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  1. House of Ninja is like my fave member rn 

    1. House of Ninja

      House of Ninja

      OMG! Thank you, sis. I don't have a speech prepared, but I'm so flattered lol. 

  2. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    So he was being sneaky and suspect? Hmm ok creep.  
  3. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    I'm kinda hoping that's the case because I'm not an advocate for jumping the gun on situations like this. Due process and all that. It would be horrific if by some chance this woman was lying and he was tarnished for no reason.  Anyways, it's a shame what has unfolded.   
  4. Raw 25: Live Chat

    I ain’t got time for this anymore I’m watching the Queen’s Court. 
  5. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Caught slippin  
  6. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Mess at her trying to start trouble. Like shut up. Neither were a handful of other women.  
  7. Raw 25: Live Chat

    That was so useless.  Torrie is back to her iconic theme such a LEGEND!  
  8. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Not a 8 woman tag match. Already sounds messy.  
  9. Raw 25: Live Chat

    David Otunga is so sexy.  
  10. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    Wait what? What he say about Angelina? I wouldn’t be surprised by TJP either. 
  11. Raw 25: Live Chat

    The Blonde Trinity Trish, Michelle and Torrie is in Full Effect!!  
  12. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

  13. Pokemon

    Anyone playing USUM?  
  14. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    Don’t judge me.