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  1. WWE signs Lacey Lane

    She resembles Sarah Logan more than she resembles Ember but okay...
  2. Eight More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Even though I’m fully aware who Nicole Matthews is, every time I hear her name I picture Nicole Bass. 
  3. SmackDown July 10, 2018: Live Chat

    That was the worst episode of SD in a very long time. Even Carmella’s charisma couldn’t carry the segment this week. This division is worth so much more than that shit-heap.
  4. Total Bellas ratings for 'Save The Date 3'

    I think I’m in the minority who openly say they watch every episode of Total Divas and Total Bellas, and that I normally enjoy both shows a lot, but this season has just been terrible. The only decent part was the story around the Rumble, and even that was rushed.
  5. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    YESSSSSSSSSSS I NEED A MINUTE. She deserves this so much!!!!!
  6. NXT July 4, 2018: Results

    I don't mind Shayna. She's quite refreshing since we've not had a heel champion like her since probably Jazz, no cowardice or running, just complete arrogance in her own talent. Her matches are a bit bland, but she's still new and I'm willing to give her a chance. Dakota/Santana was the best match of the week for the women and Bianca continues to be way better than she has any right to be, she's incredible. Kairi bores me, I want to be impressed by her but I haven't seen a single interesting thing from her on NXT.
  7. Are Guts Becoming Sexy?

    Parks and Rec Chris Pratt over Jurassic Park Chris Pratt every day of the week.
  8. NXT June 20, 2018: Results

    I hope they're not tempted to turn Bianca face because of her reactions. She gets really strong chants and decent pops, but she needs to remain a heel for a long time. Hopefully they give her a mic soon and let her get the crowd against her, because her athleticism and moveset is giving her too much of a babyface reaction.

    Of course they are. That doesn’t mean WWE’s intentions aren’t nefarious. Which wrestler wouldn’t jump at the chance to be employed by WWE? I feel like WWE just likes to remind smaller promotions that they have the ability to destroy them in minutes and this is how they do it. Ironic that Linda McMahon is the administrator for Small Businesses.
  10. WWE.com Ranks the MITB Cash-Ins

    My personal favourite was Edge in 2006. It took me completely by surprise and I remember jumping up and down on my mum’s bed when he and Lita ran out from that smoke!

    I genuinely don’t think all the recent signings have anything to do with WWE wanting to build it’s roster. I think it’s WWE wanting to destroy other promotions’ rosters and gut the independent scene. WWE already have more talent than they know what to do with. This is them making sure that all these promotions who are putting on better shows than them are doomed to fail, cos it’s not just talented females that are lingering in the depths of the Performance Centre.
  12. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    Get a crowd reaction? No shade. Just accuracy.
  13. So the only people Naomi could possibly face to qualify (without a call up or Raw switch) is Zelina Vega, a returning Tamina or if Alicia returns to SD. They're all so unlikely. I'm not a big fan of hers, but even I know she doesn't deserve to be put into a second chance match against the others when she didn't even get a first chance.
  14. Ronda vs. Nia Announced for MITB

    I’m suggesting the match will become a triple threat, in which Ronda won’t be pinned. So yes, I suppose I’m saying she’ll lose but won’t be pinned. I really don’t think she’ll have a crazy undefeated streak so soon after Asuka’s. It would be a good idea for WWE to get her first loss out of the way quickly in a way that keeps her strong. The more I think about it; the more it make sense for Nattie to win MITB and then turn on Ronda by cashing in immediately during her match, since they’ve set up a story between them already. She’d also be the perfect first feud for Ronda.
  15. Raw May 14, 2018: Spoilers | From the UK

    I wish they’d make a rule that in order to qualify for MITB you can not have held a main roster championship in the past year. That way it can be a showcase for girls who need some spotlight, rather than the same ones getting opportunities.