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  1. They could have came out to the same music.
  2. WWE interested in Karen Q and Rachael Ellering

    A more accurate, but less catchy headline, would be "WWE interested in any female talent they are worried could go to AEW or other potential competitor and leave them in the Performance Center for years doing absolutely fucking nothing." The PC has become a prison for anyone WWE sees potential in and is worried could be a success elsewhere, with no intention of allowing them to be a success in their own company.
  3. I honestly think Sasha has a chance at the Rumble, my logic being based on the fact that Ronda vs Becky doesn’t need the championship. Their feud isn’t based around the belt, it’s based around their hate for each other. It’s a long shot but I can see the Rumble going like: - Becky interferes in Ronda vs Sasha, costing Ronda the title. - Ronda returns the favour and costs Becky her chance against Asuka. Setting up Becky vs Ronda at Mania. - Charlotte wins the Royal Rumble match (ew, groan etc.) and sets up a WM rematch against Asuka. - Sasha probably loses the championship to Alexa the next night on Raw.
  4. That's exactly where Mick Foley keeps the sock. He pulls it from his crotch every time, that was sort of the point of it when he first started doing it. Anyway, the whole thing is kinda gross. But it was fake and it caused "scandal" which I'm guessing was the point, so in that sense it worked.
  5. Becky’s music hitting during John’s promo was the first time in forever wrestling has given me chills. Must have been such a surreal moment for her to end 2018 like that.
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    All these women selling like Mickie James and Alicia Fox.  
  7. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Jesus Christ, Drew lying on top of Finn with his fingers in Finn’s mouth screaming “so close, SO CLOSE” Did this entire forum just explode?
  8. No you’re right, Lita tore her ACL at New Years Revolution 2005, and she was inactive for a super long time after (of course, the whole Matt/Edge thing didn’t help with that.) Hopefully its not something as serious as this for Dakota.
  9. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    Criticising Ruby to make Nattie look better is such a strange way to put someone over. A few bad matches do not make a bad wrestler (and I personally don’t think the matches you mentioned were that bad, but that’s just my opinion obviously). I think the difference is that nobody is really denying that Nattie has the talent, it’s just that she rarely shows it. Her matches are always formulaic, the same moves in the same order, and no matter what kind of offence she takes she sells it as a limp. She just looks to me like she has lost her passion, but I know can’t be true given how much she talks and writes about loving wrestling. If anything, I’m rooting for Nattie and willing her to show me that spark and that talent that everyone talks about. 
  10. Post Your Pictures

      Since we're sharing instas http://instagram.com/michaeldonaghy/ I don't post much and I'm super shit at posing and filters tho haha!  
  11. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    Yeah they really need to start gimmicking the tables for the women's matches, because they're just too small to break them like the men. And Ruby in particular is tiny.
  12. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    Let's hope Nattie takes this opportunity to show us why everyone always says she's amazing the ring. Because she hasn't shown that in a looooong time. And she doesn't have the excuse of working with inexperienced talent this time. Singles PPV match. Great stipulation. Amazing opponent. Prove me wrong Natalie.
  13. Sonya is the first girl in years to organically make me stan her. Normally I decide on first appearances whether I like someone or not, but damn it this bitch has now successfully won me the fuck over. 
  14. Raw November 12, 2018: Live Chat

    Looking back it was 100% Nia, but I’m happy with my girl Tina get any credit, so yeah, it was now Tamina who saved Raw.
  15. Raw November 12, 2018: Live Chat

    Whoever botched and busted Becky open is the MVP. That made the whole segment.