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  1. Nia Jax quit?

    I feel inclined to think she just has personal stuff to deal with given that she has been booked into a better position than most girls on the main roster as a whole, nevermind just the ones on RAW. I have a hard time imagining any legitimate gripes she could possibly have about where she is career-wise given that she just hit her 2-year mark as an on-screen character a few days ago. She's had multiple title shots, is typically in or around the title picture, and has merch. Just considering that, she's in a better spot than girls like Alicia, Emma, Summer Rae, Dana, and Mickie.
  2. If she didn't do her hair like that, y'all would be dragging her forehead. Leave her.
  3. Tryouts Thread

  4. A women's talk show. Thoughts?

    I personally don't care for talk show segments because they're usually ugly and don't get the reactions they intend to. In-ring ones are usually a disaster and backstage ones are hit-or-miss as well. I could see Cameron having had a cute show since she's messy but I can't imagine any of the current roster running well with it.
  5. Taryn Terrell being problematic isn't a shock, but we're still disappointed. 


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    2. Logan Von Erich

      Logan Von Erich

      You'll have to check her Twitter. Sis woke up this morning and decided to discuss current events. It isn't all the way ugly, but it ain't cute, either.


    3. Foxy


      Just saw it :skull: She should have stayed in bed.

    4. Logan Von Erich

      Logan Von Erich

      She truly should have. :skull:

  6. Random Thoughts

    Watch your mouth, hunny. 
  7. !! It's weird to me that he would want to leave when he had just reached his peak accomplishment and proven that he could be interesting character-wise, but go off.
  8. Using the women is a poor analogy if you're doing it to disagree with his point since the women in WWE have eaten shit for a lot longer than Neville and some of them did it their entire careers, and they still (for the most part) stuck around. You pretty much just proved his point.
  9. Conor McGregor in talks for WWE debut

    Don't use my avi for this filth!
  10. HBW '18 | Online

    Hell in a Cell Results: A Diamond in the Rough  
  11. Conor McGregor in talks for WWE debut

    Keep it.
  12. Raw October 9, 2017: Live Chat

    aksdjf Thirsty Monday was truly in effect.
  13. Hell in a Cell 2017: Live Chat

  14. Hell in a Cell 2017: Live Chat

    Both of them serving LOOKS.  
  15. Hell in a Cell 2017: Live Chat

    Gay ally Baron Corbin being the one to end AJ Styles' reign.