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  1. Backstage Incident with Big Cass at Indy Show

    Oh great another druggie wrestler acting out. 
  2. Whether it’s true or not, there’s clearly something going on with her. And more than likely it isn’t good. 
  3. Candice Michelle on Chasing Glory

     I thought I was gonna get a cliff on why she keeps wearing these tragic catsuits but I guess not.   
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I didn’t expect Theory to be uncut but ok.    Those vids just proves he ain’t all the way straight.  
  5. The DIVAS are making a comeback! 
  6. Jeff Hardy Arrested

  7. Stephanie wants Trump on WWE TV

    I’m sick of this bitch. 
  8. Tbh! I haven’t watched weekly in like 4 years. YouTube updates keeps me updated on everything I need to know. 
  9. Not the Bajan Box Office Poison. 
  10. Oh Hey

    Why am I just seeing this? Where have you been? I missed you!  
  11. General Gaming

    I just started a new Final Fantasy X after losing my old save. I wanna finally put in the grind and have my characters maxed out in stats.  
  12. Nobody had a damn spot.   And it sure as hell wasn’t gonna be Melina who was irrelevant at the time. Johnny was just being a huge punk ass bitch and I’m glad he got laid into by some of the guys like Val Venis.