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  1. Mauro Ranallo Returns to WWE, Will Be Calling NXT

    screaming at them getting him back after he booked mayweather and mcgregor, icon  i have off on wednesdays so i'm perched for king! he and nigel should be really good together  
  2. This is a case for the FBI
  3. RIP HB on mobile

  4. ALEXA BLISS Her thoughts matched her immediate response. "Whatever." Keeping her back turned to Tyler, she'd continue to move along, walking towards wherever her people would stay out of her vicinity... all while enjoying free food. fin.
  5. CM PUNK Leering, with all things considered, he'd make a mental note before responding. "My friends aren't huge on this sort of thing. I think it's really interesting, though... just sort of sitting back and watching everything else unfold while having no stakes in it yourself. It's great entertainment, I feel like... but that's neither here nor there."
  6. ALEXA BLISS Alright, fine, I'll admit it, I was wrong-- although my pixie senses are usually so on point that I'm like borderline psychic, I'll own up to my first impression of this guy not being as dead-on as I thought it'd be. He was a little different from your average edgelord. He was... a sassmaster. "I'm fairly certain you're in the wrong part of New York, and your intended destination definitely wouldn't justify that imaginary pedestal you attempted to speak down to me from. Now, why won't you be a doll and go watch Truth or Dare, or something? When I need someone as OTT as you to be my friend, I'll be sure to drop a line. Toodles," she'd say, rolling her eyes as she turned her back to Tyler.
  7. FINN BÁLOR "Y'know, man... the basics. Other than if you like beatin' yourself up or apologizin' for stuff for the sake of being cordial. What're you listenin' to, do you play sports, do you have any hobbies..." he'd offer, an innocent cadence in his suggestions. "I'm really into like... alternative rock, maybe avant garde electronic. Stuff that's sort of out there and really distinct in how it makes you feel about it. Then I obviously like playin' footie, or soccer, what have you, and I like to make art when I'm not doin' that stuff. Not that you cared about any of that stuff, but... just givin' an example," he'd shrug, a playful smile on his face.
  8. CM PUNK "Will do," he dutifully responded, as she made her way away from him. With Nikki out of sight, it was instinctive that Punk would have to tell somebody about this. Immediately texting his social media wiz, Scotty Goldman, he'd look on in disbelief as he continued to scan the area for paparazzo. Uh, so I'm definitely hitting it off with Nikki Bella at the bonfire right now. Not even joking. Dude what?? wtf lol I thought she was dead Like her career   that's what i meant Well, I don't know about her career, but she's definitely loaded, smells like a baby in spring, and is wearing a leather jacket with brown. There's a lot going on right now, and I'm not sure if I should dip, as I'm sure there's someone out here looking for her. It's just way too sketch, you know? I see what ya mean. I dunno she's supposedly taking a break from projects for something so I guess school is it?? WAIT oh my gosh i think we've got ourselves an exclusive for the morning showwwww Wait, stop. Don't put her out there like that. Last thing I wanna do is make anyone feel weird if they've never done the same to me. It's just strange she's out here, on her own. Especially with the way she is, you'd think she'd be a social butterfly. Looks can be deceivin brudda Squinting at the text, he'd smile when he eventually saw Nikki return with drinks in hand. "Oh, thank God, I was just about to leave..." he'd faux moan. "Kidding," he'd recite, taking a page out of her thesaurus. He wasn't sure what rules to play by here, so he'd figure at the very least, he'd entertain himself.
  9. FINN BÁLOR "Well, I wouldn't know for certain since you're not really tellin' me about yourself as much as you are describin' him, so..." he'd giggle, finding amusement in Sami's dressing down of his roommate. "But I'm sorry you have to deal with that, man, hopefully you can get a room switch or somethin'. I'd offer if I wasn't already with your boy, but again, it's questionable as to if you're fun or not, so let me take that back..." he'd joke, hoping Sami would follow along and reveal more about himself.
