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  1. Maria shades The Bellas

    She probably thinks being this shady is so cool but in all actuality she just sounds like a dumb bitch.  She is annoying. 
  2. Omg!     She is a definitely a coon for this one. Plus he ugly as hell. Losers. 
  3. R.I.P. Mac Miller :heart: 

    1. Layout


      R.I.P :smh2: I feel really bad this all happened . I was rooting for him to get well after his break up. Btw wtf is up with everyone dying :uhh: I’m honestly scared to find out who’ll be next

    2. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      R.I.P. I hate that people are giving Ariana such a hard time about this.

  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    He is literally everything omg  
  5. Lita vs. Mickie James Announced for Evolution

    If Lita loses again...   Real shit the kid in me JUMPED all the way out reading the news. Yeah they had awful in ring chemistry but I don’t care I still wanna see this. 
  6. Naomi wants a match with Melina

    That sounds like a huge botchfest that I don’t care to see.    No thanks. 
  7. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

  8. I feel bad for her. 
  9. WWE Returning to Saudi Arabia in November

    “We feel really good about our continued commitment on that front. There are many countries around the world where we perform and we’re respectful to the cultures there but we certainly hope to be a part of the change moving forward.” Well you won’t be the change, fuck them countries. 
  10. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

  11. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

  12. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

    “Epic”? Where? 
  13. Neville No Longer Under WWE Contract

    I forgot all about this tbh. 
  14. Charlotte officially ties Trish with 7 title reigns

    That’s the REAL gag.