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  1. Raw March 25, 2019: Live Chat

    all Dean does is ask for the same matches he then loses, can you come up with something else CAN YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE
  2. Mustafa Ali's Name Shortened

    Excuse me? Mustafa Ali was literally perfect. It didn't need to be made ethnically ambiguous.
  3. Women's Match to Main Event WrestleMania

    I’m happy. Not ecstatic because I feel like it could’ve been done so much better but happy for women in general. Becky and Charlotte absolutely deserve it.
  4. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    It’s time. One last match against Asuka that could’ve made them actually care about building up that title match in the slightest would’ve been great, but it is what it is. Say what you want but both twins did exactly what they set out to do and they can move on (but obviously still be around—they’ll never completely abandon like, ahem, some people) knowing they left a lasting legacy and have nothing more to prove. They conquered WWE together, successfully expanded their brand into so many other areas, and never shied away from or thought twice about using their platform to take the women’s evolution to greater heights. And that’s just a summary. Losers see them using wrestling, normal people see that they put in the work and every step they take further establishes that female wrestlers are capable of doing whatever they want to do. They’re an example that you can go from a novelty act and arm candy to the stars, to one of the most notable brands in all of wrestling today and being THE stars. It’s really weird actually, people will always rush to discredit or downplay but what they’ve accomplished and the following they’ve accrued over the last 5 or 6 years really is no small feat. Brie gets a lot of crap but there’s no denying when either of them walks out, there’s a certain air to them that only very few possess and it isn’t just because of booking because a lot of the time it’s sucked. Neither would’ve been able to reach the heights they have without the other’s support, sacrifices and general presence. It’s been clear for a while but reading it officially definitely hit me like a ton of bricks. End of an era, but only the start of the Bella empire that will continue to grow BEYOND wrestling. Tag titles will always be the cherry on top, but I have faith they’ll be back to rightfully claim what’s theirs one day.
  5. Sucks any enjoyment of the triple threat feud the cringe booking decisions didn't already kill right out. Who knew we had to sacrifice an entire division for a WM main event? 
  6. It's made even worse by the fact Asuka is our first Asian champ on main in so long. She got that huge win in a TLC main event, beat Becky clean and has been massively over yet somehow hasn't done anything since? Idc if the original plan for her was this, that or the other, there's ALWAYS other options and the one they've chosen is to almost ignore her existence altogether.
  7. Fuck BECKY tbh, she had to get her face broken and kickstart this cross-brand shit that killed the SD women's division
  8. So... is that it? Okay, this is beyond embarrassing now. We shouldn't be struggling to figure out what the match is going to be or have it announced a week before the show like it's 2010, and we most DEFINITELY shouldn't have a main champion being so blatantly treated like an afterthought and struggling to get substantial TV time every week. That's if she's lucky enough to get any at all. I'm about to cash in my Hiatus in the Bank contract after the WM festivities are over at this point because this is straight disrespectful, the worst kind.
  9. Becky and KO teaming for a mixed tag, pls and ty
  10. Lacey came out halfway through
  11. yes no poor that
  13. I hope Billie and Peyton attack them and make their statement that way. The teams on Raw didn't need to beat the champs to earn their WM shot and the SD women's title is begging for time on this packed show with a whole ass gauntlet still to go