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  1. Hopefully Dana's performance last week earned her some offense in the match, but I won't hold my breath. She deserves to get some licks in, though.
  2. The inconvenient truth is that this match needed Charlotte. The Twitter banter alone between Becky and Ronda has been embarrassing, not to mention they both have submission-based styles which doesn't typically yield an exciting match. Also no matter how hard they've tried, neither Becky nor Ronda has been able to build the presence that Charlotte has. If nothing else it at least contributes to the continuity that Becky has always had to look over her shoulder for Charlotte since they debuted.
  3. Predict the "Fighting With My Family" Box Office Gross

    I went to see it yesterday in Orlando and the theater was almost completely full. It was a cute movie. Me getting emotional when she hit the Paige Turner.
  4. Wrestling Merch

    I was really adamant when women started getting t-shirts to buy them and support the girls because I knew they wouldn't be getting more if they flopped, so I amassed a collection pretty fast. I buy merch periodically to support my faves if they get new stuff out and I like the design enough, and they are pretty much always having sales so you never have to pay the full amount. Most of my older ones got turned into cutoffs for the gym. Paige: Think Again, This is My House, and The Scream is Back; 2016 poster, bracelet, and drawstring bag Charlotte: Do It With Flair, 2nd Nature, and Wooooo; 2016 poster and side plates Sasha: Legit Boss, St. Patrick's Day, Red Legit boss; @Cooksie also got me the ring set at the live event we went to in 2016  Naomi: Feel the Glow, Team BAD, Glow with the Flow Nikki: Fearless, Stay Fearless (shirt + hat) I also have a replica of the RAW Women's Championship.
  5. Becky Lynch Invited To Raw

    Ronda is OVER.
  6. 99¢ Muppet Sam Roberts REFUSES to Apologize to Bianca BelAir

    It would've been one thing for him to hype Shayna up as the one to beat on the NXT roster (because she is), but the way he said what he did came across as a shoot outburst. In terms of kayfabe, there is no reason Bianca shouldn't have been in the Takeover title match. If anything, she should've BEEN contending for the title long before given how long she was undefeated. His comments just weren't constructive to the story in any way. He just threw out a hot take and made everyone feel weird for no reason.
  7. Ronda Rousey To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 35

    This part is what makes it sus to me, but let me not jinx a good thing.
  8. Thank you so much for doing these and sharing them with us here. I love watching them. This one might have been my favorite. Molly Holly is an actual angel.
  9. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    If we review the tape, we see she exposed herself as Tr*mp trash in 2016. This is no surprise.
  10. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    This serving a Tr*mp quote with her repeating the same words and phrases for an entire paragraph. She isn't wrong, though.
  11. Was Mickie very successful because she was the back up plan?

    Mickie started 2007 as Champion and had already worked her way back to contendership by the close of the year, so I wouldn't say she had a disappointing 2007 (especially given how good her matches with Melina were). Truth be told, Mickie didn't have a bad year in WWE considering she won a title at least once a year from 2006 on.
  12. SmackDown December 18, 2018: Live Chat

    Why did Joe grow out his hair?  
  13. HBW '19 | Roster

    Nickname(s): The Ice Queen Height: 5’9” Billed From: Beverly Hills, California Alignment: Heel Signature: Brit Split, Brit Kick (Summer Crush, Spinning Heel Kick) Finisher: Diamond Cutter, 8-Carat Clash (Cutter, Styles Clash) Bio:  Former Hollywood socialite Britney Diamond is an American world-class athlete, actress, philanthropist, and professional wrestler. Consequent of her jetsetter lifestyle, Diamond has trained all over the world and competed in numerous promotions - most notably the now-defunct WCW - prior to her HBW debut in the fall of 2015. Characterized by her ruthless demeanor and "thing for the bling," Britney Diamond has earned the moniker of "The Ice Queen" from the HBW Universe. Solidifying her role as a top talent in the HB division, Diamond has captured the prestigious Women's World Championship a record 5 occasions. Accolades:  Women’s World Champion - 5-time
  14. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    NATTIE Jhasldjghasdgj  
  15. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Liv serving ACTING.