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  1. Squadded up like K-poppers to bury the Cooksie
    But I double back, peep bitches, have me a looksie

  2. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    NXT and more NXT.
  3. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Add me!
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It just annoys because while I was trying to keep an open mind about the Lana thing since it's a hot storyline, this alone proves there was no actual idea behind her repackage and that they really had homegirl take a bath on camera for nothing.  
  5. Finally  she is cute! I hope she does well and sticks with it.
  6. Sex Education | Season 2 Streaming Now on Netflix

    This season was so good. The amount of shit they covered in just eight episodes is pretty astounding. I was so mad when I realized I was on the last episode  Aimee’s storyline was so heartbreaking but the way they handled it was literally perfect.   Eric... we’ll see you in court, girl  
  7. Charlotte talks injuring Kairi

    Our 10x Women's Champ, everyone! and why is she her own background dancers gldkj
  8. Original "Star Wars: Episode IX" Script Leaks

    Bar the lack of Palpatine, what we got is highkey better. Rose definitely deserved more but not at the expense of MY Finnpoe rights  
  9. The fact that the AEW girls/indy talents who have been using social justice as a means to place their product over WWE's are using this as well is so embarrassing. If you're already working at a disadvantage and inclusivity is not something you 100% stand for, it's the wrong thing you want to bait-and-switch on. Cause I will 1000000% go back to the devil I know since it's clear y'all aren't any better.
  10. Lack of modernization for current audiences is what's tanking decades-old franchises. Granted, I don't think Craig's Bond really needs it, but I can see the rationale.
  11. It’s time to diversify the fandom culture channels. Things can be a kiki and funny, but if that’s replacing critical understanding of a situation, it’s clearly not for everyone. “You’re pressed” when I’m talking about someone being racist? Uh, duh, why wouldn’t I be?  
  12. she’s literally on creative DKDKDK
  13. It’s in extremely poor taste since Paige has infertility issues, but I don’t think he knew of the top of his head. It was random/needless for him to joke about it like that, but her hosting the pity parade while making excuse after excuse for her boyfriend’s bullshit is exactly why I don’t care.