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  1. Thank God they got new writers because the one from before weren’t that great. And the fact that they are women means the jokes will be cuter hopefully.
  2. Has anyone else’s Twitter ads seen an increase in Undertaker related ads. I had to block the battlegrounds account and then I got ads about a Snoop Dogg/Taker T-shirt.
  3. The theatrical cinematic experience needs to go because it will never be the same due to this virus impact. Even with a vaccine, I doubt anyone is going to be comfortable going into a building with a group of people to watch a movie, especially when it is plausible to show them (for a price) in their house.
  4. Period. She came back with THE SONG of the year. Had the world bopping and conservatives crying while she was meeting with Democrat presidential candidates. She is the woman of the year.
  5. I’m so excited for it and the Crystal version too.
  6. She has to know that the first Evolution only happened because they wanted optics for Ronda “The Revolutionary” Rousey. Triple H had already said that the show was a one time thing a couple days before the show was airing.
  7. When are we getting the original Sailor Stars series? A bitch has been waiting.
  8. Finally don’t need to go to my profile to post a status. 😭😭😭

  9. Ion know about this. That man has really been talking shit all weekend.
  10. Yes. Thank you @Mariah.. Working day and night to get this together.
  11. Sidney Prescott (Scream, 1996) - 10 (+2) Laurie Strode (Halloween, 1978) - 30
  12. Sidney Prescott (Scream, 1996) - 12 (+2) Laurie Strode (Halloween, 1978) - 28 hi
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