  10. ALEXA BLISS "No, actually, because there's nothing to insult. They're amazing. But, it's weird you think that I'm either some damsel in distress or I'm some superficial bitch who's keeping distance over something petty. Is duality not a thing? Can't I dislike people and have a reason for it? Because, the truth is, and I know you don't care about it, so I don't know why I'm even bothering to tell you other than I need to say it for myself, is that wherever I seem to go, there always tends to be someone who wants to mess with me. And I don't get it! I am a decent, loving and compassionate human being! I don't deserve to be stalked, have my drink spilt or have people blare their music in my face! So, what I'm doing now, is I'm keeping myself out of the way so no one tries to make me be that person... but I'm assuming that's what you're here to do, right? Mister Hot British Accent and I Wear Sunglasses At Night?"
  11. FINN BÁLOR "Pleasure," he'd remark, with a tender smile as he reciprocated the handshake, glad to have unearthed Sami from earlier hesitancy. "And, yeah, he's cool. Very shy, though, but so am I, so... it can get kind of awkward after a while, if I'm honest. I'm sure we'll get used to each other soon, though," he'd smile. "And what's so bad about yours? Though I've definitely seen m'fair share of trainwrecks already, I didn't know why we had any in our buildin'."
  12. CM PUNK His eyes tittering at the prospect of how easily she of all people must be able to get a beer, let alone that she thinks a beer is the immediate rapport gainer for a guy, he'd suck his teeth. "Hate to be a killjoy, but I'm not much of a drinker." He didn't smoke either. He was already one of the worst college students ever, it seemed. But, while most of his beliefs had been derivative of straight edge, he didn't think that a conversation about philosophy would be fair game for a stranded model type looking for kicks. Especially when he himself had found the adherence to the ideology difficult with the pretentious culture surrounding it. "...But, by all means, enjoy yourself. Not here to judge. Just here to get toasty and have a front row seat if anything of interest goes down. It'd be two weeks too late, if that was the case."
  13. FINN BÁLOR Resisting the urge to snicker at the eccentricity of his newfound company, he'd find the oddness of the other's greeting endearing, making him more willing to see where conversation would lead them. "Nah, it's cool. I believe you. Say, you know Tyler, right? I'm his roommate, Finn-- not sure I'd gotten the chance to introduce myself yet," he'd offer, withholding the extension of a handshake as to not be too intrusive in what appeared to be a comfortable solace for the red-haired, oddly polite boy.
  14. ALEXA BLISS As Alexa folded her arms and continued to lay low, the approaching Bate would instantly catch her attention, an incredulous smize forming. The best thing about skeeze magnet functions such as these ones is, as you guessed it, they bring out the slime early on in the school year, so you don't have to leave yourself with a lot of questions or 'should I's' during the more important parts of the marking period. While my complimentary punch and chewing gum were keeping my sugar levels right while keeping my mouth clean, nothing would exactly satisfy my tastebuds the way that the taste of a successful emasculation would. And this guy looked like just the right amount of douche to hit the spot. "...Oh, uh, no. I actually just murdered someone, trying to keep that under wraps... y'know?" she'd deadpan. "Thank you, though."
  15. CM PUNK Bingo. He remembered. The mentioning of her name bringing forth several recollections of reading about her personal life, be it real details or fictionalized nonsense made with the intent of selling magazines, in the tabloids he'd keep in the bathroom back home. While it was strange to be in the presence of an admittedly super attractive chick while also thinking about the john, it was more strange realizing that he was near someone of considerable status, and almost no one was making a fuss about it but him within his own mind. What gave? He'd take cautious looks around as he'd tune into Nikki's conversing with him, before his eyes would nervous settle back on hers, his testosterone naturally shifting his eye contact back to her upon the mention of nudity. "That's a relief. I'm sure there'd be plenty of weirdos into that. This week, at least I've heard, is the one where the creepers come out-- promiscuity is literally in the air." Did she know what promiscuity was? He shook off his own question. They did go to the same school, after all. "...Which is why I'm out here dressed as Rocky post-loss. That kinda shit with those kinda people just gives me the heebiejeebies... how 'bout you? Can't imagine you're here by your lonesome," he'd mention, fighting the urge to search for more paparazzo or whatever weirdness a real-life celebrity would bring his way.