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  1. Happy Birthday, Cordelia!

    Happy Birthday, iconic goth kween.
  2. Ronda Rousey Promoting WWE on Ellen

    She comes across as a nice girl, but it's gonna take a while for her to win any of her critics over as a character because her acting isn't great. She hasn't really been able to translate the intensity over to her WWE persona.
  3. HBW '18 | Online

    Queen's Court Britney Diamond talks winning her 5th Women's Championship, the Road to WrestleMania, and NXT. Fans in attendance at the Elimination Chamber PPV bore witness to yet another historic feat for women in sports-entertainment as Britney Diamond captured the Women's World Championship for the 5th time. HBW.com personnel caught up with the Ice Queen to get her thoughts on the current landscape of HBW. “It was such a surreal moment when the bell rang, knowing I’d overcome one-in-six odds to get the biggest and hardest-fought win of my career.” With Fastlane approaching, the new Champion has one more obstacle to overcome to punch her ticket to WrestleMania: Chloe Chanel. “Chloe and I have faced many times in Championship matches, and the result is always the same. I’m walking into WrestleMania, once again, as the Women’s World Champion.” HBW recently launched an NXT Pros/Rookies program, pairing veteran Superstars (including the Champion) with HB’s aspiring stars of tomorrow. “At first, I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do. I wasn’t exactly impressed with some of the girls. There’s some promise there, though, and it’ll be interesting to see who thrives and who goes home. I’ve got my eyes on those girls.”  
  4. Alberto Del Rio may return to WWE

    That man has not gotten over no matter how many times they bring him back or put a title on him. Keep my fave's abuser on Impact. 
  5. Eve announces pregnancy

    jaflksdjjs "Byeeeeee!" Congrats, Legend.  
  6. Roman talks racial inequality in WWE

    !! The irony of asking someone if he thinks the system that has given him disproportionately favorable treatment since his debut is fair isn't lost on me. Ask someone who isn't the boss's fave or has been around/retired long enough to not give a shit about facing retribution for answering honestly, and then we'll talk.
  7. General Gaming

    We just now got the other girls into it. We finally have enough for private games.  
  8. Impact Wrestling March 1, 2018: Results

    Taya being back makes me wonder if Taryn will be coming back, too. Though without Gail to feud with, it would seem kinda pointless.
  9. Kairi Sane subjected to racist chants at NXT house show

    Florida truly is the garbage disposal of the South.
  10. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    I want to watch it again because it slayed, but I'm afraid if I do I'll zero in on flaws because the internet has ruined me.
  11. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    GIRL WATCH HER NECK omg asdg
  12. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

  13. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    jkldfjdasf Nikki and Brie  
  14. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    Charlotte's face when Sasha threw Bayley's ass out asdlfkjasd
  15. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat