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  1. Scarlett Bordeaux will bring vixen to WWE. Or Mandy Rose will get a stylist and visit an African American history museum. I will NOT let these bitches relapse on Eva. Period. 

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    2. LIVin the Riott

      LIVin the Riott

      Sis I love Scarlett lol. I just dont want her to go PG 'cause she'd be killed and her gimmick will most likely be IIconics'd by the Creative Team :pinfall:

    3. Cooksie


      WWE would at least give her matches or storyline payoff unlike Impact :uhh: all she has to bat her eyes for Vince and it's a done deal!!!

    4. LIVin the Riott

      LIVin the Riott

      I want her to lead the second coming of Vince's Devils then