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  1. Scarlett Bordeaux

        t h e  o f f i c i a l  f a n b a s e  o f... Scarlett Bordeaux WHO IS SHE? Elizabeth Chihaia, known better as Scarlett Bordeaux, is a Chicago-born model, ring announcer, valet and professional wrestler, born on May 13th, 1991. She debuted for Chicago Style Wrestling in April 2012, before joining Ring of Honor as a valet for Matt Taven and the House of Truth a year later. Following the dissension of the alliance, Bordeaux would be used as a ring announcer, before being sporadically used as an in-ring talent in Ring of Honor's there but not really there women's division, Women of Honor. She has made several cameo appearances on both Impact Wrestling and WWE, being used on Knockouts Knockdown for TNA and for squash matches/backstage cameos for WWE. In 2018, she signed with Impact Wrestling. WHAT IS SHE DOING? Scarlett is currently a Knockout in Impact Wrestling women's division. After signing with the company in 2018, her "Smokeshow" character has appeared in several highly-streamed segments on the television show, as she continues to make appearances on the independent circuit. Her debut for AAA in Mexico garnered twelve MILLION views on YouTube. WHAT SHOULD I KNOW? - She's gorgeous. - And talented! Here's one of her bookings from over the summer. - She is a troll. - She is a lady. A respectable. LADY. - She traded in her only championship to date for Rhyno's autograph? - She is a huge fan of Sasha Banks, and watching her growing up is what made her want to become a wrestler. - In 2015, she trained at Seth Rollins and Marek Brave's wrestling school and tried out for Tough Enough. She also hooked him up with his GF? Confirm @Mariah. - She and Mark Carrano follow each other on Twitter. - She once won a bra and panties match against Joey Ryan that garnered thirteen MILLION views on YouTube. IS SHE GOING TO WWE? SCARLETT'S LETTERS @Cooksie @Christon (;/) @Osnapitskg @diiva. @House of Ninja @Mariah. @Foxy And growing!
  2. Marina Shafir Rumored to be Joining The Undisputed Era

    I mean, would she be serving Chyna? Her walking out with this group of cruiserweights  
  3. fuck u, all ☁️🖤

  4. It's not ideal, but the Asuka Invitational is better than just one girl getting a half-assed push two weeks before 'Mania. 
  5. Raw March 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Batista has the budget
  6. You better stan Mai bitch

    1. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      Queen of Yugioh.

  7. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Why? So the girls can fill this thread with every CAW looking random from the indies/205 with "make me your literal cum dumpster" as the caption? 
  8. I truly don't want to be that person but Taya's look for that beatdown looked a little familiar.   The Tessa segment was a kii tho  she is a psycho
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

  10. Electric and I cannot stress this enough Glam Slam
  11. ruthless aggression era but if divas had rights >>>

    1. LIVin the Riott

      LIVin the Riott

      Whew the power this would've had :shook:

  12. And Asuka owes her after breaking up their tag team
  13. and Naomi and Mandy?
  14. Mandy couldn't wear this wig on Sunday?  
  15. HBW '19 | Online

    [ HEARTBREAKER SEARCH ] Week One Round-Up & Rankings: Week one has wrapped and the women (or most, at least) have gotten a chance to showcase themselves to the audience on HBW Live events, whilst drama has brewed amongst the ranks. During Raw, the women got the chance to introduce themselves to the audience in a dark segment. Diana's shimmering dress and whimsical personality scored big points, though it drew the ire of Miss Monroe, who had been a standout due to her performances on live events and previous wrestling training. MISS MONROE (CONFESSIONAL) "That stupid little b**** Diana had the motherf***in' nerve to interrupt my lor entrance or whatever during Raw commercial break, I was f***in' pissed. Go do your f***in' clown s*** on your own time, b****. Not mine!" Throughout the week, the women competed on live events (with the exception of one) to help better acquaint themselves with the audience. Diana, Miss Monroe, Tiffany Masters and Parvati all wrestled, with Diana and Monroe scoring upset wins and Diana taking a nasty fall. While luck (or zen) was on her side and prevented her from serious injury, it definitely left some viewers buzzing. Elsie Woods had a tough week. Decision makers at Confection Management weren't pleased with her appearance on Raw and found she brought little to the table as a competitor, ultimately sending her towards the bottom of the rankings. However, due to the critiques, Elsie had a rather drastic change in appearance halfway through the week. Elsie, before Raw last week:   Elsie, during a promotional taping for the competition earlier today:     The drastic transformation was enough to warrant Elsie a spot as an extra on the Pittsburgh edition of Raw (Elsie is a Pennsylvania native), but her match would be cut due to time constraints, frustrating the young upstart. Tiffany Masters underwent a bit of a transformation herself, abandoning a 'lawyer' persona that management had pitched to her and instead opting to wrestle under a character that felt 'closer to her'. Despite losing in her match, the change was well-received and strengthened her standings in the competition. TIFFANY MASTERS (CONFESSIONAL) "I went off the cuff a little bit this week, but I feel good about it. Being someone I wasn't was a big reason why my run didn't work out the first time around. I'm not a paralegal. I'm an elite competitor. I'm a girl with a little darkness that can stand on her own two feet." Parvati had a quiet week. While management is optimistic about her, her appearance on the live events wasn't talked about much and she quietly fell behind the bigger stories of the week. The ratings for the week are as follows: 1. DIANA 2. MISS MONROE 3. TIFFANY MASTERS 4. ELSIE WOODS 5. PARVATI No cuts have been made at this time. Follow for more updates on the competition.
  16. Music of the moment

  17. Y’all complain about every title reign so I fully expect Jillian to win  
  18. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  19. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  20. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    She’s about to put herself in the main event last minute, a GODDESS  
  21. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  22. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Not Alexa getting Kim K booed