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  1. Robert Carter II | Ares | Mark Wahlberg

    #allofmypride { height: 520px; width: 420px; background: white; outline: 1px solid #e59277; position: relative; margin: 20px auto 3px; box-shadow: 1px 2px 3px #e59277; overflow: hidden; } .aomp-image { width: 170px; height: 400px; position: absolute; background-size: cover; top: 85px; left: 0px; filter: grayscale(0.7); } .aomp-text { font-family: libre franklin; color: #000; position: absolute; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; padding-right: 5px; width: 195px; height: 400px; font-size: 11px; right: 25px; top: 85px; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 1px; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background: none!important; border: none !important; } .aomp-text::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: #000 !important; border: none !important; } .aomp-text b { background: #e2cccf; font-weight: 400;} .aomp-title { font-family: raleway; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; font-size: 9px; position: absolute; color: #e59277; letter-spacing: 2px; width: 380px; top: 38px; left: 20px; }   "BOSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" BOBBY & ANDREW In a given crowd, he'd catch his attention simply by his enigmatic presence. Whether its main contributor was his overtly enviable physique or his casually cool cadence that Andrew couldn't dream of exuding, even on his best day, there's something about this guy. It's like a puzzle to solve or studying a creature in the wild, it's a fascination of an admirable stranger, one he's dying to pick the brain of. Bobby and Andrew come from different walks of life, sure, but their common grounds of unabashed machismo in the face of a grizzly reality might be enough for the unlikeliest of duos to link up and develop a friendship. It'd likely take some time for Bobby to learn to tolerate the ever-optimistic and talkative Andrew, the polar opposite of the walls the ex-Marine had built in response to the damage within his own life, but perhaps Andrew would speak to him in ways that the terse, but confident Bostonian may not have even knew he needed. Their begrudgingly developed camaraderie would be effortless against the nightscape, with their mutual mischievous personalities at heart meeting with hijinks sure to ensue. Nights of billiards with the boys might be just what the doctor ordered for both, allowing Bobby to get away and escape to a mindspace that exists outside of the blood, dirt and trauma. For Andrew, a rapport with someone who seemed settled in reality and not in the snobby pretenses that the college kids or the social climbers at the station existed in. They're each a breath of fresh air for the other and because of that, could find themselves in each other's company, creating a bond that could evolve into a brotherhood. That is, if fate allows. Your characterization of Bobby seemed like the perfect fit for a bro for Andrew to turn to, perhaps best bros if all works out! They're strikingly different but incredibly similar and it just feels natural that they'd develop an initially reluctant but increasingly understanding friendship with one another. If you're down, don't hesitate to stroll my way! LINK TO SHIPPER MONTY
  2. Andrew's Journey

