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  1. "The Suicide Squad" Set Leaks Reveal Harley Quinn's New Look

    The red and black. Her costume is about to eat, I know it.  
  2. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Season Three Official Trailer

    I'm hoping this season will clean up the mess in the last season. I'm really not here for the Prudence/Ambrose pairing, especially after the events of Part 2. That bitch Prudence has some answering to do. But I'll wait.
  3. As it stands she's the strongest in the new group along with Thor and Wanda so it's not hard to imagine her in a leadership role. This phase seems like it's going to be a little bit chaotic with all the side plot the Disney+ series will be providing and the imminent arrival of the X-Men. I'm perched.  
  4. Major Change made to the NXT Women's Championship

    Unless they plan to actually intermingle divisions and start having intergender matches, I don't really see what this is going to accomplish. I would get them stopping the announcing of "This is a women's division match" given that it's redundant since we can clearly see who is competing, but unless they're trying to catch up to Impact and have women competing with men for titles I don't get the insistence on laboring over semantics.
  5. WandaVision moved up to 2020 release

    PERIOD. I can't wait.  
  6. Becky Lynch – Tessa Blanchard Twitter Exchange

    We want her in WWE, but not against Becky. 
  7. Gay Porn Past of WWE Superstar Exposed (NSFW)

    All the fine ass men on WWE's roster to have a secret gay-for-pay past and this is who we got. God is truly dead.  
  8. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    The way they rigged this shit so NXT could win. The fraud.
  9. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    "YOU WANNA HIT ME BITCH" fahsjkdasljkdf Nattie is a MESS tonight
  10. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    Ok but they better not pull this shit again after last night where the team that's down ends up winning.  
  11. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

  12. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    Ric really jumped out of Charlotte when she said "kiss my ass" ahsfdljkk 
  13. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    Charlotte never wears color-appropriate gear. She drives me crazy.  Team Smackdown is shitting, Dana's Superstar 2 template aside.
  14. Prince Eric Finally Cast for Live Action "The Little Mermaid"

    They really doing my favorite prince dirt like this.
  15. James Dean reborn in CGI for Vietnam War drama

    They really casting a dead man in a starring role.