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  1. MELLA BETTER DRAG  char is gonna dump her out but that attitude was everything
  2. oomf wants to take it in the ear
  3. I'm sick of Shane lacing up the boots every couple of months like clockwork like his old ass didn't look like he was on his deathbed in that match a few years ago. they could've at LEAST followed through with that heel turn it seemed like they were teasing not too long ago. his smug ass annoys me, especially since they got rid of Paige for NO REASON  
  4. oh? well looks like SD is a dud tonight
  5. idk if it's just me but when it goes to commercial, I ALWAYS tune out. I can't do the small preview with no sound
  6. Alexa, is that you? 
  7. tbh putting my other thoughts to the side, it's fucking crazy that a woman is declaring her intentions to main event AND the crowd is popping
  8. Asuka attacking from behind and still getting her ass handed to her? I love Rebecca but I hope she TAPS on Sunday
  9. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    They would sell going over the wall better than this brittleboned methhead's slow mo elimination at Evolution or Vickie's knees caving into her cankles at the Rumble, that's for sure
  10. I'm hoping they're trolling and come back Sunday or after EC. AJ retires with WM31, Brie (temp) 32, Nikki (temp) 33, Paige 34, Bellas (permanent) 35 sounds like a plan
  11. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    count me in tho
  12. There's a bunch of TB promo and a bit about when y'all BULLIED Briesus last year, but these points stuck out to me and reminded me why they're my faves, even if some they've touched upon before. I guess this confirms what we could already guess, that they're not coming for the tag titles off the bat but I'm ready for when they DO make their presence known again and actually get something out of it when they win gold one last time as the cherry on top of their HOF careers
  13. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Alexa should've been kept a surprise but they already tried their best to ruin what could've been a great moment by keeping her on TV week in week out so what's announcing it beforehand as well, I guess. I cannot stand these putas
  14. I'm annoyed especially because I bet if they DO plan on revealing the surprises, after how many women found out they were competing at Evolution at the same time as fans through the official announcement, they probably wouldn't care to give them a heads up now. @prince. this is about to be Eve cleaning the baby spit from her top when Rener asks if she's checked her phone yet
  15. Alexa Bliss

    [ BIRTH NAME ] Alexis "Lexi" Kaufman [ BIRTH DATE ] August 9, 1991 [ HEIGHT ] 5'1" [ HOMETOWN ] Columbus, Ohio [ NXT DEBUT ] May 8, 2014 [ MAIN ROSTER DEBUT ] July 26, 2016 [ CURRENT BRAND ] Raw [ NICKNAMES ] "Five Feet of Fury" "Little Miss Bliss" "The Wicked Witch of WWE" "Goddess of WWE" [ SIGNATURE MOVES ] Chokehold STO (with theatrics) Diving somersault evasion Forearm smash Insult to Injury (Jumping double knee drop to an opponent's midsection followed by a standing moonsault double knee drop) Keylock Legsweep Glitter Blizzard (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) Multiple stomps to the nape of a face-down opponent Modified neck wrench Over the shoulder arm drag Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, sometimes transitioned into an inside cradle [ FINISHING MOVES ] Sparkle Splash / Twisted Bliss (Rounding moonsault) Snap DDT [ ENTRANCE THEME ] "Bling Bling" (May 8 - September 25, 2014) "Blissful" (September 25, 2014 - May 13, 2015) "Opposite Ends of the World" (May 27, 2015 - May 18, 2016, used while with Blake and Murphy) "Spiteful" (November 18, 2015 - present) [ ENTRANCE VIDEO ] / YouTube [ BIO ] It almost doesn't seem possible that so much bad attitude can fit into Alexa Bliss' 5-foot-1 frame. Sly, sassy and sporting a whole lot of ferocity, Alexa has been a fierce competitor her entire life, participating in softball, track and kickboxing since her youth, excelling especially in gymnastics and eventually becoming a Division I cheerleader. Alexa even entered the world of competitive bodybuilding, where she became one of the youngest competitors to receive her IFBB Professional status.With such an incredible athletic background, it's little wonder that Alexa quickly became one of NXT's most dangerous female Superstars. Though she never captured the NXT Women's Championship, she was a constant threat in the division, pushing the likes of Bayley and Carmella to their limits. As a SmackDown LIVE competitor, she ascended to the top of its Women's division to become a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. Weeks after joining Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-up, Alexa Bliss made history at WWE Payback, reigning supreme over Bayley in a hard-fought contest to become the first Superstar to win both the SmackDown Women's Championship and the Raw Women's Championship. Bliss might be her name, but get on her bad side (which isn't hard to do) and you'll soon learn that there's nothing heavenly about Alexa's demeanor. [ ACCOMPLISHMENTS ] SmackDown Women's Champion (2 time, first to do so) Raw Women's Champion (2 time, current and longest reigning) First to have held both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships Competed in and won a Tables match, Steel Cage match, Kendo Stick on a Pole match, and the first women's Elimination Chamber match First to defend Women's Championship in the main event of SmackDown Live First to successfully defend both Women's Championships in the main event of SmackDown Live and Raw respectively Went in to her first two WrestleMania's as the defending champion [ SOCIAL NETWORKS ]                 [ BLISSFITS ] @GabeEd @Shoaib. @Mariah. @Jake @Charlie @Cooksie @Taryn @Jodes @Wilifred. @Eric @StayFearlessk ...
  16. Should have been CHAMP!!

    I thought this was asking about girls who never got to hold a title at all but the replies are all over the place so There's more missed opportunities (FACE BRIE ) but to this day, I'm still not sure why they opted to have Trish take the title with her while injured in 2005 instead of having her drop to Victoria. They were short on credible faces (or women, period, really) to challenge for it but the heel turn and Christy feud with the little bit more opportunities/stability being champion might've given her could've made that character and time more memorable. She could've still dropped back to Trish around Mickie's debut, after a short Vince's Devil's reign of terror, to leave the direction they chose to go largely unchanged.
  17. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Maybe the Bellas will block her request if you ask nicely?
  18. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Dash dragged them so hard that they had to ask for their release! Weak bitches
  19. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    K8 coming out to the Funks' theme even though she was champ 
  20. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    I thought Anne Boleyn did but I'll let you take the credit since she's dead.
  21. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    Halloween battle royals is another. There was no reason they needed to go, I'll never get tired of saying it. EVERYONE dresses up. Literally just slap a #1 contender stip on it if you're scared and you're good to go.
  22. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    Multi-women (or Diva specifically) matches. Less for the matches themselves, but I always LOVED the entrances and interactions. I love individual entrances in close succession too but nothing could beat seeing two or more characters who don't interact regularly coming out to one theme, hitting their own poses in sync on the stage/in the ring, and generally co-existing. The f*g used to jump out on a regular basis