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  1. the tragic attendance  they got kept on the pre-show
  3. this is so cute (the concept, not the execution! LMAO)  them modding it so ellsworth is only a manager, when will 2K ever  Becky being Christy Hemme , 
  4. omg they knew what they were doing
  5. This is what I hate about straight men always having free reign over creation, Nikki and Paige etc. have great likenesses but it's ruined because the makeup is glued on with the scan rather than applying it as a separate layer and making the design more pronounced/accurate   they need hire Pugnificent
  6. !!! You can fucking dye it black yourself  
  7. Sawyer FUCKING Fulton is in this game. Like WHO?! These bitches will easily give us No Way Jose as well but giggle at the thought of Eva or Maryse. I guess we better gather our coins for Anal DLC  
  8. I think we ALL think this is our fave model of hers
  9. Can Lita get her fucking face fixed please? I swear to God  
  10. The takeaway is that the absentee girls will still be in if there's an implication they're returning at some point, so people don't have to worry about that.  I think Nikki is the only one of these girls that will have seen a significant amount of effort put into her model. Hopefully we get the tear away tee  
  11. I love the color coordination they did with the pics this year though, the grungy trading card from last year wasn't the tea!
  12. Oh wow two Emma's  ready for Emmalina unlockable!
  13. NXT OG3 getting confirmed at the same time  hopefully Paige's hair is right this year  I want Summer in the gold attire tbh that way they can finally make ha tan I don't think Eva is in unless they really wanted Graves to record commentary for her. JoJo being MIA   Nikki Cross looks like haself. Slay at us being able to have intergender stables again  
  14. No fingers crossed, bitch. If these grungy motherfuckers aren't DLC these queens are definitely in the game  fingers crossed for LIV
  15. Raw August 14, 2017: Live Chat