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  1. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Jake? You being the clown that ruins the raw emotional moment? I'd never have thought. Tribal is OVER. Escort him back to camp @security
  2. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Well, a HB Survivor first. There will be no vote for this Tribal Council or Redemption Island Duel, so Bella escapes without having to decide someone to send home, but still a member down. Is that better in the long run or will issues being left unresolved come back to bite them? Grab your torches and head back to camp. Goodnight.
  3. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    The tribe certainly has NOT spoken, but nonetheless, Cordelia, you are out of this game. *snuffs torch*
  4. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    That's sad to hear. If you're absolutely sure you're done though, we can save everyone the hassle and just make it official here and now. Would you like to quit?
  5. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Very interesting. Usually at this stage of the game, people tend to go with what they feel benefits the tribe the most rather than themselves. Or could those be the same in this case?
  6. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    That was the last challenge, which your tribe won, even if you actually lost that round. Even in sitting out yesterday though, Ari was very proactive in terms of lending another mind to the strategising aspect of this challenge. Why were you not? Does that not qualify as assisting?
  7. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    An attempt at a kii or a genuine plea?
  8. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Very modest of you. With people's agendas being unpredictable, do you think some may see you as someone they don't want around for that very reason, that you're a challenge asset? Should they?
  9. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Definitely. If everyone who was present contributed as you said though, I'm of course drawn to who, well, wasn't. Where does that leave them in the "we"?
  10. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Tribal Council

    Tribal Council #3 - Bella   Behind each of you is a torch, go ahead and grab one. Dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire, you're still in the game. When your fire is gone (your torch is snuffed and photo is made black and white above), so are you.   Here I'll ask you all a question and you should answer, and from there you can respond to everyone else if you please, just like a normal thread.   I'll start with the obvious. @Mariah., it all came down to you. You in your own words lost for the tribe and then were pretty upset about it after, understandably so after a hard fought, stressful and very close challenge. Are you single-handedly to blame for this loss? @Kiki, you were VERY fast, sending your move first in most rounds. What are you basing your vote on?   @Jake, your tribe looked like they had it in the bag after gaining a numbers advantage going into the last few rounds. What happened?   @Rainbow Heart, you were out pretty quickly in the first round and could only watch as you lost. Where's your head at?   @Samier., you were conspicuous by your absence. What goes on, ma?   @Gavin, your tribe has had a while to get familiar with each other without having to vote anyone out. Care to give me and viewers a brief assessment of your fellow tribemates and your thoughts on them?   @Twisted Bliss, what do you think the likelihood is that we'll see someone blindsided tonight?    And @Ari M., as arguably the MVP of the tribe thus far, making up leads in the first two challenges and providing strategical advice/support from the sit-out bench this challenge, do you feel safe?   You have until 5PM EST tomorrow to send me your vote in your assigned confessional PM. You cannot change your vote after sending. If you don't send me a name by the deadline, your vote will turn into a self-vote, where it will be counted as a vote against you at this Tribal Council.    Only the Bella tribe can vote obviously, and only the Bella tribe can post in this particular Tribal. Good luck!
  11. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Challenges

    Gather up your tribe and I can tell you it's a go then. Don't even need all, just a majority
  12. HB Survivor: Redemption Island | Challenges

    If it's so urgent and everyone's mind is made up, do y'all wanna forgo the trip and the questions to just vote at the challenge site? Publicly. Otherwise am going to bed, sry!