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  1. Money In The Bank: Did the right woman win?

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find people who are unhappy that it was Carmella who won, especially when virtually everyone clocked that she would. She was the best choice. I still stand by the position that the finish was a poor choice for the first women's Money in the Bank match. As others have said, they could have picked from a variety of ways for Ellsworth to assist Carmella without him being the one to climb the ladder and pull it down for her. The match itself was still good, but I think the ending took a lot of steam out of it and put the heat more on Ellsworth compared to if she had climbed up and pulled it down herself.
  2. WWE Games | Discussion

  3. WWE Games | Discussion

    Start the brujería circle that we get LayCool DLC for Beth's showcase match.
  4. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    A "beat Charli's ass" match. 
  5. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    I'm here, hoes.  @Lady DarkFox @Cooksie @Eric @Dante. @Ari M. @Brandon Waldorf. @Mariah.
  6. Ronda Rousey may be WWE bound

    Her UFC career is over now that they have actual fighters in their women's division. As much as I like to yank Ronda for being a fraud, we definitely have her to thank for the progress women in WWE have been able to make.
  7. Bayley & Corey Graves storyline in the works?

  8. How would you book Paige's return?

    If she stays on RAW, she can serve continuity and snatch the title from Alexa on a surprise return.  
  9. WWE HB17 | Online

    HBW Superstar Won't "Tapout" to Injury Three-time Heartbreakers Champion Britney Diamond poses for the latest Tapout campaign in the midst of rehabilitation for a career-halting injury suffered at an HBW Live Event in May, just one day after earning a contendership opportunity for the Heartbreakers Championship. The injury occurred when Diamond performed her signature Moonsault to the ringside area and her opponent evaded the attack, causing her to land directly on her right knee. While HBW doctors note Diamond is making considerable progress in her recovery, there is currently no timetable on when she will be returning to the ring.    
  10. Triple H frustrated?

    Pretty much anyone who has spoken on the direction of writing/booking as clocked that creative becomes conditioned to write what they think Vince will like, not what they think will be good. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they've tried to give us better than what we've gotten but gotten curbed by tweaks for approval.
  11. Superstar Photo Booth

    They used to be on redbubble in white with a black logo, but it's not up anymore.
  12. Random Thoughts

    I'm in actual tears. MY CHILDHOOD.  I'm screaming at me having Viscera, too.  
  13. WWE Holds Meeting About Nude Photo Leaks

    It's a shame it's gotten to this point, but I'm glad WWE is taking measures to protect the talent.
  14. Not Suitable For Workplace Stories (Keep It CUTE)

    Times is tough, mawma. Do what you gotta do.  And give us the links.
  15. WWE HB17 | Online