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  1. MELLA BETTER DRAG  char is gonna dump her out but that attitude was everything
  2. oomf wants to take it in the ear
  3. I'm sick of Shane lacing up the boots every couple of months like clockwork like his old ass didn't look like he was on his deathbed in that match a few years ago. they could've at LEAST followed through with that heel turn it seemed like they were teasing not too long ago. his smug ass annoys me, especially since they got rid of Paige for NO REASON  
  4. oh? well looks like SD is a dud tonight
  5. idk if it's just me but when it goes to commercial, I ALWAYS tune out. I can't do the small preview with no sound
  6. Alexa, is that you? 
  7. tbh putting my other thoughts to the side, it's fucking crazy that a woman is declaring her intentions to main event AND the crowd is popping
  8. Asuka attacking from behind and still getting her ass handed to her? I love Rebecca but I hope she TAPS on Sunday
  9. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    They would sell going over the wall better than this brittleboned methhead's slow mo elimination at Evolution or Vickie's knees caving into her cankles at the Rumble, that's for sure
  10. I'm hoping they're trolling and come back Sunday or after EC. AJ retires with WM31, Brie (temp) 32, Nikki (temp) 33, Paige 34, Bellas (permanent) 35 sounds like a plan
  11. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    count me in tho
  12. There's a bunch of TB promo and a bit about when y'all BULLIED Briesus last year, but these points stuck out to me and reminded me why they're my faves, even if some they've touched upon before. I guess this confirms what we could already guess, that they're not coming for the tag titles off the bat but I'm ready for when they DO make their presence known again and actually get something out of it when they win gold one last time as the cherry on top of their HOF careers