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  1. Moderators should not be talking down to posters.

    1. Lady DarkFox

      Lady DarkFox

      When did I do that?

    2. JW615


      "Because no one gives a duck to give you an answer." 


    3. Lady DarkFox

      Lady DarkFox

      How is that talking down? I gave you an answer. 

      By the way, don't tell me what I'm suppose to act as a mod unless you about to cut me a check and provide me with health insurance.

  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Because no one gives a duck to give you an answer.
  3. Ricky seems controlling and abusive, so it wouldn't surprise me if he truly had her cut from any communication. And Vickie was never great at promos. She was at a constant high octave even when the crowd wasn't booing her. 
  4. Comics Thread | Fox dropping all X-movies in 2018

    The year of the X.
  5. Both you gals can cut it out before I cut you out.


  6. Mauro Ranallo and WWE Officially Part Ways

    Or he doesn't need the stress.
  7. This thread is not official until @Cooksie delivers the eulogy.
  8. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    I will be watching my husband out of support. I will see if I like the new direction when I'm waiting for my boo to slay.
  9. WWE, 90210 - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    Charlotte Flair We are greeted to Charlotte as she films a commercial for her dad's hotel  "The Flair". Charlotte is laying on a couch. She goes through her lines with such vigor and reaches to the climatic end.  “And remember at The Flair, you're one "WOOOOOOOO" away from an amazing experience. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT. This isn't going to work.”    Charlotte gets off the couch and walks up to the director and her dad.   Director "What's wrong Charlotte? The scene went so well?"    That's because I'm FUCKING. AMAZING. TIM!!! First of all you have me laying out on this couch when I LOOK like the GOD DAMN COUCH from the NECK DOWN. And then that closing line needs to go. It sounds like we are a whore house. And while DAD loves the whores, I don't.    Ric Flair "Come on, baby doll, the scene was perfect."   Oh there you go, dad... Taking someone opinion over mine. You are NEVER there for me. I remember when I fell off the slide and cried, CRIED DADDY, and I couldn't find you because you because you were talking a work call. You know what... I'm done. I'm  leaving home, heading to the courts to have my name dropped AGAIN, and I'm just going to live my life without YOU!!!   Ric begins to cry as Charlotte begins to walk off. The director looks on in confusion of the events unfolding.   I'm sorry, Charlotte, we will do the shot the way you want it. Don't leave me, I can't stand your step-mom.   "What the fuck is going on here" he murmurs.   Thank you, dad. Now get this couch out of here, get me in an office setting, and lets do this over again... And TIM, know that  if you capture me on my wrong side again, you will be FIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED. Thank you... I'm going to go get ready for this new commercial shoot.   Charlotte walks away feeling empowered as she got what she wanted. 
  10. RuPaul's Drag Race

    All that fucking money and that is the beginning of the god damn song. Her playing to the fucking crowd while collecting her coins. I've seen other queens get annoyed, but her ass is just smiling and taking.  
  11. Does WWE Have Christy Hemme Seeing Red?

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  12. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    I mean they did put her in the corporate meeting picture of women who went to the top of the company in this new era when they could have easily axed her. It is a wait and see moment because to be honest, Daddy Meltz has been wrong before.
  13. Oh you the qu-e-e the queen of this here?
    One platinum post, no charts, bitch where? (bitch where?)
    Hahahaha, ahhh
    I had to take two bars off just to laugh


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