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  1. His wife must be torn. I read she hasn’t left the beach since yesterday and now with them stopping the search, she won’t get a chance to see him one last time. I honestly can’t believe this is happening.
  2. Me firing my cock pistol. Here for it.
  3. Saw the clip of her on Billion and... 
  4. AMC Theaters No Longer Screening Universal Studios Movies

    If the movie is good, people will pay to see it. If they promote it, people will pay to see it on VOD. Theaters don't have a leg to stand on because they know that if a studio pops up with a successful triple A movie experience from home that will effectively kill them. It is one thing to lose a movie like Trolls, but what happens if they blocked  FF9 and it turns out to be a smash on VOD?
  5. Becky Lynch To Appear On Showtime's "Billions"

    No one watches Billions. 
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    ... Send them to me... in pms.
  7. WWE 2K21 cancelled

    Fire all of them.
  8. Even though I wanted this movie early, October should be Batman's release month. 
  9. "Bleach" Anime Returning in 2021

    When they stretch this arc out into 700 episodes.
  10. Sucks that it is coming out like this. It looked really good from the trailer I saw.
  11. "Venom 2" Gets Name and Release Date

    Them overstuffing this movie with Spider-Man villains from the damn MCU. I'm perched for this to make billion for no reason at all. I expect Black Cat eat well when she comes out too.
  12. New MITB Ladder Match?

    I'm here for the mess.
  13. WWE Changes Filming Schedule for Performer Safety

    This schedule still seems like they will be travelling a lot.
  14. WWE Announces Cutbacks & Releases Talent

    The fact that Rusev is gone and Lana is staying means that Rusev saw his opportunity and offered himself up. Now when everything reopens he can start anew and hopefully thrive.