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  1. Mandy Rose on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

    Literally what I was expecting to be in the footnotes of this and was  upon noticing it missing. I guess we'll keep waiting on wrestling's Barbara Walters  
  2. Worst reign of terror?

    I think the thing that really stands out from me from the rest of these reigns is that the other four were pushed as the girl or were one of the girls, but Alexa standing side-by-side by like Charlotte, Asuka and Honda just felt silly IMO.  You know they're not doing right by you if you've got all these accolades but feel floozy next to the girls who come off as legit athletes.
  3. Worst reign of terror?

    Long title reigns can really help build the prestige and honor one receives after finally dethroning a champion. However, for a linear WWE women's division in which multi-layered storylines and consistently protected protagonists are few and far in between, these attempts to build up a title through a champion are questionable in their effectiveness.  While there have been plenty of multi-month runs with women's championships in the past decade, I've narrowed it down to the five that are the most referenced and relevant in the current landscape of the WWE's women's division. Now, it's up to you all to decide which one was the worst. The candidates: Charlotte Flair as WWE Divas, and subsequently WWE Women's Champion, September 20th, 2015 to July 25th, 2016 Two years ago, the wheels were set into place. With Charlotte Flair fresh off of defeating the longest reigning Divas Champion in history, Nikki Bella (we'll get to her) in the fall, WWE looked to capitalize on the extended focus on their Divas division by dropping the term 'Diva' altogether at WrestleMania 32 and debuting a new iteration of the WWE Women's Championship. Charlotte would defeat her fellow Horsewomen Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at the event in the originally billed Divas Championship match to become the new Women's Championship, spending a whopping 309 consecutive days as the only female champion in the WWE (this is not officially recognized, as falls between two separate championships and already surpassed Bella's previously established record of 301 days atop the division). Though Charlotte faced a plethora of opponents ranging from rematches with Bella, Paige, Becky Lynch and Natalya before finally falling to Banks in the summer, at the time, Charlotte felt too forced. After failing to get over as a babyface while rivaling her much more popular heel adversaries, Charlotte was made into heel by the beginning of 2016 and became accompanied by her legendary father, Ric Flair. Flair was dropped by the spring, and Charlotte's heater became Dana Brooke, freshly called up with little to no real experience as her senior, Emma, had fallen to a back injury. While the two were entertaining, much hotter and more promising acts such as Becky Lynch, Naomi and Sasha Banks were kept on the backburner until Flair's defeat at the introduction of the brand split, which would mean more opportunities for these stars as well as the introduction of a new women's championship. Asuka as the NXT Women's Champion, April 1st, 2016 to August 24th, 2017 Following easily one of the best matches in NXT and recent history in Bayley and Sasha Banks' clash at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Bayley's reign as champion that emerged following that match would be ended by the next generation of NXT match-of-the-night generator; Asuka. A charismatic joshi star whose appeal transcended language barriers (poor Alexa Bliss), following her feud with Emma and Dana Brooke, the undefeated Asuka would vanquish Bayley at NXT Takeover: Dallas and become the new NXT Women's Champion. What was to follow was the longest reign in NXT history, male or female, and the only of these reigns to surpass a calendar year-- five hundred and ten days as the only female champion in NXT, all while also remaining undefeated in singles competition. During this time, just about every major female act in NXT got a shot and lost to Asuka. From Bayley, Ember Moon, the Iconic Duo, Nikki Cross, Ruby Riott and even a returning Mickie James, no one could feasibly defeat Asuka, something fans saw as a detriment to the credibility of these women going forward when Asuka finally left the division to join the main roster, all while still retaining the undefeated streak that remains to this day. One that apparently extends to mixed tag team matches where Asuka is not even competing, yet her streak is on the line. *sigh* Nikki Bella as the WWE Divas Champion, November 23rd, 2014 to September 20th, 2015 We remember it like it was yesterday. Following dirty laundry, appearances on Jerry Springer, Daniel Bryan cosplays and this next entry wishing her twin sister had died in the womb, the unbelievable happened-- The Bellas reconciled. With a shocking kiss to the lips of AJ Lee, Brie Bella ensured that Nikki Bella would easily squash the once undefeatable Lee to capture her second Divas Championship (the first one being only a week long before the Bellas originally departed from WWE). With a year of Total Divas momentum behind her and being the first cast member to win WWE's sole women's championship at the time, Nikki Bella seemed bigger than ever before and she was ready to take on all comers for the Divas Championship. It just didn't seem like management thought the same. Following AJ Lee's second hiatus and Paige's face turn, The Bellas would feud with Paige for the better part of SEVEN MONTHS for the Divas Championship. Other women served as interchangeable and quite literally background characters for The Bellas' extended feud with Paige that lasted beyond the culmination of the Fab Four's 2014 with a tag team match at WrestleMania, which would be AJ's final outing at the Show of Shows. Though one exception to the rule would be Naomi, whose sudden heel turn would suddenly turn the