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  1. Return, Release, Repackage

    What was that set direction? A win in the battle royal or Absolution vs. Riott Squad?
  2. Return, Release, Repackage

    Return: Melina. It hurts to see that Mickie is back in WWE full-force and Beth is in the HOF, while Melina is only a side character in their legacies. I would have her return to SmackDown Live as a heel, and since this omniscient power gives ha the power to compete at her best, I'd have her be a major challenger to the Women's title and feud with Asuka, Charlotte, etc. Release: Lana. I was going to say Sarah Logan because she doesn't impress me at all, but Sarah's unique look saves her. Lana doesn't add anything to the angles she participates in; her husband has reached a character high without her as his manager and there are already better hot blondes on the show with her. She's never gotten out of first gear in the ring, so issa release. Repackage: Sonya Deville. While she and Mandy are a fun team, she has as much potential as a singles star as she does and doesn't need to be attached at the hip to her. Have her beat local talent and show some new moves, generally being portrayed as a baddie while Honda and friends stay on Raw for the foreseeable future.  
  3. Return, Release, Repackage

    Repackage has to be the opposite alignment of the returning Superstar.
  4. Return, Release, Repackage

    A simple discussion prompt that could lead to some interesting answers. You have the omniscient power of being able to return one woman to the WWE, on the brand of your choosing, competing at the same level at what you interpret to be her prime, free of any injury. In addition, you must also release one Superstar from WWE to clear up roster space and repackage another Superstar to the opposite alignment of the returning Superstar to keep the heel/face ratios balanced (i.e. AJ Lee returns as a face, Alexa Bliss is released and Bayley is repackaged as a heel; the returning and repackaged Superstars don't have to be on the same brand, same goes with the returning and released Superstars.) Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your choices and how the two Superstars will respectively return and repackaged, while also explaining why you released the other Superstar.  
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Push him off
  7. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    It's gonna be Ruby and Bayley and Sasha are going to face Liv and Sarah.  
  8. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    MITB turning into the Aryan Hunger Games overnight. #FeelTheGlow #FreeTheFlame
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Some of y'all need to realize that being OTT and vile can't be veiled as a drag. There are plenty of healthy mediums of expressing/dealing with personal frustration.  
  10. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Taylor Swift and Bebe Rexha
  11. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Seth really is having the push of his life, and it's a cute lane for him too as trying to get in the Universal title picture would be too ugly. Hope he keeps it til he gets sent to SmackDown  
  12. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Can Alicia serve Paige and return in the middle of it (only to no pop) and attack the girls with Bianca and Lacey?  
  13. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Stephanie is honestly the worst character on the show. It's not even smark exaggerating, how do you go from heel to face in a matter of seconds?  
  14. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Kevin bulking up  happy for him