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  1. NXT July 19, 2017: Results

    Great match, was kinda hoping it would go even longer with Ruby countering before the Eclipse but I get that's probably a bit much for a weekly and wouldn't make Ember look the best going in to Brooklyn. Still glad I watched I love Ruby's energy but her execution seems to be sloppy a lot of the time, so I hope she works on fixing that. She has a lot of potential though. Hopefully Thea gets to do a little more soon, but I'm enjoying her debuting with a storyline and this slow build for what it is.
  2. нєу нєαятвяєαкєяѕ! (^_^)/

  3. SAMI ZAYN Sami returns the hug and gets himself comfortable again, ready to watch. "If Parks and Rec is in the cards, I guess I don't either!" He watches Becky retrieve the DVD with a twinkle in his eye, elated to have found so much common ground with someone already and even more so that he was able to share his secret and receive such a wonderful response. This was only the beginning of his journey and he was grateful that he now had a friend to help him along the way. fin.
  4. SAMI ZAYN Sami gives her look as if to say 'seriously?' before his lips form in to a smirk. "You're the best, Becky. And booooy, am I glad I don't have to clarify that I say that in a completely platonic way!"
  5. SAMI ZAYN "He's up there after that performance! Aubrey Plaza is awesome, by the way, and I'm absolutely forcing you to rewatch Parks and Recreation with me. It's already been decided!"
  6. SAMI ZAYN Sami giggles too, another silence where he looks at Becky appreciatively. He chooses to breaks the silence before it gets too awkward, however. "Jake Gyllenhaal, by the way."
  7. SAMI ZAYN "Well I guess that makes two of us," Sami jests, finally smiling. "Wow, what are the chances?"
  8. SAMI ZAYN Too swept up by his mixed emotions, Sami doesn't really react to Becky's words, another silence filling the room before he does a double take. "Noooo... wait, seriously?!"
  9. SAMI ZAYN "No, Becky, it's my fault. I haven't really been entirely truthful with you, and I don't know why. I said things were gonna be different when I came here to NXTU but I haven't stuck to my word like I said I would, I-I guess because I'm scared? Or maybe because I'm still not entirely sure what I am. I don't know." Sami sighs, his fidgeting hands expressing his discomfort for him as he pours his heart out and leaves himself with no option but to come clean. "I'm gay, Becky. At least I think I am? That's the first time I've ever said that out loud, it's weird. I know it shouldn't be a big deal but I can't help but make it one in my head." "I'm sorry if I lead you on or anything like that, it wasn't my intention at all," Sami continues to ramble, in part because it felt good to finally get it off his chest but also in hopes of covering up the confession he couldn't believe he just made.
  10. SAMI ZAYN "No, absolutely not! You're not even a celebrity! I mean, not that you couldn't totally be one if you wanted. You'd certainly promote a better message than most of these so called celebrities nowadays and you're beautiful, inside and out, like I've told y--" Sami abruptly cuts himself off as he realizes the signs he was probably unintentionally giving to Becky, who was a trusted friend at this point but none the wiser about his true sexual preference. Not even Sami was entirely sure himself. "Oh God, I'm an idiot."
  11. SAMI ZAYN "No!" Still blushing, Sami tries his best to come up with an excuse, failing to do so. "New topic?"
  12. SAMI ZAYN Sami begins to blush. "I don't know if I wanna answer that."
  13. SAMI ZAYN "Meh, I find him overrated," Sami responds without thinking. "I mean, just from observation. You know, what I hear from other people."
  14. SAMI ZAYN "Aw, come on!" Sami playfully protests. "It can't be that bad. What, is it like someone really old or something? Short? Big? Unconventional? Wait, is your celebrity crush Danny DeVito?"
  15. SAMI ZAYN Sami looks up, visibly attempting to think of a topic but only one thing comes to mind. Or one person rather. Ah, Chris Pine. He quickly shakes it off, looking back at Becky. "Um, celebrity crushes? Unless that's too trivial for you."