned what that means, including her in a graphic showcasing the women that had sparked change from the ground up in NXT during their 2017 Business Partner Summit last April. Six NXT women would also make their first main roster appearances in the aforementioned battle royal, at one point joining forces to take out the competition and lead a chant for their brand. All in all, the point is just to take a step back and consider how much has happened in the last few years. The women have competed in their first Iron Man, Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank (complete with successful cash-in), Last Man Standing, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches. Two of those have main-evented a main roster pay-per-view and another a NXT special. Both championships were defended in singles matches at WrestleMania, the first of their kind in over a decade. Nearly twenty women have made the jump from NXT or just debuted straight on to main since July 13, 2015, including the three on that date -- more than had debuted in double that amount of time prior. Today, they make up the majority of the roster. WWE always promoted women like Paige and the Four Horsewomen as the leaders of the 'revolution', but they still had women to lean on in both their work and backstage, the women who most recently paved the way for them. Now, very few of them remain as active members of the division and the new generation have become the leaders. In a sense, the revolution has completed its first lap. Although there's perhaps one big achievement still on people's minds, it's without question that the women have gotten their name out there regardless. They're comfortably on the map, the roster is bigger than ever, the wheels have been set in motion for them to compete in annual events just like the guys would, and this is only the beginning of a journey well on its way to accomplishing that goal: main-eventing WrestleMania.
  9. SmackDown April 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Ahhhhh, Mellegend I'm so happy for Paige too, you literally calling it fgcz @Cooksie Between all of that + Iconic, I REALLY hope the Bellas get in more appearances this year, perhaps for a SS program, just so I can see them interact with these girls on screen, whether again or for the first time. Nothing about Raw really got me too hyped (besides seeing Jeff solo again and I guess Ember) because I was too sad about Paige, but SD going forward excites me. I'm used to it enough to know they're gonna fuck it up soon, but for now they kinda have me by the balls.
  10. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    fgjdz she's relating it back to herself like top girls do and because she finds it hilarious that she deprived her fans of more seasons   The flame is a metaphor for their shortlived but memorable and impactful careers.
  11. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

  12. Raw April 9, 2018: Live Chat

    I'm so heartbroken for Paige. I know it's been an open secret for months but the confirmation stings. After the whirlwind year or so she had before returning, she overcame everything and seemed so happy and in a much better place getting to be back on the road and wrestle last year. She had the biggest reaction to the Rumble announcement and then had to miss it, then EC, another WM, and chances are she'll never wrestle again. She can retire knowing she made history more than once, left a huge impact through only like 2 or 3 full years and still has one of the most iconic debuts of all time male or female, but it feels so incomplete. SHE was the leader of what WWE classifies as the revolution and this was supposed to be her comeback/chance to mix in with so many of the new girls she paved the way for
  13. Raw April 9, 2018: Live Chat

  14. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    You talking like it's over too fsldz. Moved on?
  15. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    This was a pretty lame WM. Poor Asuka having her streak end on this largely forgettable night