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  1. It's going to be Kiari or Ember most likely. Maybe Nicki or Peyton but NXT isn't the place for stories or anything too exciting so I see them going with the easy choice which is Kiari or Ember. 
  2. James Ellsworth Has Been Released By WWE

    They are really trash. I didn't really know or see anything he did but it's tragic that they hired him just to play with him and release him..hopefully he can find a way to feed his children and maintain a financially stable lifestyle. 
  3. Random Thoughts

    Spray that fif, the crown, Imma take that shit Cause you a clown and Homey don't play that shit! See they ain't slick, be talkin' all cray and shit And then you see em, they be like that they ain't say that shit! I hate that shit, I can make or break your shit See, I got options, don't make me weigh them shits!
  4. What happened to this site... like wow I am glad that I am apart of the upper echelon, A discord girl. :draglina:

    1. Travis Roucka

      Travis Roucka

      same tbh

      maybe we'll try again in 2018 x


  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Maria is obviously emotional and her pregnancy hormones are kicking in. Glad that she used her right to say whatever it is she felt like she needed to. 
  6. Bella Twins launch BirdieBee

    Congrats to them. My NEM shades are sitting still though. 
  7. All Hail the Degeneres King, he's 19!

    Happy Birthday to the shadiest HB member eye know!
  8. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Glad that she didn’t thank the WWE for the shitty mess they handed her.
  9. Triple H Does Something AMAZING

  10. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Summer wasn't being paid anyway for going to Mexico and Emma wasn't making BANK like the rest of them anyway. Darren either, I mean he has been gone for a long time. They'll live
  11. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Congrats to them. Happy that they won't be tied down by this anymore, they deserve better in life.
  12. HBW '18 | Online

    Mickie: Now it has come to my attention that a little lady is trying to erase me from WWE History, but let me tell you something. Week after week I come out here to not only fight for my career but to prove my legacy. YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKUN!  if you think that I am going to let someone who knows nothing about how hard or how long I have had to fight take away anything from me.   Now you can run but you can’t hide, you can face me right now like a woman or continue to run like a coward until I find you.   *Mickie’s theme hits*   King Sara: Mickie..Mickie..Mickie..You really called me out here for this? For admiring you? I know that its a rare occasion that anybody remembers what you have done but I have always been a huge fan! I simply wanted to honor you, to give your career the proper attention that you deserve.   Mickie: Honor me? Sweetie I am still here and I will never ever leave. You can do this my way or the hard way, but I am taking what’s mine back. We’re in a ring and the fans want to see a show, so fight me for it.   King Sara: Fine, you want to face me? You got it. I’ll give you your theme song back and your attire but not without one more stipulation…   Mickie: Spit it out!   King Sara: Let’s see if you walk the walk, if you lose the match I get your CAREER!   Mickie:….You’re ON! CAREER VS ATTIRE MATCH COMING SOON!    
  13. WWE signs Ronda Rousey

  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules