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  1. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    BITCHafjldkafdkl leave his neck
  2. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    This come-to-Jesus meeting that no one asked for. Bring out Charlotte so we can get this brawl.
  3. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Somehow Orton getting a haircut managed to make his skin look more youthful, too. What kind of witchcraft?
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Okay so it's part of this EP of songs they used for the Emmalina promos. When I first stumbled on it all but like one or two of the tracks were greyed out but now all of them are available except for Glitz and Glamour and one other one. So I feel like it's coming.   Here's the link:   
  5. AJ being the only bitch not named Charlotte who could defeat the evil. Answer the phone, queen.    
  6. Michelle McCool teases in-ring return

    Hopefully she won't be as wobbly as she was at the Rumble. I'm ready to see the look.  
  7. WWE 2K19: The Evolution Era | Contract Negotiations

    Charlotte FlairPreferred Alignment: Babyface Allies: Becky Lynch Enemies: tbd PSs+ Username: TheLoganBerryz   Dean AmbrosePreferred Alignment: Babyface Allies: tbd Enemies: tbd PS+ Username: TheLoganBerryz
  8. The promo is iconic, but it definitely set an ugly precedent for the TD girls thanks to the wreddit demographic latching onto AJ like a leech and taking it as a license to falsely drag the show for holding the division down.
  9. NXT Taping Spoilers: August 29 - September 19

    Violet is a friend of mine, so y'all better start stanning.   
  10. There's literally no reason Sasha should have responded with anything other than no. Sasha was slaying last summer leading up to their feud and her title win with Alexa dragging her and saying Sasha was a loser who couldn't hold onto a Championship. And then she turned out to be right because Alexa laid her out a week later and took the title right back. It was ugly and it's what has happened to everyone Alexa has feuded with since moving to RAW.
  11. IIconic Goddess drags King of the Smarks

    She's agg, but she made some points.  
  12. Nikki Bella RUMOURED to be dating a WWE Executive

    This isn't going to help with the crowd that refuses to attribute her success to her own hard work rather than attaching herself to someone important, not that anything would. Secure the bag, queen.
  13. Liv Morgan Shares Videos of Her Main Roster Call-Up Reaction

    "Yo I'm so FAT right now" She's so funny jadslk
  14. The fact that Kiera is laying inspo claim for Ember Moon's persona, which no one (including the user) is able to articulate what exactly it is 2 years into the act is embarrassing. Doubly so when she's acknowledging the inevitability of getting compared to each other by default because they're both black women in the same breath she's accusing the other black woman of stealing from her. All this over someone wearing synthetic bundles in warm colors. I can't.  
  15. Renee Young to serve as guest commentator on Monday Night Raw

    I like Renee on commentary. She has a habit of keeping the men in check when they try saying something slick. I'm happy for her.