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  1. The current rumor is that they're not taking control until after Extreme Rules.
  2. Post Your Pictures

  3. *wrestling nerd glasses on* I don't think this will lead to anything too significant, but I think it will hopefully at least end the wildcard shit and stop Vince's train of thought on certain storylines, which could be helpful. I'm here for Paul Heyman, IDK what Miss Eric is giving in 2019.
  4. Seth Rollins Addresses Jon Moxley's Criticism of WWE.

    This reeks of collusion/fake controversy.  
  5. Stomping Grounds: Live Chat

    The site going through an entire re-brand and people feigning surprise there isn't any wrestling discussion, like there hasn't been for the past month and a half.  The girls' matches were cute. The main event was a little underwhelming in-ring but Lacey was a kii as the referee. Roman and Drew served what they should have at WrestleMania.    
  6. Matt Reeves' "The Batman" Fancast and Speculation

    The way she just casually channels her in her everyday fashion. Her being confirmed a stan. A re-creation of something akin to this scene being perfect Fenty Beauty product placement. I would see any movie with her in the role every week for its theatrical run. No cap.  
  7. Kii, because they write their own show not being good into their own canon. And have been continuing to do so for months on end.  
  8. I think it's a little overhated. It doesn't really line up well with the more traditional approach they took with Batfleck, but it was a unique modern take. It also doesn't help that the movie he was barely in was abysmal. But still, Nicholson and Ledger's performances are too iconic for him to even be included, let alone someone vote for him over them.
  9. The idea of sitting for four hours hurts me, but they deserve this.
  10. THE millennial Batman.   The rest of the stats don't seem super surprising, other than Jared Leto being in the double digits for favorite Joker.
  11. HBW '19 | Online Ariana Latte to release not one, but two new albums! HOLLYWOOD, Ca. -- Ariana Latte has already had a killer first half of 2019, but it seems that her year might be getting even bigger. For the first time in two years, Ariana will finally release new music, with not one, but two new LPs for HBW and music fans to enjoy! While fans believed the Petite Treat had only been focusing her attention on the ring with her recent participation in HBMania and Money in the Bank, it appears that Ariana is ready to unleash the material she had been working on intensely during her hiatus from HBW at the end of 2018. With 27 tracks between the two projects, Ariana has promised a sonic experience 'like (she's) never done before'. Aristas can expect the new albums, respectively titled Sweetener and Thank U, Next, to focus on themes of happiness, self-improvement, insecurity, friendship, betrayal, love and heartbreak. Sounds pretty all-encompassing, right? The albums will be available on July 13th, with a pre-order for the dual release available now. You can check out the album art for both albums down below!                         
  12. HBW '19 | Roster

      A R I A N A   L A T T E alignment: babyface from: Boca Raton, Florida height: 5'0 weight: 105 lbs. accomplishments: 2x Heartbreakers Women's Champion, 1x Miss Money In The Bank  biography: Juggling passions can be hard, but history has shown that Ariana Latte knows how to keep things in balance. The five-foot-nothing 'Petite Treat' has been dazzling audiences since her debut as one of the founding ladies of HBW, helping put the women's wrestling juggernaut establish itself not just with her high-flying moves, but with her high-hitting notes as a pop superstar. Her album, 'Dangerous Woman',  topped the charts in 2017, all while she performed in the first-ever main event of HBMania under her 'Dangerous Ariana' persona, winning the Women's Championship in the process. While her commitments to music have often conflicted with her wrestling career (and vice versa), fans of the Italian princess have little to fear, as the beautiful Ariana works hard to make sure that her Aristas get the best from her-- both in the ring and in the studio. P H O T O   G A L L E R Y       allies: Winta, Britney Diamond (frenemy) enemies: Selina, Giavanna, Akira signature moves: Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2), Thank U, Next (Pop-Up Fastball Punch) finishers: Into You-thanizer (1916 2), Dangerous Driver (Death Valley Driver 1) entrance music: Bella Twins E S S E N T I A L  M A T C H E S Akira vs. Ariana Latte vs. Britney Diamond - HBMania Ariana Latte vs. Epiphany - HBMania 2 HBW Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Money in the Bank 2018 Ariana Latte vs. Giavanna - Fastlane 2018 Winta and Ariana Latte vs. NYV - HBMania 3