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  1. Period. So happy for anyone who not only finds themselves through all the barriers long put up by others to make reaching that understanding difficult but also finds the courage to share it and live it in a world that so often isn't welcoming. This was beautifully written too.
  2. I was lowkey hoping the rumours weren't true as small of a chance that was because I don't really feel like giving this show any attention but I think she's gonna be cute.
  3. He mentioned it in his promo on AEW Dynamite tonight which I don't watch but she confirmed it in an IG post!
  4. The timing could lowkey be a good thing too tbh, the first film had a strong message and this should follow suit while being a symbol of optimism post-election as the first blockbuster released. Even if it was never intended to be, whatever themes and parallels they may explore can be looked at in a different light now.
  5. we don't have HBO Max here and you won't catch me going to a cinema yet so guess I don't have to feel any shame in watching illegally. Happy Holidays indeed
  6. Been disliked this woman and knew she was weird and dumb but she's been going overboard to prove it true this month between this and the other week
  7. I too didn’t watch yet lmao, not even the first season before the following news soured me on getting started at the top of quarantine like I intended to so let’s get transphobic Rosario Dawson out of here as well
  8. The stuff we've seen of this/rumours so far + her confirmed to be in the Doctor Strange sequel with almost guaranteed multiverse implications gives me high hopes she's going to be central going forward. AND then you have X-Men on the horizon after
  9. The Wanda stan experience of getting to see her slowly get more and more shine until she ARRIVED with that Endgame moment has been so satisfying, you can tell this is about to be major and I can't wait.
  10. me googling when this comes out bc hell if I remember with all the reschedules and it releases two weeks before the other guy in the HB headers omg. your smear campaign is about to be <<<< anyways, I shall be watching for the women and best Chris HEMSWORTH only
  11. !!!! it smells like a new car in here or whatever the saying is idk gays can't drive also everyone be sure to give a HUGE thank you to our Queen @Mariah. especially
  12. We're back! As you may know if you follow us on Twitter, we ran into some unexpected issues with the site a few weeks ago, but making lemonade out of lemons as we've always done we used the opportunity to give Heartbreakers an overdue renovation! Through upgraded software and theme, we now offer a much sleeker and smoother look and experience as well as new features! Complete Twitter integration — you can not only sign in with your Twitter account but also integrate it into your profile to let members know what you're tweeting about Leaderboard — an expanded version of the c
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