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  1. Marty Jannetty admits to murder - Police now investigating.

    The investigation shouldn’t go beyond them asking him where the body is.
  2. Captain Marvel 2 Finds Director

    Has to be a step up from the previous directors.
  3. I'm about to sit my ass and watch all of it when it comes out.
  4. "Mulan" and Other Disney Properties Delayed Indefinitely

    Lord Jesus this just pushes back the entire Marvel lineup. For the love of Christ I need to see Storm before I die. 😭😭😭
  5. She is definitely about to have her book adapted on Disney plus.   This is no shade, but there is no hustle like a formerly homeless person hustle. the dedication to not return back to that life leads to like some amazing moves.
  6. "TENET" Finally Delayed, Indefinitely

    Wonder Woman being taken off the schedule incoming. 
  7. Disney needs to use this because the green screen is horrible.
  8. Rusev Confirms He Has COVID-19

    It is crazy how this is spreading. Wishing him well.
  9. Amy Pascal is a piece of shit. Anyone who has had the pleasure of not being on her good side must be doing something right.
  10. HBO Orders Series Set in Reeves’s Batman Universe

    They are definitely touching on the Falcone crime family. The fact that they are using the streaming service to supplement the movies.  
  11.   she’s looking real cute in this.
  12. What Movie Sequel Do You Wish Would Happen?

    Power Rangers (2017) deserves a sequel. Let me shake the table and say Star Wars. The latest trilogy was TRASH as a body of work, so let's put it to bed until they can come up with something original.
  13. This is going to eat up the previous iterations.