villainous Bellas into babyfaces for, well, a month while Paige finished shooting a movie. While Nikki Bella would ultimately surpass her rival AJ's reign as Divas Champion by the end before falling to Charlotte and the onset of the "Divas Revolution", her reign with the championship was another extension of a championship, while ridiculed by fans, was made prestigious through the passion and determination of its holder. Sort of like this championship reign... AJ Lee as Divas Champion, June 16th, 2013 to April 7th, 2014 Perhaps this reign was the one that started them all. In June 2013, in what would become home turf for a female rising star intertwined with Chicago native, CM Punk, AJ Lee would capture her first championship in WWE by defeating Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship in a widely-acclaimed match. What was more controversial afterward, however, was the length of the championship campaign AJ would hold after that historic encounter. For 295 days, AJ Lee ruled atop the then still re-developing Divas division, aided by the return of the Bella Twins, the in-ring debuts of the Funkadactyls and the resurgence of Natalya as Total Divas, a reality show focused solely on select women within the WWE, was introduced into the fray. After the departures of division mainstays such as Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool in the past two years, the Divas division had faced a much understandable identity crisis in 2012-- the year when AJ would concurrently become the biggest female star, all without the championship. It was when she did finally fixate her attention on the title over main event Superstars is when the Divas Championship felt more coveted than ever before. Forever hotly contested on the servers of, with fans debating as to whether it'd be the up-and-coming Naomi or the now bigger than ever before Bella Twins as to who would dethrone AJ, a plot twist of the century came after AJ had literally defeated every woman in the division at WrestleMania 30, when Paige would make her main roster debut on the RAW after WrestleMania and defeat AJ for the Divas Championship, in a moment even more iconic than when AJ first netted the butterfly title. And though the beginning and ends of this story are memorable, the middle part is up for contention. Constantly taking losses to her challengers before always defeating them on pay-per-view, as well as the feud between AJ and Total Divas lasting the entirety of her reign, it was difficult for acts unaffiliated with either party to get a head start. Veteran, but capable ring performers were left out of the narrative, while even Kaitlyn, who AJ had defeated for the championship, became an afterthought before quietly retiring months after. While the reign did well for the prestige of the Divas Championship, it may remain contested until the end-of-time as to whether it truly benefited the concurrent women of the division or not. Alexa Bliss as Raw Women's Champion between two non-consecutive reigns, April 30th, 2017 to August 20th, 2017 and August 28th, 2017 to the present Yep. With the exception of a mere eight days that comprise Sasha Banks' fourth reign as the Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss has held the red, white and gold for a combined total of 313 days. With twenty days until WrestleMania 30 where Bliss is currently penned to defend the championship against rival Nia Jax, a final total of 333 combined days (which won't be recognized by WWE, due to again, an eight days' difference ) is likely for Little Miss Bliss. But that's if she loses. Despite coming in hot from SmackDown's efficient handling of her character, a sassy, quipping primadonna that'd obviously studied out of Trish Stratus' heel playbook, the only thing this pint-sized pay-per-view staple is serving Trish in is in the long ass reign department. Unlike Trish and unlike the rest of the entries on this list, Bliss has been juxtaposed by another women's championship throughout the entirety of her run on Raw, with SmackDown Live's women taking some attention and sting away with the first (two) ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match(es) and three separate reigns with the SmackDown Women's Championship in the past calendar year, from Naomi, to Natalya and now to Charlotte Flair. Unlike the other entries, the point of contention isn't in other women's opportunities being denied (Women's Royal Rumble, Women's Elimination Chamber). It's that Alexa Bliss isn't the main character in her own story anymore. Acts such as the previously mentioned Asuka, Jax and Banks have all withheld stronger support and interest from the crowd in their respective endeavors, and an honorable mention to the brief return of Paige that introduced Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose onto the roster. With at least four viable acts on Raw in addition to the unsung ballads of Mickie James and Bayley who received staggering losses of crowd support following how handily Bliss would defeat them in their respective feuds, the question lies as to why these women are all over the place position-wise where Alexa quietly and comfortably took a backseat towards the end of last year while these women were at the top of their game. Though the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be emerging, it's been a cold, dark and scary ride through, to say the least. So, which of these infamous reigns do you believe was the most unbearable for you or the most detrimental to their contemporary division?
  4. If it's going to be like the Andre battle royal and the winner doesn't really get shit other than the win, then I agree with Mickie. It would be a nice way to cap off her cute RTWM and hopefully distance her from Alexa. But, if they're going to attempt to make it relevant in the storylines, I will say Bayley. Then have Sasha drag her effortlessly on Raw after 'Mania and send them on different brands so she can't get revenge until next year  
  5. RuPaul's Drag Race

