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  1. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Alexa should've been kept a surprise but they already tried their best to ruin what could've been a great moment by keeping her on TV week in week out so what's announcing it beforehand as well, I guess. I cannot stand these putas
  2. I'm annoyed especially because I bet if they DO plan on revealing the surprises, after how many women found out they were competing at Evolution at the same time as fans through the official announcement, they probably wouldn't care to give them a heads up now. @prince. this is about to be Eve cleaning the baby spit from her top when Rener asks if she's checked her phone yet
  3. Should have been CHAMP!!

    I thought this was asking about girls who never got to hold a title at all but the replies are all over the place so There's more missed opportunities (FACE BRIE ) but to this day, I'm still not sure why they opted to have Trish take the title with her while injured in 2005 instead of having her drop to Victoria. They were short on credible faces (or women, period, really) to challenge for it but the heel turn and Christy feud with the little bit more opportunities/stability being champion might've given her could've made that character and time more memorable. She could've still dropped back to Trish around Mickie's debut, after a short Vince's Devil's reign of terror, to leave the direction they chose to go largely unchanged.
  4. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Maybe the Bellas will block her request if you ask nicely?
  5. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Dash dragged them so hard that they had to ask for their release! Weak bitches
  6. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    K8 coming out to the Funks' theme even though she was champ 
  7. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    I thought Anne Boleyn did but I'll let you take the credit since she's dead.
  8. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    Halloween battle royals is another. There was no reason they needed to go, I'll never get tired of saying it. EVERYONE dresses up. Literally just slap a #1 contender stip on it if you're scared and you're good to go.
  9. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    Multi-women (or Diva specifically) matches. Less for the matches themselves, but I always LOVED the entrances and interactions. I love individual entrances in close succession too but nothing could beat seeing two or more characters who don't interact regularly coming out to one theme, hitting their own poses in sync on the stage/in the ring, and generally co-existing. The f*g used to jump out on a regular basis
  10. The Revival Finishing Up With WWE?

    Good for them. The first Raw of the year where they had the title match was THE time to finally give them the ball after it was delayed time after time. I'll follow you wherever you go Dadsh. Let's tailgate @Jake 
  11. and why is it always the WOMEN's, evolution my ass
  12. we can scrap instead if you want
  13. I think I unintentionally got her match cancelled
  15. this match is snapping