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  1. WWE has definitely gotta do something about Dream and these accusations. But side note, that post mentions a group chat of accusers and I'm really hoping it's not the same one from IG that was on the video from the first accusation because the title of that one was.... very questionable ūüíÄ
  2. I'm in tears and my heart is completely broken. She was only 22, in the prime of her life. She was JUST in the Tokyo Dome with TCS doing big things. I cannot believe this is real.   Please keep her mother Kyoko in your graces as Hana was her only child. Rest in peace, Hana. We love you 
  3. Rusev is more than likely just trolling on twitter. In poor taste at that,
  4. All of this happening after they were deemed essential by the gov of FL is really some demonic shit. I hate capitalism.
  5. True but that in bulk comes from them delaying building the new HQ. These talent contracts are small pennies compared to that.
  6. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/wwe-coronavirus-furloughs-1234581381/   All this for a monthly saving of only 4 mil is kinda wild. WWE really hoarded too much talent.
  7. While I do feel that certain names will definitely return down the line once this blows over, this is still quite the fucked up situation. Just goes to show that wrestlers are no different than regular folks whose jobs were deemed essential but because their capitalist company bosses, were still fired or laid off.
  8. I finally got a computer so I can actually use this forum again dfjbgbg

    1. Mariah.


      ahhhhh period queen

    2. Kat


      Welcome back lovely ‚̧ԳŹ

  9. NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019: Live Chat

    Anyways, back here for the first women's war games. Tbh the only thing I want is for Bianca to rock Shayna's jaw after the match. 
  10. NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019: Live Chat

    Mia was paying homage to Bull Nakano with her blue face paint. Y'all on a women's wrestling form and couldn't tell?  
  11. Me. I Am Mariah...

    Only thing I can say is that I'm extremely proud of you and that I love you sis. I've been blessed to find a handful of wonderful people on this hellhole called the internet, and you are definitely one of them. Although we don't talk much and I ghost this forum often (sksdkds), you are always in my thoughts and I am always wishing you the best 
  12. Sony truly won lmao. Planting their executive as co head producer for the next two MCU films, retained his full rights, gets to build their SpiderVerse, AND got Disney imprints headed to PS Vue. Disney tried to shake sis down by sicking the fans on em but Sony ain't care about some stans.