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  1. Charlotte Flair: "Letter to My Dad"

    The insight into how she was feeling inside at all those pivotal moments was really nice. I'm not exactly a big fan of Charlotte, but I respect the hell out of her. I was someone who thought she was just riding her dad's coat-tails and getting opportunities handed to her, but I gotta be honest, she's earned everything she's been given. She's probably the best pure wrestler and athlete in the women's division and while she might not be my favorite, I can't deny talent. Just as long as Tuesday was an exception, and her being a face champion doesn't lead to her constantly crying in the ring with her dad like last time. I can't sit through that again.
  2. Australian public votes Yes for Same Sex marriage

    That's heartbreaking. Love wins.
  3. Australian public votes Yes for Same Sex marriage

    Where in the world shows anti-gay ads on TV?!?! Is this for real?
  4. Tori

    She was my absolute favourite back in the day, only ever played as her on the old WWF PS1 game and had a poster (that I printed myself ) of her and Stephanie on my bedroom wall.
  5. I'm back! Give me hugs! I'm a survivor!

    Forget anyone's opinion, and forget any labels. You're a hard-as-nails, tough-as-hell, brave, inspiring survivor. Sadly a lot of people couldn't deal with what you had to (through no fault of their own), and even less could talk about it openly. Telling that kind of story to anyone, even strangers on the internet, is one of that bravest things anyone could ever do. Welcome back, it's a pleasure to have you.
  6. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Is Kane running for Democratic governor? Can’t think of any other reason why beating up an overweight, white, neck beard would be good for him? Is Kane woke?
  7. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Of course it’s not gonna happen. But bringing that type of drama back to WWE would be fucking awesome.
  8. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    “For the first time ever, Kane and Strowman clash on Raw. Because literally no one wants to see it.”
  9. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    If the basis of the feud was Kurt’s affair with Stephanie I’d be cool with it. Miss that drama.
  10. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Paige was booked to return and ruined it for herself by not being able to stay off insta. Bitch is a hazard to herself.
  11. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    He’s gross, but if WWE was eligible for Emmys, Paul Heyman would deserve one. EDIT: Lesnar’s stubble! Oh no honey...  
  12. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Are they gonna keep Alexa off TV for 2 weeks in a row? (Not counting that “nothing” backstage interview last week.) Surely not? Is she gonna be the reason for Paige’s return?
  13. Ronda Rousey attends WWE NXT event

    I bet she wins the women’s Royal Rumble, guaranteed one-on-one for the Women’s Championship at Mania without her having to compete in a ton of matches beforehand.
  14. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    If this is true, I hope she takes Asuka’s spot. Even the playing field a little.