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  1. HBW '19 | Online Ariana Latte to release not one, but two new albums! HOLLYWOOD, Ca. -- Ariana Latte has already had a killer first half of 2019, but it seems that her year might be getting even bigger. For the first time in two years, Ariana will finally release new music, with not one, but two new LPs for HBW and music fans to enjoy! While fans believed the Petite Treat had only been focusing her attention on the ring with her recent participation in HBMania and Money in the Bank, it appears that Ariana is ready to unleash the material she had been working on intensely during her hiatus from HBW at the end of 2018. With 27 tracks between the two projects, Ariana has promised a sonic experience 'like (she's) never done before'. Aristas can expect the new albums, respectively titled Sweetener and Thank U, Next, to focus on themes of happiness, self-improvement, insecurity, friendship, betrayal, love and heartbreak. Sounds pretty all-encompassing, right? The albums will be available on July 13th, with a pre-order for the dual release available now. You can check out the album art for both albums down below!                         
  2. HBW '19 | Roster

      A R I A N A   L A T T E alignment: babyface from: Boca Raton, Florida height: 5'0 weight: 105 lbs. accomplishments: 2x Heartbreakers Women's Champion, 1x Miss Money In The Bank  biography: Juggling passions can be hard, but history has shown that Ariana Latte knows how to keep things in balance. The five-foot-nothing 'Petite Treat' has been dazzling audiences since her debut as one of the founding ladies of HBW, helping put the women's wrestling juggernaut establish itself not just with her high-flying moves, but with her high-hitting notes as a pop superstar. Her album, 'Dangerous Woman',  topped the charts in 2017, all while she performed in the first-ever main event of HBMania under her 'Dangerous Ariana' persona, winning the Women's Championship in the process. While her commitments to music have often conflicted with her wrestling career (and vice versa), fans of the Italian princess have little to fear, as the beautiful Ariana works hard to make sure that her Aristas get the best from her-- both in the ring and in the studio. P H O T O   G A L L E R Y       allies: Winta, Britney Diamond (frenemy) enemies: Selina, Giavanna, Akira signature moves: Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2), Thank U, Next (Pop-Up Fastball Punch) finishers: Into You-thanizer (1916 2), Dangerous Driver (Death Valley Driver 1) entrance music: Bella Twins E S S E N T I A L  M A T C H E S Akira vs. Ariana Latte vs. Britney Diamond - HBMania Ariana Latte vs. Epiphany - HBMania 2 HBW Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Money in the Bank 2018 Ariana Latte vs. Giavanna - Fastlane 2018 Winta and Ariana Latte vs. NYV - HBMania 3
  3. Mike And Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE

    Lock them out of their social media and give Maria the GM storyline. That's all.
  4. Impact Wrestling June 14, 2019: Results

    My literal reaction every time I see her.
  5. NXT Spoilers

    I hope you ungrateful bitches who were dragging Godsuka when she was serving you iconic matches CHOKE on Shayna's reign.  
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Yeah, it's pretty clear that they're just milking it so they can get out and go to AEW. I really don't care about him but I need Scarlett to figure it the fuck out because that division needs her.   
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Girl, this entire situation is a hot ass mess. Killer Kross using Ryan Shitstain like a fucking diary because Impact is making him and Scarlett sit despite them trying to get into AEW before TV starts.    
  8. HBW '19 | Online

    ARIANA LATTE DEBUTS NEW BEAU?   Pint-sized HBW legend Ariana Latte may break hearts, but it looks like her own has been mended, thanks to the company of a new male companion! We saw Ari getting up close and personal with the mysterious gentleman last month, in a seemingly romantic vacation in Mexico City during Cinco de Mayo (but were asked by her team to withhold the photographs, which we politely obliged by). Now, however, it seems like the lovebirds are ready to come forward with their relationship!   New boy spotted! A joking conversation turns handsy outside the Allstate Arena. Ariana, 25, was seen with her boyfriend, Enrique, 23, leaving the arena after Ariana's participation in the 2019 Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which saw Blake Storm leave as victorious. It turns out the hunky Enrique is an up-and-coming HBW men's competitor, currently touring the live event circuit as he hones his skills in their developmental program. Sources close to the pair say that they linked up upon Ariana's return to the company in February, noting the "instant chemistry" between the two. "Ariana is very guarded ... she's very emotional and keeps her heart on her sleeve, which has lead to her often getting hurt while within the business, hence why she spends time away." The source claims the two are "very close", but are keeping things "casual". "Arique" enjoying time together in Mexico City last month.   We wish the two the very best, as it must be nice for Ari to have someone to reach things on the top shelf for her!
  9. Posing for your shoot but blocking y'all on social media. You sure?
  10. August Keller | Apollo | Leonardo DiCaprio

    #allofmypride { height: 520px; width: 420px; background: white; outline: 1px solid #e59277; position: relative; margin: 20px auto 3px; box-shadow: 1px 2px 3px #e59277; overflow: hidden; } .aomp-image { width: 170px; height: 400px; position: absolute; background-size: cover; top: 85px; left: 0px; filter: grayscale(0.7); } .aomp-text { font-family: libre franklin; color: #000; position: absolute; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; padding-right: 5px; width: 195px; height: 400px; font-size: 11px; right: 25px; top: 85px; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 1px; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background: none!important; border: none !important; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: #000 !important; border: none !important; } .aomp-text b { background: #e2cccf; font-weight: 400;} .aomp-title { font-family: raleway; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; font-size: 9px; position: absolute; color: #e59277; letter-spacing: 2px; width: 380px; top: 38px; left: 20px; }   "say it ain't so" AUGUST & ANDREW Game recognizes game. August and Andrew come from different ends of the social stratosphere, but could converge wildly and rapidly in a shared taste and passion for music. My vision for their relationship is that it begins platonic, but eventually develops into antagonistic. August, as he's described, is a lot like Bobby in the way that Andrew would be drawn to him, birthed out of envy for his style and demeanor. As they bond, August learns that Andrew is an up-and-coming radio personality at the local Olympia station-- essentially an in for August's music career. Perhaps August wouldn't suggest it at first, but through Andrew's insistence after hearing him write and play, Andrew gets away with playing August's demo tape on the radio one night and create a bit of buzz for his friend. The lore traces Hermes and Apollo's conflict back to Hermes' status as a trickster; a protector of businessmen, merchants and thieves. Hermes is essentially destined to align with traitors, despite his otherwise noble convictions. I think this could be incorporated into Andrew perhaps manipulating August into signing away rights for songs, only for them to be shopped out to bigger artists through Andrew's radio station's corporate connections within the music industry. In theory, they're both pawns in the system, but Andrew's hair-brained scheme is essentially to take him (and he thinks August, as well, though that'd likely be a point of contention) to the top. What results could be a more heart-wrenching affair than just bold-face lying, as August deals with his passion being made into a product, taken from him from someone who he thought he could trust, but who is ultimately destined to lie, cheat and steal. Feel free to work things out and meet me in the middle if you're interested! LINK TO SHIPPER MONTY
  11. Only until 6 is announced with a girl being one of the main characters and you're given the option to become a stripper rather than just go to the strip club.