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  1. Is Trish still the standard?

    Taylor? Is that you? Welcome back, omg!  
  2. Yerrrrrr

  3. Hi

  4. Nikki Bella RUMOURED to be dating a WWE Executive

    Worked out well for them, right?
  5. Nikki Bella RUMOURED to be dating a WWE Executive

    Hm, I think I'm gonna need a more trusted source before I buy it personally. Hope he's at least cute if true tho!
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE "Not nearly as much as I hate when they're reckless and repeatedly ignore instructions despite being around more than long enough to know better," Dean's head snaps in the direction of Jey and Jimmy. "Heh," he matches their now slowly fading smirks. "I guess I do hate when they act brand new. We don't fight, but that don't mean you're off the hook and it certainly don't mean I wouldn't whoop both your asses right here, right now, if I wanted to. You think 'cause there's two of you, you can run around this town doing whatever you want, you think you're somebody to throw your weight around? You might be somebodies in that scene, but in this scene, you're children compared to me. You have a false sense of superiority, a false of security, and I would be thrilled to be the one to work it outta both of you... it'll just have to wait." He turns back to Seth, his glare softening ever so slightly. "Don't think that doesn't go for you too. You've had enough time to settle in and now it's time you settle down. We don't fight because we talk things out. Look, I get it. This situation is far from ideal, but not everything is fucking ideal, alright? You think I wanna be here having to deal with this shit, period? But that's fucking life. You deal with the cards you're dealt, and the cards we've been dealt are a real fucking trip. Brace yourselves." Just as Dean was about to fill them in, his phone would begin to buzz. His eyes roll to the back of his head at the interruption before he reads the caller ID, looking back up at the trio waiting. "You boys, uh... catch up. Try not to get into trouble." He chuckles to himself, accepting the call as he leaves them alone. "Goddess! Just who I wanted to talk to..."
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE "Enough!" Dean calls out, loud enough to demonstrate his clear anger but enough to keep his composure and not exert any more energy than he should. He grips Seth by the arm and rips him away from Jey, getting in between them. "Seth... we don't fight each other. That's not how we handle things, that's not in our code of conduct. You don't like it? Tough shit, it's how things work around here." tbc: @Mariah.
  8. The house AJ and Eve built, the Bellas and Paige made famous, and CARMELLA currently owns. Legends only.
  9. This year brought my five year anni since signing up, which will never not feel weird Not just in relation to how many years the forum has been around period but in general. Literally the entire landscape of professional wrestling, but especially women's wrestling in WWE, has changed. So many iconic moments that may have been forgotten by the larger spectrum of fans but will always live on for us.  I actually get a bit emotional thinking back to the Rumble especially because it was such a historic night for every women's wrestling fan, where we could all drop everythinb and just enjoy the past, present and future colliding and MAIN-EVENTING one of the biggest PPVs of the year. I truly wouldn't have wanted to enjoy that moment with anyone else than those who've followed and cared for these women even when they were getting two minute matches with no entrances and L*wler commenting only on their attractiveness or their cattiness, and this community is the most I've felt that passion. We're a community like no other, always considered niche but were thankfully able to find like-minded individuals that share our love. Obviously I don't agree with everyone at all times, but if there's one thing we know, it's how to come together for OUR girls and I can't wait to experience Evolution with all (most) of you as well. This is only scratching the surface of what this community has provided over the years, from helping young adults come to terms with their identity and embracing them to the point they feel comfortable sharing secrets that those closest to them may not even know to building several lifelong friendships that go beyond just wrestling. I thought I was gonna keep it short and sweet, emphasis on THOUGHT, but happy HBversary!
  10. she's done that this entire reign but princess went above and beyond this week
  11. Charlotte tried it and Mella let her KNOW, you can be a threat and still be a DIVA. Only being a good wrestler automatically puts you in a box and limits your success from the jump. Only being able to talk, having charisma and being hot makes you a STAR.
  12. or youthful queen Torrie Wilson. they'll be no match for Maryse's charisma. WHERE IS MY JOY GIOVANNI STAN CARD?
  14. Carmallah serving camo for her potentially last look before losing the title, queen of disguise about to scam omg