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  1. Dana Brooke

    Dana Brooke’s road to NXT began at the tender age of 6, when she began watching WWE with her father. A self-professed Army brat, Brooke has incorporated that military-style discipline as a cornerstone for her life. After obtaining success in the fitness world as an IFBB bodybuilder, she now turns that same determination towards the squared circle. Driven by competition and armed with uncanny athletic ability, Brooke believes in fighting for what you believe in and teaching a lesson to anyone who tries to steer you otherwise. In her own words, “No one is a leader besides you.” She believes she’ll be leading NXT’s Divas division for a long time.   Theme Render      



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      You can kiss the back of my ass bitch

  3. #ImWithMoNique 


    1. JayEl


      Bring back FatNique 

    2. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      With all the reunions when are we getting one for the Parker’s?

  4. Rosa training for a comeback

    The indie scene would be cute and convinient for her. It’ll give her more freedom and time to spend with ha child. Idk about the WWE bc they work these gerls on Christmas and stuff 
  5. Mickie Gearing to Release #M3?

    Hopefully she can top Strangers and Angels bc.... Dumb Bitch is her best work. An album full of Hardcore Country’s would go double platinum 
  6. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    That was so GOOD. Like they made that an EVENT. Sasha, Michelle, and Nia were my personal faves but everybody SLAYED that. Even though the winner was predictable it was still exciting. 
  7. Raw 25: Live Chat

    That was really whack and anticlimatic   A waste of the gerls time imo
  8. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    Well, Paige has scoliosis. So whether or not she is kicked in her lower back or her upper won't do her neck or back any favors. If this is true then it is best that she retires while she can still be mobile, it sucks but her health is more important and she can always do something else within the WWE. Wishing her the best. 
  9. Cupcakke releasing 4 albums in the time span of 3 years while the rest of these gerls are taking 5 years for one. :shook: A hardworking ICON :sasha:

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      Why are you calling out the Xtinct stans out like this? :draglina:

    2. House of Ninja

      House of Ninja

      True queen of rap.

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      Stop promoting that dirty trash. 

  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Nia Jax Nia Jax arrives at the airport Excited about seeing her childhood friend waiting for her at baggage claim, Nia looks around only to see her mother standing there with an odd look on her face. ''Where's Eva?'' Nia says with a smile on her face. Thinking that they may be trying to surprise her, Nia waits for Eva to pop out from behind a corner. ''Nia...we have to talk.'' her mom says with hesitation and tears running down her face. 
  11. Thanks to Remy Ma, I am now a proud gun owner! Talk shit to me if you want to! @Captain Fox @Brandon. @Josh. @Dante. @Natalie 



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      Me trying to figure out how to untag myself



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      Bitch get a avi before you come stepping up to me.


  12. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    Nia Jax AGE: 29INCOME: Upper class SEXUAL ORIENTATION: StraightOCCUPATION: UnemployedMARITAL STATUS: DivorcedHOBBIES: Drinking and smoking to cope with her life.CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Had a close bond with Eva MariePERSONALITY TRAITS: Temperamental, erratic, and confusedBACKSTORY: After going through a tumultuous divorce Nia returned to the small town of Full Sail to face further trauma. The loss of her childhood friend. All that she has left of her friend is a voicemail she received days before her murder. Returning to the town solely to see her friend, Nia must start from the beginning and forge new relationships in order to find her friend's killer. With support from her family Nia has resources that many others aren't able to get and nothing will stop her from doing everything she can to avenge her friend. APPEARANCE: 5'5 and thick,with strong features that intimidate both men and women.

    I just made it! It's my scrobbles from the past hour 
  15. Eva Marie hopes to return to WWE

    I don't see the acting better than everybody else part tbh, I haven't seen any stories of her dissing the WWE. I got an email about the jeans thing so they aren't doing too bad if they are able to branch out, even if the jeans are ugly. 
  16. Eva Marie hopes to return to WWE

    I don't stan but this is dumb tbh. Their worth is not chained to a wrestling company, they don't have to be sheep to this company. If someone's self-worth is linked to a job then obviously they have some growing to do. 
  17. Dreamdoll

    She sucks. She is the exact same person on LHH that she was on Bad Girls Club, she can't be a cute girl to me because of how ugly she is on the inside. That coupled with her lack of talent... 
  18. Net Neutrality Discussion

    What does this mean? Hopefully you gerls can still watch porn 
  19. Which Superstar Took 2017?

    The WWE definitely gave Alexa and Asuka the most this year, so in terms of accomplishments this was their year. In terms of who TOOK it....I would say Naomu because of how she revived her career and literally made a gimmick that could come off as ''jobber-ish'' into something marketable. 
  20. Paige on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory

    This was really insightful. I am glad that she was able to share so much. Her making it back to where she wanted to be after all that she has been through really shows that you have to keep pushing. A little shocked at the people backstage being so open to her, it would be nice if for now and on they displayed this type of support to everybody who is going through it.  Also, I love how Sasha is. She keeps it professional and truly gets that making her opponent look good is also a major part of being a wrestler. A Michelle  tea.
  21. ''Fashion doesn't want Nicki, she steals clothes off of RACKS!'' :k2: 

  22. B A B Y

    M A M A



    This is still akjadsa @GLOOBER :shook::sasha:

  23. Sasha Banks on the Steve Austin podcast

    //Japanese Princess//