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  1. On a site inhabited by delusional ass bitches, I lead the pack.


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    2. prince.


      I’m glad you know you’re delusional 

    3. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      When will you join me, Willy?

    4. prince.


      Thanks but no thanks. xoxo 

  2. Miz and Mrs premiering July 24th

    The highest rated WWE reality show is coming. Perched for this viewing experience.
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Why is Randy only feuding with minorities now? Leave them alone Klan member.
  5. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    What the fuck is Lana going to do in a MITB match?
  6. I'm highkey a idiot then because all that didn't change my mind otherwise.
  7. You're thinking too much, sis.
  8. They're known, but not to the point where one should be faking a break up and selling it to the media like people are going to care like that, especially when demo she comes from will know it's fake and the demo she is basically at the bottom of won't care since she and the show haven't built them up to be megastars in the vain of how Kris worked to get the Kardashian name to be where it is now.
  9. No. Because outside of his Marvel role, I doubt people are following Batista. He mainly does on-demand movies too, so flop.
  10. Call me when he can carry a movie with his name alone. Until then he is top tier C-List or low tier B-List. The Rock is what it is to be a household name, sus.
  11. No sweetie, YOU need to get a grip. If The Bellas were household names outside of WWE they would be hitting close to 1 million and not struggling to reach 600k as they are now. And John Cena is not well known outside of WWE. His movie career is just beginning and he is just building his profile as movie star and personality outside of WWE. If you want to be delusional about John Cena's status as a star outside of WWE, that is your business and not mine.
  12. You think that people that watch the NBA are running to watch a female lead reality show? The show was going to decline because the audience is not looking at E! for anything other than Kardashian content. And the simply reality is that outside of WWE The Bellas are unknown. That stunt Nikki and Cena pulled was going to go ignored by the GP since John Cena IS NOT a household name yet, which is what they thought he was. And we as WWE fans knew that this was a work so it was never going to work over here. This was a lose/lose for them because all this did was expose them as frauds.
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Trinity McCray Trinity almost trips as Corey pushes her. She grabs onto the railing and catches herself from almost falling. "I KNOW he didn't just curse at me and then push me." She raises herself up and begins to trail him to confront him. The lights begin to flicker as she walks through the crowd, but for whatever reason she doesn't hear a sound from anyone about it. Her fast past begins to slow as she feels a heat coming off the room. Regal has told her about this heat, so she begins to scan the room for anything weird. She sees Corey and then pauses for a moment as she sees blood dripping onto the floor and the heat gets stronger. "C-Corey? Are y-you okay? She says nervously as she inches closer to him.  They had long left the main area of the gala and were secluded in another wing that had been tapered off for guest. The lights begin to flicker as Naomi edges closer until they eventually go out. Silence took over as the area was covered in darkness. Fear took over Naomi, but she wouldn't scream because her training taught her that fear leads to death. She stood in her spot for a moment and the lights came on. She lets out a light gasp as she twirls around to survey the immediate area. Corey was gone without a trace. She runs to where he stood and the blood she saw on the floor was as if it was never there. She takes in some air and lets out a sigh because she knew the time had came. She pulls out her phone from her bag, puts down her glass, and begins to walk out of the secluded area. "How's my favorite Englishmen? Well I'm glad you're enjoying retirement, but it's time to come on back because we have work to do".  FIN
  14. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Trinity McCray "Are you okay?" Trinity says in a concerned tone. Corey turned so pale it was almost as if he vanished from her sight for a moment. She was too scared to touch him because this was not something she had ever saw in her life. She gains some of her composure and decides to reach out her hand and touches him tenderly on the back. "Corey, maybe we should go to the hospital. You might have gotten alcohol poisoning or something.