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  1. New WWE Women's Reality Show Coming Soon

    Ou this sounds like dramaa
  2. General Gaming

    Red Dead redemption 2 is the longest game. I swear I’ve played for hours and it has the nerve to say I’m only 19 percent through the story mode?! They really got me taking little kids fishing too, got my favorite horse murdered, attacked by wolves n left by my replacement horse... like what else?
  3. Hello its blue FONT girl

    Hey biiish! No hehe I do music hehe
  4. Hello its blue FONT girl

  5. I wish they’d stop pretending to be blind to appropriation. Like braids weren’t deemed “ghetto” a few years ago 🤧
  6. Hello its blue FONT girl

    Great truly flourishing 
  7. Hello its blue FONT girl

    Thank you! 
  8. Melina

    We’re still stanning
  9. The Bella Twins

    Ugh the twins have came so far
  10. Ariana Grande

    I just Wanted to say that 7 rings is a cute bop and Ariana is THAT girl
  11. Hello its blue FONT girl

    Hi I used To post on this forum forever ago and typed in blue font but I forgit How to do it. I saw think link pop up on my TL n decided to click it cuz I lost The websit link 🌚
  12. I woke up in my feelings today and have been sulking in them all day. Someone get me before I do something reckless.

  13. Random Thoughts

    I'm just learning myself. I must say, it's a great feeling to finesse people.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Update, Bank of America gave me every single cent back since January, it's like I never paid for the service at all.