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  1. Becky never changing out of that stinking gear in order to keep the memory alive
  2.   I would but I'm not sure @Gavin is old enough to know her either 
  3. now wait a minute, girl you don't know Uma Thurman?
  4. my first reaction being to fix it and hope nobody saw while his is this. REMEMBER @Mariah. 
  5. Nobody, just bored and wanted to be different hehe
  6. Old and would've voted Trump. A deserved low ranking
  7. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    The expiry date would be about the same as every other character she's given a try so, sure, why not?
  8. I don't watch any of the Arrowverse shows but I remember my sister LOVED Smallville so I was exposed to it a lot, this actually sounds pretty cool
  9. Robert Downey Jr. returning for ‘Black Widow’

    More Tony was never going to be the selling point for me anyway, so we still b**tlegging
  10. Clash of Champions 2019: Live Chat

    Lowkey want to tune in for my first PPV in forever after watching that Chronicle with Sasha, but this HW fest leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I barely even keep up.
  11. Acclaimed films that you dislike?

    Not so much dislike, but I could never bring myself to give a shit about any of those Lord of the Rings movies or The Hobbit
  12. Nicki Minaj Announces Retirement

    The second most important Nickki to retire in 2019 
  13. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Reunion

    The next thing y'all need to participate in together is THERAPY
  14. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Reunion

    might wanna rethink that one, buddy
  15. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Reunion

    The final six's answers to the survey.  1. Who is the most annoying? Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari said Angelic. Angelic said Gavin. 2. Who is the nicest? Angelic and Mariah said Katy. Ari and Gavin said Leigh. Katy said Angelic. Leigh said Mariah. 3. Who does not deserve to still be in the game? Ari, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic and Katy said Gavin. Gavin said Katy. 4. Who is the biggest challenge threat? Angelic, Ari, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Gavin. Gavin said Ari. 5. Who is the biggest strategic threat? Angelic, Katy and Mariah said Ari. Ari, Gavin and Leigh said Mariah. 6. Who is the biggest social threat? Angelic, Ari, Gavin, Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Mariah said Leigh. 7. Who will win if nobody stops them? Angelic and Leigh said Gavin. Ari and Katy said Leigh. Mariah said Ari. Gavin said Mariah. 8. Who is the most manipulative? Angelic, Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari said Mariah. 9. Who would you want to sit next to in the finals? Angelic, Ari and Mariah said Katy. Katy and Leigh said Angelic. Gavin said Leigh. 10. Who do you like the most? Angelic, Gavin and Mariah said Leigh. Ari, Katy and Leigh said Mariah. 11. Who do you like the least? Ari, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic and Katy said Ari. Gavin said Katy. 12. Who is the most trustworthy? Ari and Mariah said Gavin. Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Angelic said Katy. Gavin said Leigh. 13. Who is the least trustworthy? Angelic, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari and Gavin said Mariah. 14. Who has no idea what is going on? Ari, Gavin, Katy and Leigh said Angelic. Mariah said Gavin. Angelic said Katy. 15. Who is the biggest phoney? Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Gavin said Katy. Angelic said Leigh. Ari said Mariah. 16. Who thinks they're in control when in reality they're just a pawn? Angelic and Mariah said Ari. Gavin and Leigh said Katy. Ari and Katy said Leigh. 17. Who will suffer a cruel blindside down the line if they don't make a move? Gavin and Leigh said Katy. Angelic and Ari said Leigh. Mariah said Gavin. Katy said Mariah. 18. Who would you actually want to be stranded on an island with, if you had to choose? Ari, Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Angelic and Gavin said Ari. Mariah said Leigh. 19. Who is the most irrelevant player? Ari, Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic said Katy. 20. Who would you love to see go out next? Katy and Mariah said Ari. Angelic and Leigh said Gavin. Ari said Angelic. Gavin said Katy.