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  1. Alexa Bliss

    [ BIRTH NAME ] Alexis "Lexi" Kaufman [ BIRTH DATE ] August 9, 1991 [ HEIGHT ] 5'1" [ HOMETOWN ] Columbus, Ohio [ NXT DEBUT ] May 8, 2014 [ MAIN ROSTER DEBUT ] July 26, 2016 [ CURRENT BRAND ] Raw [ NICKNAMES ] "Five Feet of Fury" "Little Miss Bliss" "The Wicked Witch of WWE" "Goddess of WWE" [ SIGNATURE MOVES ] Chokehold STO (with theatrics) Diving somersault evasion Forearm smash Insult to Injury (Jumping double knee drop to an opponent's midsection followed by a standing moonsault double knee drop) Keylock Legsweep Glitter Blizzard (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) Multiple stomps to the nape of a face-down opponent Modified neck wrench Over the shoulder arm drag Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, sometimes transitioned into an inside cradle [ FINISHING MOVES ] Sparkle Splash / Twisted Bliss (Rounding moonsault) Snap DDT [ ENTRANCE THEME ] "Bling Bling" (May 8 - September 25, 2014) "Blissful" (September 25, 2014 - May 13, 2015) "Opposite Ends of the World" (May 27, 2015 - May 18, 2016, used while with Blake and Murphy) "Spiteful" (November 18, 2015 - present) [ ENTRANCE VIDEO ] / YouTube [ BIO ] It almost doesn't seem possible that so much bad attitude can fit into Alexa Bliss' 5-foot-1 frame. Sly, sassy and sporting a whole lot of ferocity, Alexa has been a fierce competitor her entire life, participating in softball, track and kickboxing since her youth, excelling especially in gymnastics and eventually becoming a Division I cheerleader. Alexa even entered the world of competitive bodybuilding, where she became one of the youngest competitors to receive her IFBB Professional status.With such an incredible athletic background, it's little wonder that Alexa quickly became one of NXT's most dangerous female Superstars. Though she never captured the NXT Women's Championship, she was a constant threat in the division, pushing the likes of Bayley and Carmella to their limits. As a SmackDown LIVE competitor, she ascended to the top of its Women's division to become a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. Weeks after joining Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-up, Alexa Bliss made history at WWE Payback, reigning supreme over Bayley in a hard-fought contest to become the first Superstar to win both the SmackDown Women's Championship and the Raw Women's Championship. Bliss might be her name, but get on her bad side (which isn't hard to do) and you'll soon learn that there's nothing heavenly about Alexa's demeanor. [ ACCOMPLISHMENTS ] SmackDown Women's Champion (2 time, first to do so) Raw Women's Champion (2 time, current and longest reigning) First to have held both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships Competed in and won a Tables match, Steel Cage match, Kendo Stick on a Pole match, and the first women's Elimination Chamber match First to defend Women's Championship in the main event of SmackDown Live First to successfully defend both Women's Championships in the main event of SmackDown Live and Raw respectively Went in to her first two WrestleMania's as the defending champion [ SOCIAL NETWORKS ]                 [ BLISSFITS ] @GabeEd @Shoaib. @Mariah. @Jake @Charlie @Cooksie @Taryn @Jodes @Wilifred. @Eric @StayFearlessk ...
  2. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    can they stop doing these dumb matches he asks for only to lose, just utilise these few weeks to build a good feud so he can give someone the rub @ WM  annoying
  3. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  4. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  5. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    I'm confused
  6. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    when they said Dean is doing his own thing, did they mean not appearing again tonight bc it would've been a lot easier for me if they just said that
  7. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    because I think you'd know better than to support that, dummy, but apparently NOT. I'll take you both though
  8. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    that isn't as hard as you think!  
  9. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    you want matching screws needed in yours?
  10. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    ? did their time get cut? Beth must feel right at home
  11. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  12. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    can Beth come get this pinup bitch out of here, I'm sick of it
  13. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Braun's fall from grace them DANGLING the Universal title within reach and then saying nope
  14. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    slay this is the best we're gonna get in terms of her taking a backseat until she emerges again after WM probs
  15. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    isn't it "playtime is OVER"?
  16. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    No matter how athletic she might be to be able to produce cute matches more often than not, Ronda will NEVER be that girl btw. Everything she does is meme worthy, even though she's 100% trying to be serious. She's basically Tamother with a title and without the humility.
  17. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    An appearance is the most I could conjure, the rest is just how it goes, soz @Danamaniacs
  18. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Charly's tone is so fucking funny, even when she isn't being shady she sounds aggressive and over it
  19. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    She can thank me later. Or now, not like she has anything else to do on a Monday night
  20. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    okay this is worse than what I said, I felt sorry for her/had a slight morbid curiosity!
  21. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Becky cutting something like this on TV is the only thing that can save it  
  22. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    WM is in three weeks????