    #liwmitracker { width: 500px; background: #fff; height: 400px; position: relative; margin: 20px auto; border: 1px solid #ccc; outline: 1px solid #e59277; outline-offset: 10px; font-family: roboto; color: #191919; line-height: 170%; font-size: 11px; } #liwmitracker picture { height: 400px; width: 200px; position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; background-size: cover; display: block; border-right: 1px solid #e59277; } #liwmitracker name { font-family: roboto; font-weight: 900; width: 400px; height: 20px; font-size: 25px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #bababa; position: absolute; text-align: left; transform: rotate(-90deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); top: 190px; left: 9px; display: block; letter-spacing: 10px; } #liwmitracker infobox { width: 245px; height: 360px; position: absolute; top: 20px; right: 20px; overflow: auto; font-family: roboto; font-size: 9px; line-height: 170%; text-align: justify; padding-right: 5px; color: #191919; display: block; } #liwmitracker h1 { color: #e59277; position: relative; font-size: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: roboto; display: block; width: auto; text-align: right; font-weight: 900; margin:10px 0px; letter-spacing:10px; border-bottom: 1px solid #bababa; } #liwmitracker a { color: #e59277; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: roboto; font-weight: 700; display: block; } #liwmitracker a:before { background: #e59277; height: 5px; width: 5px; border-radius: 100%; content: ""; display: inline-block; margin: 0px 5px; } #liwmitracker infobox::-webkit-scrollbar{width:1px} #liwmitracker infobox::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{border:none!important;background:#bababa!important} #liwmitracker infobox::-webkit-scrollbar-track{background:none!important;border:none!important} Andrew Avila Active Thread Title, Canon Month, Year n/a Complete Thread Title, Canon Month, Year n/a Relationships MARIA AVILA (FAMILIAL)As her only child, Andrew has been guarded fervently by his loving and compassionate mother, Maria. Although his more sophomoric qualities may draw her frustrations at times, Maria completely trusts and instills confidence in the young man she's raised Andrew to be today. With Andrew living on his own now, he still makes a conscious effort to keep in contact with her every week over the phone and visit when he has enough for the train. (pre-canon ) DAVID AVILA (FAMILIAL) From the moment he first held his son in his arms, David knew that his bond with his son, Andrew, would be unbreakable. This proved exponentially true as Andrew grew up, leaning on his father as a source of guidance throughout his adolescence. His father's more sardonic humor juxtaposed oddly against Andrew's more obtuse approach, though his dad always found more of a morbid amusement in Andrew's antics. They share a mutual love of baseball, often getting into heated debates over it whenever Andrew comes to visit. (pre-canon )   MONTY
  3. I'm disappointed Endgame isn't going to surpass Avatar  UGH if they just cut it by like forty-five minutes, it'd have more re-watch value.
  4. The increased booking fees for dates you can book yourself and more face value recognition than you'd have from just working indies says otherwise.
  5. I think she's going to AEW if she gets out, which she likely will as Impact can't build a reputation for not being a revolving door for people that want out since it's still trying to get its feet on the ground with this current format. She stands out more when there are less model-type girls on the roster and the product will let her stay on the risque-side.
  6. .ama::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 5px; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background-color: #fff; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #e59277; } .ama { background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; height: 250px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: arial; line-height: 100%; font-size: 10px; color: #000; } .amatitle { padding: 20px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 3px; color: #fff; } .amafields1 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; } .amafields2 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; margin-top: 1px; } TRIGGER WARNING: INFERTILITY   ANDREW DAVID AVILA   face claim: FREDDIE PRINZE JR. canon name: HERMES associations: trade, heraldry, merchants, commerce, travel, roads, SPORTS, athletes, thieves and trickery; the messenger of the gods alias: DREW age / apparent age: 20 date of birth: 06/04/1976 place of birth: BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, USA zodiac: GEMINI pronouns: HE, HIM, HIS sexuality: HETEROSEXUAL moral alignment: CHAOTIC GOOD character traits: MISCHIEVOUS, GOOFY, LOYAL, GENEROUS, COURAGEOUS, COMPASSIONATE, EXTROVERTED, PLIAnT, DEFENSIVE, SLIGHTLY NARCISSISTIC AND PRETENTIOUS world views: somewhere between realistic and optimistic; drew is cognizant of society's many glaring flaws, but finds laughter, entertainment and distraction as better coping mechanisms than activism or outwardly sharing his views; he also realizes it's a lot safer; loathes DISCRIMINATION, HATRED AND BIGOTRY, but is still prone to misconceptions about other identity groups with which he does not belong; figures it's better to be silent than to be wrong; doesn't identify with any organized religion, but loosely believes in spirituality and the paranormal physical attributes: 5'10'', slender but toned build; brown hair, brown eyes, medium toned skin musical taste: RAP, PARTICULARLY THAT OF THE WEST COAST NATIVE HIP-HOP SCENE; R&B AND SOUL MUSIC; rock; POP, WITH A ONLY HALF IRONIC ADORATION OF BOY BANDS aesthetic: urban-oriented, bomber jackets, denim, athleisure, gold chains, baseball jerseys, OCCASIONAL graphic tees and flannels; an evolving chameleon style, dependent on locale and culture lifestyle: drew manages to get by on his own, juggling between jobs to keep the bills paid and allow himself a little extra to indulge with; he enjoys going to the bar, meeting new people and mostly follows through with invitations for socializatioN; he loves baseball, concert going and being in the room for big events that will be talked about within the city occupation: RADIO PERSONALITY / freelance writer class: MIDDLE CLASS geneaology: maria avila (mother), david avila (father) BIOGRAPHY: Dewy eyes wrinkled into an incredulous beam on the fourth of June, year 1976, as the twinkle beneath Maria Avila's tears came at the grand irony of it all. Cradled in her arms was her only-born son of her high school sweetheart, David, after making an entrance that, to before the day, Maria herself may have felt impossible. The son, Andrew, was a miracle of sorts. Having been together for eight years, the couple had wed shortly after their collegiate graduations and planned to begin their careers and raise a family. Multiple complications with early attempts within the first two years of their marriage had left Maria discouraged at her own infertility, as if fate was purposefully denying her of one of her greatest aspirations. She had spent the entirety of her pregnancy worried, constantly paranoid about the best ways to keep herself and her baby healthy in order to ensure optimum health for his arrival, still working all the while. The warmth of her son on her breast had contented her woeful heart and would set the tone for Andrew's close relationship with his parents, eternally grateful for their opportunity to bring life to the world; a vibrant, twinkling star in a sky full of uncertainties. Andrew and his parents lived in Berkeley, California, throughout his formative years. The city was home to the University of California, Berkeley, where his parents both attended. His father, David, a proud boriqueño from first-generation immigrants, was happy to begin his adult life in a place that had served as an arena to a litany of social progress. His mother, Maria, of Italian and Spanish origin, echoed the sentiments. Andrew was fortunate to be raised by two driven and compassionate people, who while different, converged mainly in their love for one another, their son and their hope for a better future. David's family had always been working class, while Maria's extended family enjoyed wealth, but discouraged and largely distanced themselves from Maria and her immediately family following word of her intent to marry so young to a boyfriend with little going for him outside of his history degree and an unyielding love of baseball.  