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  1. Fantastic news! Its nice to see hard work and talent being rewarded by a company with a reputation for ignoring it. There’s a lot of talk of “trailblazers” and “ making history” recently but this is a genuine milestone for women in all sports. Congrats to Renee!
  2. Ember Moon on Chasing Glory

    Lilian made Ember cry, did her sorcery on the tears and successfully maintained her youthful look for another few months. She's the reason Lexi has wrinkles. Why isn't Ember black? I'm confused and y'all are too much for me
  3. Raw August 13, 2018: Live Chat

    The look literally is Triple H. Jacked, tank top and shaved head. We all wanna fuck ourselves deep down.
  4. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    That’s absolutely not what I was thinking. Don’t presume to ever speak for anyone else again if this is the kind of immature vitriol you spew. It speaks great volumes about your character that not only would you say that, but you assume everyone else is thinking it. That’s sociopathic. Hope off this forum. I feel so sorry for Nattie and her family. It seemed like Jim was Nattie’s mum’s entire life, that poor woman must be so lost. RIP Anvil.
  5. NXT August 8, 2018: Results

    Nikki should be called up to join Sanity now, she’s got nothing left for her in NXT if they’re not giving her the title. Her joining SD would also be a very simple way to get Naomi into a storyline if she joined the Usos as an equaliser. It’s odd that Taynara won, they seemed to be building Vanessa up over the last few weeks.
  6. Historic. Cant wait for Steph to come out and suck her own dick for thinking up this concept.
  7. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    Amazing! Thank you!! I’m so happy right now! 
  8. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    How did Kaitlyn perform? Did she seem rusty?
  9. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    Despite this being horribly photoshopped, I retract any previous statements about her serving a look. I do wanna see her new back tattoo in this gear though.
  10. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    Her traditional gear for the first few years were horrible, but she looked hot af when she debuted the cargo pants and sports bra looks. They don’t hold up now, but back then she looked sexy and had edge. But ok.
  11. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    Ugh god, I thought I had purged that Dolph Ziggler level stand up comedy from my mind
  12. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    Renee serving fellow Canadian Mrs Mizanin on commentary 
  13. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    She was taking meetings (plural) to discuss her gear. It’s gonna be a look.
  14. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    Same. And they're in spoiler tags. My body my choice   Edit: nvm saw the spoiler thread, my gays right have not been infringed. As you were...
  15. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    I wish Mauro was commentating. He was the best commentator for women superstars since the days of Matt Striker (no drag, he created stories for the random matches the girls were getting thrown into in that era and made them mean something.)