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  1. Ugh my fav girls teaming up   If they're really going for Charlotte as a face I need like either Billie/Peyton or Asuka to debut and take that top heel role because Nattie, Tamina or Caramella is not going to suffice. 
  2. Vince Russo DRAGS the RAW women

    The fact he says "bro" every second word is enough to make me hate him.  but damn he didn't give the girls the slightest hint of praise He's so passionate about it too.   
  3. Random Thoughts

     boy was performing! Cute they let him do this though! If I walked into the living room with a dress and a full face of makeup omg my dad would've freaked!
  4. "Wrestling with Chyna" Film Trailer

    Ugh this really upset me! I fucking hate to see them exploit her like this even now she's gone. The final scene in the trailer turned my stomach, I cannot believe they put that in. This entire documentary should've been cancelled once she died, like surely the intention of the thing was to see Chyna turn her life around for the better and for it to end with her with sort of stability, but now it's just going to be her trying and failing to form any kind of relationship with WWE, her addiction issues, and then her death.
  5. Omg I don't know why this just popped into my head but this had me legit cracking up because I read like half way through it before I figured out what was happening   It was from some Becky Lynch interview and people were asking for a rundown of what she said then @GLOOBER   
  6. Omg  A mess indeed!    
  7. Alicia Fox Arrested

  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    My favourite hymn!  I can't wait to sing at church this Easter Sunday coming!  I don't know where I'd be without the words of God!  
  9. Superstars Rumored To Switch Brands

    No thank you omg. Especially after the tension we got from Sasha/Alexa and the inevitable Sasha/Bayley. It would be such a dissapontment  Nay honestly wouldn't stand a chance. 
  10. Raw April 10, 2017: Results

     Nia coming from behind to jump Mickie had me chuckling, it reminded me of this  
  11. Raw April 10, 2017: Results

    Besides Nia dropping Charlotte, near snapping her neck and letting her plant onto the outside floor from the top rope moonsault!  That match was the one of Nia's best on the main roster. Charlotte sacrificing life and limb to make the sloppy gal look good! Their chemistry was hot though, so I hope to see them face off again once Nia has improved. I can't believe tomorrow I'm going to be Team Smackdown!   Speaking of chemistry omg Alexa and Sasha!!!  the segment was so cute! Reminded me of that first SD Live roster promo. I'm lost as to why the crowd loves Alexa so much, they've obviously not been watching her matches.  Idk who would be best out of Dana or Emma to go to SD with Charlotte, I'd send both of them tbh. I feel like whoever is left behind out of the two will end up being forgotten about now that RAW has all these top girls. I hope Emma kept that seat in catering just in case. 
  12. Raw April 10, 2017: Live Chat

    So I heard Nia nearly killed Charlotte twice in one match!?!?!?!?! 
  13. I really want to know who the girls that tried to sabotage her are  The obvious is Brie & her sister but I feel like Cameron wouldn't have held back... and as much as I love her, Alicia if TD is anything to go by   but did they even have enough clout to complain at that time idk?