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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE Now up and out of his seat standing like his comrades, Dean's expression becomes more alarmed. "When was this? Have you run into her again? W-what did this witch bitch say exactly?" tbc: @Mariah.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE "You can say it," Dean responds, his eyes elsewhere but his demeanour unshaken as Seth enters. "Especially if that's a threat I hear. Sounding real tough there, baby boy." He leans forward in his seat, meeting Seth's line of sight with an impish grin. "We fucked. Raw, rough, blistering, passionate sex—and it was great." He pauses, his grin having vanished as he carefully chooses his next words—one could even say rehearsing them. "We were both in need of a release and we got it from each other. That isn't gonna affect how I operate, and neither should it affect how you do. Is it going to, Seth?"
  3. Daniel is kinda snapping, he hasn't been psycho since AJ 
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    DEAN AMBROSE Cobalt eyes dart open, frantically shooting in every direction before settling in the centre after scanning the room to their satisfaction—an action that had almost become routine since the knowledge of danger on the horizon came to light. Dean exhales deeply, realising he must have dozed off as he adjusted in an old armchair. Making note of the time on his watch, he jumps up out of the chair and exits the room; a ship cabin within an abandoned vessel that served as one of his many retreats when he desired seclusion.  He walks through the passageways of the lower deck with a knowing stride, the decaying structure posing less a threat to him than it served as comfort—it was a reminder of his inability to age like it had and every other capability bestowed upon him. Arriving at a door, Dean kicks it open and enters the command centre, taking a seat at the head of a roundtable, much like others would've several decades prior in order to come to decisions in war. This was to serve as the location of the first gathering of Full Sail's vampire clan in over a year. Dean leans back in his seat and awaits his first arrival. tbc: @Mariah.
  5. who's gonna make me? NOT YOU
  6. who just got their ass beat? BOTH
  7. she still lost by DQ
  8. can you stop looking at your phone and cheer like this with your mouth, tf
  9. she'd still be losing
  10. his How To Do Witchcraft free trial giving him a max range of 20 metres
  11. Paige was trying to do the conversion in her head as she said that number
  12. "mission acCOMplished"
  13. Raw November 19, 2018: Live Chat

    HB: Kairi? Bianca?  Lacey? Mickie: :-P