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  1. Mustafa Ali's Name Shortened

    Who sits around and makes these idiotic decisions? 
  2. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    Good cause Lita had me SLEEP that one year chil... Girl all I wanna know who is inducting her. That’s it. 
  3. Ok but did he ever apologize to Paige tho?  Ugly ass puto 
  4. DJZ Officially Signs With WWE

    Wait Zema Ion?   He’s cute. 
  5. Renee Young Told to Talk Less on Commentary

    Good because she’s so goddamn corny. I can understand if she was actually good but I legit cringe every times she tries to be relatable and don’t get me started on her banter with Corey.  I remember she brought up Cardi B’s Money in reference to something unrelated and I was completely done with her. 
  6. He’s the worst representation from our state. North Jersey is the pits anyways.
  7. Tamother on Chasing Glory

    Lilian mentions that she always sees Tamina stand up for others, but hasn't seen her stand up for herself. Doesn't think that Tamina has really asked or gone after opportunities. This makes so much sense. 
  8. Anyone have her 2002-2005 Entrance Video? Both versions?  They are so hard to find these days.  And I don’t think WWE is gonna make an updated version when they make a new entrance video for her for the HOF.
  9. This is honestly one of her best faces. Plus her long straight hair>>>>>>>    
  10. Nia Jax DRAGS Dave Meltzer

    The fuck is she going off about? It could be anything with her but it must be serious.  SHUT UP!  
  11. Jeff Jarrett joins creative

    I like how he weaseled his way in. 
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I wanna pretend he knows EXACTLY what’s he doing.  
  13. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    That video was straight up disrespectful. They had no one talking about her and it was just a bunch of thrown together clips.  A mess lol. 
  14. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    If Candice does induct her she has to return to the original mix of What Love Is. Otherwise she’s cancelled.