Andrew grew up playful, talkative and curious. As his parents continued to work full-time in the city, he'd often spend time with his grandmother, Paola, who lived a half an hour away, listening to records and cooking. As he grew up, he'd pursue baseball, with his father's longtime friend serving as his rec coach and eventually his high school coach. If it wasn't for the social relationships developed with his friends at practice and his father's vested interest in his progress, Andrew would have likely quit then and there: he loathed conformity and procedure and would often get into trouble for playing pranks on his teammates whenever he butted heads with them. Progress within their respective career fields, his father as an associate professor at Berkeley and his mother as a social worker, allowed them to have more flexibility in their lifestyle and vacation more often, instilling in Andrew a higher expectation for academic performance and goal-driven actions rather than just the daydreaming and drawing he'd do while watching MTV. Intelligent and quick-thinking like his parents before him, Andrew succeeded academically, but struggled with finding a career path that he believed would coincide with his parents' expectations and his own personal desires. He played baseball all four years, establishing himself as both a popular student in school and a known class clown, and perhaps the most apologetic one of all. Every time he'd have a laugh that might be at class order's expense, he'd write a handwritten note to excuse himself, something that largely endeared him to the staff and got him off the hook with his parents. He'd graduate with respectable marks with the class of 1994. Andrew was admitted into the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in political science, a move inspired by his mother's work in the public sector. Andrew felt steady in navigating the social aspects, but felt unfulfilled spiritually. He was intelligent, ambitious and found it easy to build rapport with others, which made the idea of him pursuing a degree to validate the skills he already knew himself to possess seem meaningless. He wasn't interested in working in a suit-and-tie job as much as he was in being a voice for his community, but not in the way that voices in the community usually were in Berkeley. What inspired him about the world was the things that people could universally love and understand: music, sports and entertainment. He enjoyed gamesmanship, camaraderie and the divisive and politically-charged campus climate made the things he loved seem trivial. He was inching closer to fitting into a mold and entering a narrative he didn't have much to say in as much as more well-equipped people would. Politics and public outcry were hand-in-hand in a vicious and unending cycle, and as altruistic as pursuing it was on paper, it was emotionally draining. Taking a sharp change of course, he'd drop out of college after a year, a move that was highly controversial with his parents, but ultimately supported. Despite not being the path they'd chosen, they knew their son was destined to due great things. And soon enough, Andrew landed an internship opportunity with WOLA 93.9 in Olympia, California, saved up some money and drove out of his parents' place and into his new destiny. Moving to Olympia in the summer of 1995, Andrew has made a point to associate himself with the local customs, tradition and ascend the ladder within WOLA. In the years that have followed, Andrew's made a name for himself at the station, getting along with his co-workers and upon being granted an opportunity to host an hour of radio last summer, earned high marks and praise for his prank phone call segments, which would become recurring on the station's programming. Andrew longs to gain more coveted airtime slots-- the morning slot, namely-- and discuss more complicated subject matter, musical trends and current events, and become the voice he was meant to be: one with purpose and presence, with a Cheshire grin hidden underneath. PLATONIC: Andrew's list of acquaintances reads like a who's who of both Berkeley and Olympia. He's not one to make awkward eye contact without making conversation, and whether it be from strangers in an elevator or new faces found beneath the colorful lights of a club, Andrew finds it easy to find at least one thing in common with someone. He likes to keep a busy schedule to keep himself from ever feeling bored, lonely or disengaged, so anyone that fits within his hemisphere of passionate, thought-provoking or downright fun-loving people, he tends to keep in touch with. Andrew, however, hasn't been able to keep many of his closest friends from high school. A sacrifice of leaving his hometown behind and moving into the unknown in Olympia, his life has diverged in a different direction to his inner circle. Though it was a risky choice, he's gained more confidence in his new relationships and hopes to find even more friends outside his regular realm of encounter. It's possible these may manifest with those that liken to his past life's confidantes, such as Apollo. ANTAGONISTIC: Andrew's outgoing personality and propensity to pull a prank or two has garnered him some detractors who don't find his humor all that funny. Though he doesn't dwell much on the opinions of others, Andrew can't stand people who abuse power, manipulate others or habitually lie.  Andrew's never one to directly let on when he's not feeling someone. The thoughts will linger in his mind and perhaps confided into someone he trusts, but never enunciated until things reach a breaking point. Should you happen to draw his ire, his wars will be cold, and sometimes, without end. Andrew is known to keep quite the grudge if the predicating situation warrants it. It's possible his opponents could manifest in those that liken to his past life's rivals, such as the Titans, the Eternals, Argus or Cronus. ROMANTIC: Andrew is currently single, perhaps in part to him always mirroring any relationship he has back to the one his mother and father had. His mother and father aren't perfect, but their relationship feels like it. People who have complete spiritual synergy, who while different, feel like they complete a puzzle together. He dated a handful of girls throughout high school and had a few dates in college, but finds that women tend to develop an idea of him in their head and then feel there's a disconnect when they begin to know each other intimately. He's insecure about offering himself up to vulnerability in that sense, and since he's rarely insecure about anything else, finds in most cases it's best to avoid it all together. He hates giving chase to women and will immediately distance himself from girls that speak in coded language or come off judgmental. While he might have a high standard set for long-term, committed relationships, that's not to say he's not down for something casual. Andrew is very passionate and if the girl's got the right energy, he won't say no to being friends with benefits, especially if it feels like she's down to try things other girls wouldn't. His lips won't ever speak a word to anyone else, but the knowing glances he's exchanged with girls across the table at larger friend gatherings say all the words for him. OTHER: I'm down for pretty much anything, just shoot me a message and we can brainstorm! NONE, 21, EST, PM or discord (kyle #2902)  
  7. A young and talented Batman with a new franchise off the heels of DC finally getting a formula together for cinematic success  This could be career re-defining. So excited.
  8. Alexa Bliss Removed from MITB Match

