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  1. They snapped. The glow-up from season one to now is immaculate.
  2. Why did I think he had died? Anyways, this is a super cute addition. I can't wait for season 4. It's kinda crazy how in the down time between seasons I tend to forget about this show but then as soon as the new one drops, I'm HOOKED.
  3. Mark Hamill's Twitter mentions are RIFE with men who swear to be huge fans of Star Wars but criticize Mark being critical of fascism. Like... How did y'all watch a 9-movie franchise and miss the entire point? I know they all failed English in school.
  4. The way she's only had a collective ~30 minutes of screen time in the past 5 years but is easily the most developed woman character in the MCU and her character isn't even close to peaking yet. I just hope they do right by her in Phase 4.
  5. Wasn't this pretty much supposed to be a GOTG/Thor collab? Anyways, they can keep it. The Guardians movies weren't for me, and Ragnarok was the only Thor movie I could make it through.
  6. Them finally giving us a release date and it being a month later than they spent all year telling us. Anyways, mark your calendars!
  7. I trust Kevin to give us a serve. It's pretty clear he respects and acknowledges the power the female characters have. Also, considering the most powerful characters who aren't Doctor Strange are women, this was a matter of time. One of the missed opportunities of the previous phase was the lack of interactions between Wanda and Natasha, though their scene in Infinity War against Proxima Midnight was cute.
  8. It seems like it's going to heavily focus on her loss and the consequent grief that she has endured. Her powers have been shown to be greatly influenced by emotions so that's what's causing her powers to evolve beyond how she has known them. I'm really just hoping for a costume upgrade. I want the headpiece so bad.
  9. The format of the show seems super cute with the first half being in the style of classic sitcoms through the decades leading into the second half of a traditional Marvel epic. This coupled with the potential of WandaVision being Marvel's only released project this year, it's guaranteed to make some noise. As a Wanda stan, obviously I'm excited about them adding a layer of depth to her character since she's only had like 30 minutes of collective screen time It's been widely speculated since the show's announcement that the events of WandaVision will have massive implications on the fu
  10. Sidney Prescott (Scream, 1996) - 4 (-2) Laurie Strode (Halloween, 1978) - 30
  11. Sidney Prescott (Scream, 1996) - 8 (-2) Laurie Strode (Halloween, 1978) - 30
  12. Sidney Prescott (Scream, 1996) - 8 (-2) Laurie Strode (Halloween, 1978) - 30
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