    And then you walk in, and all your achievements are... out of drag. GSKJSGKJGS
  6. RuPaul's Drag Race

    "Do you think she's skim? Almond? Soy?" "I don't give a FUCC, I'm SKINNIER. I'm THINNER."  
  7. WWE 24: Empowered airing following RAW

    The Dana snippet.   So excited for this. The Women's Royal Rumble still has me shook/is easily one of the best moments ever for me as a fan. Can't wait to see how the girls all felt in the moment.  
  8. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

  9. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    i followed him but can he stop working out at the fucking playground and get a gym membership like the rest of us  
  10. Moolah's trainees come to defense

    That in itself should speak volumes. If you're running camps and training women, wouldn't the objective of such be to build up women that can rival/surpass you? Rather than hold a title for three decades and take credit for people's success when your ass becomes too old to market?
  11. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    full name / finnegan "finn" fergal bálor age / 26 income / upper class sexual orientation / pansexual/non-conforming occupation / graphic designer, event planner marital status / single hobbies / digital artwork, photography, modeling relationships / seth rollins (former schoolmate) backstory / The middle child of five boys in what the larger full sail community recognizes as the "founding family", Finn Bálor is used to murmured conversation whenever he'd return to his hometown from excursions to the larger Seattle area. However, the whispered tones aren't typically directed towards he or his family any more as much as they are centered towards the mysterious death of Eva Marie. Located firmly the upper echelon of well-off families that enjoy their heads of household living out their retirement at the waterside, Finn was well-acquainted with Eva Marie and her family, even attending middle and high school together. However, Finn's rejection of the lifestyle Eva embodied, along with his own personal self-discovery, drove the two to drift apart prior to their respective graduations.  With his strapping good looks, charismatic quips and debonair playboy status (though he'd never claim it openly), he was the perrenial choice of his grandparents to take over the planning and hosting of the family's pride and joy: the annual "Sail's Head Spring Solstice" parade, a celebration of Full Sail's birth and host to a beauty pageant frequented by both metropolitan and local viewers and contestants; a crown and title Eva Marie became quite used to winning. With her death still weighing heavily on the town's mind as days pass and the answers behind her demise are still yet to be found, questions raise towards Finn and his entire family as to if the show will go on. connection to the crime / Old/family friends with Eva Marie. personality traits / "charismatic", "witty", "intuitive" appearance /  6'0''. A full beard and a trendy fade, his dark hair's contrast with his bright, blue eyes. this, along with a well-fed and trained body has scored him much success in the modeling field that he dabbles in when he has time to spare. color code /  #6f6f70
  12. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    It shouldn't. But it does. And don't get banned.  
  13. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Everyone in the comments demanding her and dragging Moolah.    
  14. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    @Katy She ended Richter's career by doing a screwjob finish with Vince and wrestling her in a mask, though Wendi glanced over it when they asked her to get inducted. Like a lot of this stuff, it's not really new things, just things rising up to the surface now that communication venues are way different. They've stood firmly behind their support of her throughout.
  15. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Would she be, though? She shouted out Moolah during her HOF induction.  Bite the bullet and do someone recent, or just stop the 'trophy' gimmick in general and give whoever wins a title shot.