    They were wild for booking her for it in the first place.  
  9. I would be surprised, personally. Not that it's really that deep, but the swiftness with which he was to shoot down the Superman departure rumors not too long ago makes me think he's clued into something they haven't shopped to the media yet in regards to the soft reboot that makes him optimistic about staying in that franchise for a little bit longer.
  10. AEW Announces TV Deal

    I think this can be accomplished with protagonists and antagonists, which are staples of storytelling in general, not just wrestling; it's just wrestling's presentation of the construct that is antiquated, as you said in the other thread. The idea of this being gone (Cody mentioned something about getting rid of it and going in this direction) worries me because I think it would be very difficult to understand conflict or follow a story if everything narrative wise is fan-decided.
  11. AEW Announces TV Deal

    I already smell the backtracking and panicking the second the first couple of shows happen and people don't use  
  12. Killer Kross Requests Impact Release

    Scarlegend has it made at Impact, so I can't see him going anywhere. It's weird how Impact has these weird talent relations stories running online when the morale and direction has improved a lot under this current regime.
  13. TV 2018 - 2019 Renewal/Cancellation Thread

    Great thread/thank you for bringing everything together in one hub   I wonder what's going on with Dear White People as I feel like they said they got renewed for a season three but it's been so quiet regarding it (people probably forgot about it)  
  14. Oh Hey

    Welcome. Feel free to grant me my Top Poster crown whenever you'd like. @Michael Psyches